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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 405

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 405

Think Before You Speak

Meanwhile, Faye arrived in the front yard with Johan right beside her. Both of them were seen standing under a tree while facing away from the living room, seemingly brooding on something.

At the same time, Elise, who was walking Jeanie to the living room, instantly reacted with a glacial look on her face when she was greeted by them. Upon hearing footsteps, Johan looked up and gently pulled Faye’s sleeve. Then, Faye walked closer to them and asked, “Mom, Elise, how is Trevor?”

“Hmph!” Jeanie shook off her hand in an annoyed manner. “What’s wrong? Can’t wait to see your brother dead so that no one will fight you over the inheritance?”

At that moment, a disdainful look flashed across Faye’s face before it was quickly replaced by a helpless look. “Mom, this is seriously a misunderstanding! Trevor has always treated me well, so why would I want to see him dead?”

“I beg to differ. After all, we don’t know what a person is thinking in his or her head unless we’re one family!” Jeanie didn’t believe Faye’s words as she seized Elise’s hand and entered the living room. Soon, Trevor showed up upon changing his clothes.

“Trevor!” Faye agitatedly rushed to her brother, hugging him while resting her head on his chest. “This is awesome! I’m so happy to see you!”

Trevor was caught off guard by Faye’s sudden reaction, pausing for a while, whereupon he distanced himself from her. Then, he curled his lips upward and faked a smile. “Faye, are you really happy for me?”

Thinking Trevor had something to imply, Faye frowned with a brittle smile on her face as she appeared to be a little awkward. “O-Of course, Trevor. Why do you ask?”

“Nothing.” Trevor gave her an ambiguous look, staring at her with his piercing gaze. “Anyway, you’re a grown-up now, so I guess it’s better for us to keep our distance. After all, it wouldn’t be appropriate for a man to be that close to an engaged woman,” Trevor said while looking at Johan.

By doing so, he indicated his intention to draw a line between Faye and the Anderson Family. In fact, Trevor was aware of what happened the other day. While Austin might be in the clouds about what was going on, Trevor had zero tolerance for those who tried to do him and his family harm.

I’ll be the one to keep my family safe, and that starts with keeping my guard up against these people.

In the meantime, Faye awkwardly retracted her hand and curled her lips upward, trying to play dumb. “You haven’t lost your sense of humor, Trevor. I’m still an Anderson even after I’m married. In fact, my marriage won’t change the fact that I’m your sister and the daughter of the Anderson Family.”

“Well, that’s not always the case.” Trevor put on an ambiguous smile. “You belong with your husband as soon as you’re married. That’s something people always say about marrying off their daughters.”

Faye was seen with a stiffened smile on her pale face. She then quietly stood aside and angrily replied, “Johan and I are still trying to work things out, so don’t you worry about me, Trevor!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” Trevor replied coldly. Then, he turned around and approached Elise, extending his arms to hug her before she could even react.

“Welcome back, Elise!” With Trevor’s arms tightly wrapped around her, Elise subconsciously wanted to free herself from his grasp but soon softened up in his embrace.

Trevor’s sincere hug felt so natural and heartwarming, different from Alexander’s affection, which was filled with passion. Upon taking a deep breath, she was able to feel a familial bond once again with someone else other than Jeanie.

When Faye saw their interaction, she clenched her fists and jaw viciously.

Ew! Who does Elise think she is? She is just a peasant who hails from a poor village. God knows how much filth she is carrying with her. Come on, Trevor! Do you seriously want to get your hands dirty by touching her? Am I, like, dead to him? He has no problem hugging Elise but won’t do the same thing with me because of our gender differences.

At that moment, Alexander came in through the main door and felt helpless at the sight of what he saw. It looks like my wife is getting more and more popular, isn’t she? Oh dear, Elise. I guess I’m getting so jealous that I want to hide you from the rest now.

Meanwhile, Faye noticed Alexander’s presence and reminded Trevor in an ambiguous manner. “Trevor, you may not have known about this, but Faye is actually engaged, and her fiancé is none other than Mr. Alexander Griffith. Are you sure he won’t be jealous to see you hugging his fiancée?”

Upon hearing Faye’s words, Trevor slowly let go of Elise and turned his attention to Alexander. When the two men exchanged gazes with each other, they tacitly nodded as a gesture to greet each other. Then, Trevor casually replied, “That doesn’t matter. After all, there is nothing wrong with a brother hugging his sister. Furthermore, Yoyo missed out on all the love she should have gotten over the years, so it’s time I paid her back with my overdue brotherly love.”

“But Elise is no longer a kid either.” Faye gritted her teeth in resentment.

Trevor looked down a little and set his eyes on her in a surprised manner. “Seriously, Faye? Are we doing this right now? I remember you used to be kind and understanding.”

“I…” Faye was rendered speechless by how Trevor described she used to be, knowing it would make her look petty if she continued to find fault with both of them. Thus, she changed her tune and said, “That’s not what I meant. I was just afraid that the indecency would make Elise seem like a spoiled child and show her in a bad light if an outsider witnessed all this.”

“I can spoil my child as much as I want to, but that’s none of your business.” Jeanie sized her up with a disgusted look on her face.

Since Johan was counting on Faye to get rich, it didn’t sit well with him to see her face all the humiliation and insults by herself. Thus, he stood up for her and said, “Mom, Faye was giving a gentle reminder out of her good faith, so was that really necessary?”

Trevor looked askance at Johan with a darkened look. “That’s the Anderson Family’s affair, so who are you to interfere?! I don’t care whether you’re going to be the Anderson Family’s son-in-law, but you’re in no position to boss my mother around!”

“Trevor, you need to think before you speak! Am I not a sister to you?” Faye lost her temper, deciding not to hold back anymore when Trevor insulted Johan.

“Oh, really?” Trevor acted like he just caught on to something and turned around to seize Jeanie’s hand, gently patting it. “In that case, I suppose we should stay away from someone who can’t think? After all, we’re not uncultured swine, are we?”

While Elise couldn’t help but burst into laughter, Jeanie appeared to be in a good mood and gave Trevor a thumbs-up. “Good job, Son!”

As Faye’s anger got the better of her, she decided not to give in anymore and stomped off immediately. In the meantime, Johan glared at Trevor with his clenched jaw and followed right behind Faye, but his fiancée suddenly stopped at the door and turned around to berate him. “Why did I even fall for a piece of crap like you back then?”

Steaming and piqued, Johan placed his hands on his waist and flipped the hem of his vest to his back like a rooster that was ready to fight.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m a piece of crap, but who else would stand by your side besides me? Do you honestly think there is anyone else who’d lay eyes on you?!”

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