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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 401

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 401

Come With Me?

“You’ve been preparing to die ever since I got together with Alexander. It’s been a while since then, but you still have enough energy to lecture people. Not bad.”

“Does it even matter to you if I died or not? Of course you’d want me to die. Once I do, you can continue causing harm to my son and the Griffiths, and no one else will stand against you. You’re just wishing for my death, aren’t you?!” Madeline narrowed her eyes, hatred burning in her gaze.

“Me? Causing harm to Alexander? What about you, then? You forced Alexander out of your home in order to separate us and fulfill your own whims. You didn’t spare him a penny, but now that you’re in trouble, you want to take everything he has so that you can fill in that stupidly huge hole in your family! People talk about give and take, but the Griffiths won’t give and only want to take! You’re like parasites living off Alexander, drinking his blood and feasting on his flesh. Look, you’re just taking advantage of his good nature so that you could bully him to death! Alexander is humane and can’t bear to mistreat you, but I’m different. I have no care about these things. If you bully my man, I’ll pay it back tenfold! Yes, I’ve said it. Alexander is the man I chose to love, so if anyone wants to take advantage of him, no one can stop me from making that person pay, not even Alexander himself!”

With that, she turned around to look at Alexander. She pretended to be acted all street thug-ish as she said half-jokingly, “From now onward, you don’t have to ease the tension between us anymore. Come with me, won’t you? I can guarantee that I won’t bully you the way they did.”

As Alexander gazed at her defiant face, he felt a spring breeze blow gently in his heart, dissipating the fog of troubles inside him. In all honesty, her words weren’t nicely phrased, but they had enough power to melt his ice-cold heart.

A loving look spread across his face as he smiled and reached out to ruffle her soft hair. He said ever so softly, “All right, I’ll step down and follow you all my life.”

Elise shook her head like a disobedient puppy, then suddenly thought of something and jumped up. She proceeded to wrap her arms around Alexander’s neck, turning into a sloth that clung tightly to its tree named Alexander.

“Come on, then, my new follower. Let’s go home.”

“As you wish.” Alexander chuckled a little, then turned around and carried her in his arms. It wasn’t until they got in the car that he finally let Elise down.

When Elise got into the car, she had also calmed down. A red tint spread across her cheeks as she remembered her bold actions just moments ago. When Alexander got in his own seat, she averted her gaze shyly.

Alexander was about to start the engine when he realized Elise’s abnormal behavior. With a hand on the steering wheel, Alexander turned and looked at Elise for a few seconds before laughing jovially. “Hahaha! Weren’t you bold just now? What, you’re blushing now that it’s over?”

“Shut up!” Elise reached out to cover Alexander’s mouth.

Alexander was stunned, but he buried his face in her palm. Then, he propped himself up and planted an indirect kiss near her mouth, for her hand was in the way. After that, he returned to his usual position in his seat.

On the other hand, Elise remained seated, but when she recalled the scene just now, her whole face turned red from the tips of her ears right to the base of her neck. Even the part of her palm that he kissed was numb and burning.

Gosh, I’m such a sucker for romance.

Alexander, however, pretended nothing had happened as he changed the subject and said in a serious tone, “Where are we going now? Do you want to go home?”

“You bully,” Elise muttered under her breath.

“What?” Alexander turned around and moved as if he were ready to lean in again.

Elise quickly corrected herself and cried, “Nothing! Let’s go to The Waterway Restaurant!”

“To talk business?” Alexander raised an eyebrow.

“Not me. You’ll know when you get there. Now let’s go!” As if having a plotted plan, Elise’s tone was mysterious.

At The Waterway Restaurant, Danny had arrived earlier than the agreed time. About half an hour later, a waiter opened the door to let in a fierce-looking man who had a scar running across the bridge of his nose. The man took a seat opposite Danny.

Danny was a little excited, for it was his first time meeting someone from SK Group face to face.

“Where is Claude?” the man asked coldly.

“Um, you’ll have to wait a bit. The person who knows his whereabouts is on their way,” Danny said, grinning.

Hearing that, the man slowly raised his head and looked at Danny suspiciously. “Are you toying with me?”

“No way!” As Danny spoke, he took two glasses of wine poured out beforehand and walked to the man, passing one glass to the latter. “So many people are dying to get into SK Group, and I wouldn’t ruin my future either. Come, have a drink. The wait shouldn’t be too long.”

Despite some hesitation, the man still put the glass to his lips. However, as soon as his mouth touched the glass, he froze.

Then, he slowly placed the wine back on the table, his expression tensed yet stoic.

“Who exactly are you?” The man narrowed his eyes, a wary tone in his voice.

“What do you mean?” Seeing the man’s refusal to drink, Danny was a little upset and took his own emptied glass as he walked back. “Why would you come to meet me if you look down on me?”

“I can’t believe that a greenhorn like you would try to endanger someone from SK Group.”

“Who are you calling a greenhorn? What’s wrong with you?” Danny sat down as he tried to knock his former arrogance down a few pegs. After he was done, he finally realized the main point. “What did you say? Endanger you? Since when? I even offered you some wine you refused to drink!”

“And you’re claiming that you didn’t poison the wine?”

“Poison? What poison?” Danny was terribly confused. “Is the wine poisoned?”

As soon as he said it, his mouth began to froth.

Danny seemed to have felt something as he reached up and touched the froth. Before he could react in shock, he was knocked out on the table. The man also realized that he was tricked, so he got up in an attempt to escape.

At the same time, the door was opened from the outside, and in came Elise and Alexander.

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