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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 402

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 402

Just This Once

Elise walked to Danny and gave him a gentle push. Seeing his lack of response, she facepalmed and turned to Alexander. “Your brother is a little slow, isn’t he? You first.”

Alexander shrugged. “You’re his boss, so you first.”

“I don’t remember getting a subordinate this weak.” Elise’s face was full of disdain.

“I don’t have a brother this weak either,” Alexander commented unsympathetically.

Completely ignored, the man could clearly see that they were provoking him, so he interrupted, asking, “Who are you guys?”

Hearing that, Elise and Alexander both turned and looked at him innocently.

“We’re just passersby who came to capture you.” Elise had a half-smile on her mischievous face, and she didn’t look serious at all. Alexander exchanged gazes with her and smiled, his eyes filled with endearment.

The man was speechless.

What are they doing? Are they here just to flirt in my face?

“Hmph, not a chance!”

With that, the man dashed to the door and raised a fist aimed at Alexander. However, the fist never found its target because something had blocked its path. Alexander gripped the man’s wrist, the gentleness in his face replaced by a frosty glare.

“I honestly expected more out of SK Group.” Alexander’s tone was filled with sarcasm.

Hearing that, Elise glared at him. A real member of the SK Group will never be this fragile.

However, she didn’t voice her thoughts.

“You want to know where Claude is? It’s not too difficult,” Elise uttered nonchalantly. “However, you have to tell us who you’re selling this information to.”

“I could tell you, but you’ll have to carry the secret to your graves!” the man announced in arrogance.

Before the man could finish, a silver needle slid into Elise’s left hand, and with its momentum, she flung the needle at the man, piercing the latter behind the ear.

The man instinctively reached out to cover the spot he was pricked. In a split second, he felt himself losing control of his body, as if the needles hit an acupuncture spot. No matter how hard he tried, his limbs wouldn’t move.

“What did you do to me?!”

Elise smirked cheekily before reaching out to her index finger to push him ever so lightly.


Even with the gentle nudge, the full-grown man fell flat on the floor. Instantly, his eyes widened in terror, like a prey sensing that its death was near.

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