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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 406

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 406

I’ll Kill You Before I Take My Own Life

Faye’s eyes were filled with murderous intent, as she couldn’t stand the fact that even Johan, whom she called a piece of crap, would look down upon her.

Why did you return, Elise? Everything was fine until you came back. I was the one who had been watching over the Anderson Family over the years, so what makes you think you can just come back and take away all my credit and the love that was meant for me? No! This is not how it’s supposed to work. You’re never going to take what’s mine away!

After the brief yet intense argument between Faye and Johan, things ended on a sour note.

Meanwhile, Trevor looked at Elise after they managed to make Faye and Johan leave the courtyard in a pique. “Pack your stuff and come with me, Elise. Don’t hesitate because I won’t let anyone hurt you as long as I’m in the Anderson Family.”

Robin and Laura nodded their heads, thinking the man from the Anderson Family was not entirely silly as he was known to be. Deep down, they were happy that their granddaughter was finally reunited with her original family.

Nonetheless, Elise shook her head and replied, “No, it’s just way too inconvenient for me to stay at the Anderson Family because I still have to treat my grandmother.”

“I see. I understand.” Trevor nodded and walked closer to Laura and Robin. “If both of you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to arrange a bigger house for everyone in the Sinclair Family to live in. By then, both of you could move into the house with my mother. What do you say?”

“Trevor, are you moving in too?” Knowing her son’s decisiveness, Jeanie couldn’t help but worry about Austin, whom she loved deeply despite his silliness. After all, she couldn’t bear to leave him alone in the house.

“Yeah,” Trevor answered firmly. “We owed Yoyo so much over the years, so I was thinking it would be good for all of us if we stayed close to each other.”

“You don’t have to do this.” Elise felt uncomfortable with Trevor’s enthusiasm. “Not to this extent.”

Trevor looked up, helplessly feeling a stab of pain inside of him. “So what? I don’t have to do anything for you since you don’t need me to, do I? If that’s the case, what else can I, as your brother, do for you?” In fact, he had heard a lot of stories from Jeanie a few hours after he woke up from his unconsciousness, which was how he knew Elise was raised by her grandparents and subsequently given a hard time by the Griffith Family. Therefore, when Elise was treating him, he told himself that he would protect his sister from that moment on. I’ll be the person she can lean on. That way, she won’t have to bear everything on her own.

At that moment, Elise had no idea what to say and only reacted with silence. In the meantime, Trevor turned his attention to Robin and asked, “What do you think, Grandpa?”

“I don’t have a problem with that.” Robin was satisfied with Trevor, wishing the latter was his grandson on the inside. Then, he gladly said, “You know what they say, the more the merrier. We’re happy with that decision.”

“Alright, I’ll get it done right away.” Trevor gazed at Jeanie. “Mom, please summon the maids from our home to help Elise and the rest pack their stuff.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Jeanie answered.

Upon exchanging gazes with his mother, Trevor quickly left the place to do what he should. When he walked past Alexander, he paused and put on a stoic expression. “You. Come with me.”

Soon, Alexander turned to Elise for help, but the latter only shrugged her shoulders as a helpless gesture. It was then that he smiled and followed Trevor out of the house. Standing beside a rock mound just outside the door, Trevor asked Alexander for a cigarette when he got closer. “You got a cig?” Ever since Alexander’s fallout with Madeline, he always carried a pack with him. Thus, he calmly took his cigarette box out of his pocket and handed it over to Trevor with a lighter. Then, Trevor took a cigarette out of the box and lit it up, whereupon taking a puff. Exhaling the smoke into the air from his mouth, he warily gazed at Alexander. “You like my sister, don’t you?”

“I love her.” Alexander bared his heart to Trevor.

Trevor gawked at Alexander before he slowly looked down. “I died once and came back to life, of which I believe you’re aware. So, if you ever dare to mistreat Elise, I swear I’ll kill you and take my own life.” He looked up once again, glaring at Alexander with a pair of eyes that resembled an angry beast. “I don’t joke with anyone besides my family.”

“You won’t have that chance,” Alexander calmly said, filled with confidence.

Fixing his eyes on Alexander, Trevor was like an experienced hunter who found his prey until the cigarette in his hand became too hot for him to hold it any longer. Upon tossing it aside, he stepped on the cigarette and replied, “Well, it’d better be that way.” He then placed the lighter and the cigarette box into his pocket and walked away.

Meanwhile, Alexander was left behind in place, having his eyes on Trevor until he disappeared from sight, whereupon he returned to Elise in a ponderous manner. At that moment, Faye and Laura were happily chatting with each other as Alexander directly walked up to Elise.

“What were you both talking about?” Elise asked in a soft voice.

“Your brother said he wants to kill me,” Alexander playfully replied.

“Do you guys have a bitter history?” Elise tilted her head and looked at the man.

“Nope.” Alexander chuckled and added, “But now we do.” While all mothers-in-law can get along with their sons-in-law well, why do all brothers-in-law have to be so mean to their sister’s husband?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Elise squinted and poked the man’s chest with her index finger while threatening him. “Stop beating around the bush and tell me what you guys were talking about.”

Alexander wrapped his fingers around her index finger and said, “Long story short. If I ever betray your love, I’ll be as good as dead.”

Elise chuckled and said, “Indeed, if you ever dare to fool around, I’m going to castrate you!”

“Well, I wouldn’t risk losing my third leg.” Alexander made a dirty joke.

Elise quickly pulled her hands out of her pocket and covered the man’s mouth, glaring at him with her eyes. “Are you asking for trouble? Grandpa and the others are still right here!”

Alexander smiled without saying a single word in response. Later that night, they moved into a house that was twice as big as their previous one. While the Sinclair family was happily having their reunion dinner, Faye and Austin were staring at each other back in their own house.

Noticing Austin’s emotionless expression, Faye handed him a bowl of soup and said, “You need to drink more of this, Dad. In fact, I told Mrs. Hardy to use only imported organic ingredients. After all, I know you just woke up and have to attend to your company’s affairs, so your health should be prioritized.”

“Yeah.” Austin took the bowl and took a sip of the soup.

Then, Faye filled her own bowl with soup while saying, “What kind of daughter is Elise? She didn’t even bother to pay you a visit after you recovered from your illness.”

“Yoyo has always been by her side all this time, so let her be.” Austin’s expression remained the same, which revealed very little about what was on his mind. Upon a brief silence, he looked at Faye and said, “You’re turning 25 this year, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, Dad. I’m turning 25 in two months.” Faye smiled and added, “I’m glad you still remember.”

“Of course. You’re my daughter! So, why would I forget about that?” Austin calmly said, “In that case, you should probably find a time and hold your wedding with Johan. It’s about time you get married, seeing now that you’re in your mid-twenties.”

The smile on Faye’s face slowly faded when she heard that.

Did the two of them plan this together? Trevor just implied that I belong with Johan instead, and now Austin wants me to proceed with my wedding.

Is there no place for me in the family?

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