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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 403

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 403

For the Love of God!

“Spit it out, or I’ll make you,” Elise muttered.

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ared that he began sweating profusely. This

pped her hands.

near tears. “For the love of God! You ne

er needle. “If you refuse to come c

st instantly, the man felt pain and itches all over his body, as if

grew stronger, tears were uncontrollably shed. He

is man wasn’t lying. Well, well. I gues

estaurant, Elise returne

e backyard. The door to Jeanie’s room was open, and Elise accidentally glan

s sorrow, no matter what she tried. Whenever she saw Jeanie in low spirits

Elise still wasn’t use

pt the fact or hadn’t grown accustomed

She was overjoyed as she said, “You’re back! You must be tir

ve so many questions. Whi

le embarrassed, but still, she

replied honestly. After a momentary pause, she asked

He survived that day, but now he can’t feel anything in the lowe

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