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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 398

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 398

You’re on the Losing End of the Deal!

“Do I not look the part?” Nathan shrugged.

“No,” Danny replied in an ever so monotonous sounding tone. With that, he went right over to Elise and announced dramatically, “Elise, you’re the only one who can help me now!”

“What’s the matter?” Elise always preferred to cut to the chase.

“Help me look for someone with your genius computer skills!” Danny said.

Elise simply looked at him as she awaited his next words.

“Claude Strike!” Danny began to explain, saying, “You know I’m busy trying to join SK Group these days, right? Just now, the recruiter sent out the entrance exam, and the task is to locate Claude, the legendary doctor!”

Claude himself was part of SK Group, so his tracks were hidden by the group themselves.

Wouldn’t it be counterintuitive to ask newbies to take on this challenge? “What’s the other task?” Elise asked, trying to keep her hopes up.

“What other task?” Danny looked extremely confused.

Elise was speechless, and her eyelids dropped. This guy doesn’t even know that the entrance exam for SK Group always has two options to choose from! Well, it’s not like I can do anything about it. “Never mind that. Where did you get the exam information from?”

“Someone in the field. It’s like an endless hierarchy, very complex stuff. I had to pay 200,000 to register.”

Elise had never been so speechless in her entire life. He’s on the losing end of the deal! Does this guy even think? He paid them money and promised to help them look for Claude free of charge!

“Can you still contact the person who took your registration fee?” Elise looked at Danny, exasperated.

“Yep.” Danny nodded innocently. “He gave me a private number.”

Elise crossed her arms and said in annoyance, “Call him up.”

“What for? I haven’t even found the guy.”

“I have,” Elise replied, irritated.

“Really! Whoa, you truly have mad skills, Elise! I’m calling him up right now. Haha! I’m going to be the only person who joined the group this year! You know, once the task was announced, everyone immediately went to team up and stuff…”

As he spoke, he took out his phone and managed to find the person on his contacts list. He then proceeded to make the call before the other person picked up.

“Hello, I found Claude!” Danny exclaimed excitedly.

Meeting! Set up a meeting! Elise stood opposite him and tried to get her message across by mouthing her words.

Danny didn’t get the message. He covered the receiver with his hand and leaned over to ask, “What?”

Elise sighed, exasperated. “I said, get him to meet you in person,” she hissed.

“Oh, all right, okay!” Danny was stunned, but he gave her an ‘OK’ sign before going outside with the phone.

A few minutes later, he jumped in excitement and announced, “Done! We’re meeting at The Waterway Restaurant!”

As soon as Danny finished speaking, Nathan couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Then, he put a hand to his mouth in an attempt to hide his subsequent laughs.

“What are you laughing at?” Danny realized that the news wasn’t so reliable after all. They had claimed that Nathan never even smiled, much less laughed, but the reality was proving otherwise.

Also, Danny felt that Nathan laughed like a wicked man, and he really wanted to just send the latter a punch across the face.

“Nothing.” Nathan held back his laughter though he appeared to be hiding something.

At this point, Elise couldn’t stand by and watch anymore, prompting her to challenge the man, asking, “Do you believe that people from SK Group would reveal themselves at The Waterway Restaurant so easily?”

“What’s wrong with The Waterway Restaurant?” Danny couldn’t even begin to comprehend. “Big business deals are made at The Waterway Restaurant all the time. That place is good with privacy!”

Nathan laughed even louder now, and he was still chuckling as he got up before walking to Elise. Patting her shoulders, he said, “Your friend is a little, uh, naive.”bAfter saying that, he strode outside with the expressionless man who had rushed into the room just now.

“What does he mean by that?” Danny glared warily at Nathan’s figure. He must be looking down on me.

Elise decided not to answer the question and changed the topic. “What time did you agree on?”

“Tomorrow evening at 9,” said Danny.

“Got it,” Elise replied before throwing the remaining three darts in her hands. The darts landed steadily on the target.

Danny’s gaze followed the darts to their target, and by the time he had come to, Elise was gone. He scratched his head in confusion, muttering to himself, “What’s going on? So weird…”

By the time Elise returned to the Sinclair Residence, it was already 11 at night. Joshua and his wife were trying to flatter Robin and Laura by washing their feet for them.

When they saw Elise walk in, they said mockingly, “Elise, remember, you’re still a girl. How can you be outside all day and only come home at this hour? Our reputation might be ruined if word gets out!”

“Exactly! Your grandmother recently got discharged from the hospital, so you should stay here and take care of her more often!”

Elise pretended not to hear them as she walked in and reached out to feel Laura’s pulse. “Grandma, do you still feel palpitations?”

“Once in the afternoon, I think. I’m feeling much better now, compared to before. Don’t worry too much about me, and don’t take your uncle’s words to heart,” Laura answered.

“I’ve never,” Elise said calmly. “I’m going back to my room now.”

“Go ahead,” the two elders said simultaneously.

“Okay,” Elise responded, then went back to her room. Seeing her calm countenance, Robin and Laura couldn’t help but feel worried.

However, Joshua failed to react to the situation as he chastised, “Look at her! It’s just as expected of an outsider. See who’s helping you do all the dirty work at the most important times—me, your own son!”

Hearing that, Robin immediately kicked over the basin they were using to wash feet, and the water splashed all over Joshua.

“Dad! What are you doing?” Joshua shot to his feet and wiped away the water on his body with a used towel.

“Elise isn’t someone you can lecture!” Robin said in exasperation.

“Just because of that?” Joshua complained gloomily. “Did I say anything wrong? Am I not the person looking after you and taking care of you? Your old age is getting to you, Dad. You should know who’s closest to you!”

Robin looked away and didn’t even bat an eye. “I’d rather have you hire a care worker!”

“Mom, did you hear what Dad said?” Joshua turned to Laura, injustice written all over his face.

“Why? What did he say?” Laura wasn’t the least bit considerate as she barked, “If you keep picking on Elise, the two of you will have to leave as soon as you can!”

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