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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 396

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 396

No Intention to Go Back

“I know what I’m doing,” Austin said unhappily. “Anyway, from now on, no one is allowed to mention that Faye was adopted.”

“You! I’m done arguing with you!” Jeanie couldn’t win against Austin, so she simply shut her mouth and felt resentful.

I don’t understand what happened. Before the coma, Austin was a man who could distinguish between right and wrong, so how could he be so unwise in this matter?

Elise watched all this with cold eyes, but she was not too surprised. Even Alexander also understood that the problem had no solution now. The superficially well-behaved, perfect adopted daughter who had been raised within the family for more than ten years juxtaposed against the sudden appearance of the biological daughter, and Austin had obviously made his choice between the two.

“I’m tired, so please leave.” Elise’s longing for her family suddenly dissipated, and her tone was cold and icy.

“Right, you take a good rest,” Austin said. “Your sister has already made arrangements. There is a car outside waiting for us, so we will go back first, and when you are well-rested, you can have someone send you back to the Anderson Residence.”

With that, he stood up. Holding the arm of the chair, he turned around to prepare to leave. As he turned around, Elise’s icy cold voice resounded from behind. “No need, I already have a home. I’ll leave the Anderson Family to you and your precious daughter.”

When Austin heard this, he slowly turned around in confusion and snapped, “What do you mean you have a home? The Anderson Residence is your home. You are the eldest daughter of the Anderson Family, and since you have come back, you should live in the Anderson Residence and wait for the welcome back ceremony we’ll hold for you. How could you live somewhere else by yourself? That’s inappropriate!”

“Let Elise decide these matters on her own!” Jeanie already felt guilty about Elise, and she did not want Elise to suffer again. “All of us live in the same city and are not far away from each other. We can see her at any time we want. Let’s give Elise a little time, Austin?”

After thinking about it, she added, “The people who raised Elise are an old couple. Elise owes them for raising her all this while. We can’t ask her to be ungrateful and leave them behind without care like that, can we?”

Austin thought about it and was persuaded, so he nodded and said, “Then when you go back this time, explain the situation to them, then officially move back. If the old couple has no one to support them, they can live in the Anderson Residence too. Their kindness is worth supporting them for the rest of their lives.”

“I have no intention of going back,” Elise refused sharply.

“What?” Austin didn’t hear clearly for a moment, so he looked at her weakly and asked again.

Jeanie understood more or less about Elise’s nature. Fearing that the father-daughter duo would clash again, she hurriedly interjected, “Nothing. Let’s just go according to what you said. Elise knows how to handle things, and you are also tired, so let’s hurry back first!”

Austin nodded slightly and did not refuse. Only then did the group leave. Even so, the atmosphere in the ward didn’t get better. Alexander knew Elise was angry at Austin and would not listen to any explanation at this time. In fact, he knew that just now, even if Austin showed malice toward him on the surface, he did not feel that it was wrong at all. He knew that it was just a father trying his best to defend and protect his daughter. A father’s love is perhaps more internalized, Alexander thought.

Then, Alexander accompanied Elise and stayed at the hospital for another two hours before returning to the Sinclair Residence. When Laura saw that only the two of them had come back, she couldn’t help but ask, “Did you save them?”

“Mm.” Elise’s response was light, and after she finished, she walked toward the side door. “I’m a bit tired; I’ll go back to my room first.”

Laura instinctively sensed that something was wrong, and when Elise was far away, she grabbed Alexander to ask about the situation. “What’s going on here? She was all excited when she left. Who has upset my Elise again?”

“She’s okay, Grandma. Elise was saving people and expending too much energy, so that’s why she’s like this.” Alexander didn’t want to make the older woman worry too much.

“Is that so?” Laura looked at him with doubt.

“Mm.” Alexander nodded and changed the topic. “Grandma, Elise has agreed to marry me today, so we are ready to get married. I hope you and Grandpa can give us your blessing.”

“You’ve thought it through?” Robin came out of the house.

“Definitely,” Alexander said. “From long ago until now, from the beginning to the end, the only one I want to marry is her.”

“In that case, then go and prepare. Everything must be done according to tradition, and my granddaughter must have the best of everything.”

“Thank you, Grandpa! I promise you I will give her the best!”

“Mm.” Robin didn’t say anything else but lowered his head to think about Elise.

If they succeeded in saving Elise’s real father and brother, the Anderson Family should be grateful and escort Elise home. Why did she come back by herself instead? It seems that this Anderson Family, too, is no good! Humph, since they despise my precious granddaughter so much, it’s better for her not to go back!

Meanwhile, at the Anderson Residence, the news that Austin and Trevor had woken up had spread, and by the time the two arrived home, they were already blocked by a bunch of relatives. It took a while to finally get rid of all the people. Austin just got into bed when Jeanie wanted to talk to him about Elise and Faye, but he raised his hand and asked the maid to call Faye over.

Faye came quickly with a well-behaved look. “Dad, you wanted to see me?”

“Mm.” Austin nodded and said in a serious tone, “Get the preparations done. Tomorrow, hand over the company to me and your brother. All these years that we are not here, you’ve taken over the company’s affairs alone. I’m sure it has been very hard for you. In the future, just stand behind your brother and me, and be a carefree little princess.”

As soon as Faye heard this, her expression became a bit unpleasant, but she hid it well and did not show it too obviously. “Dad, you just woke up, and your body has not recovered yet. What I mean is that I am already familiar with all those businesses anyway, so it doesn’t matter if I do it for a day or two more. Why don’t you and Trevor take a break for half a month first, and I will continue to take care of the company for the time being? If you two fall ill any further, I will feel bad.” Faye pretended to be worried.

“I think that you simply do not want to hand over the control!” Jeanie was extremely exasperated with Faye. “Let me remind you, this company is still under your father’s name, so if you do not want to be thrown out of the family, then hand over everything right now!”

“Jeanie!” Austin spoke impatiently again. “Why do you always use this tone with Faye? Did you forget that when Yoyo didn’t come back, it was Faye who accompanied us? Without her, how sad we would be during those days! I’ve said before that the matter of the adoption cannot be mentioned again, and that we are all family. You are not allowed to hold a grudge against Faye because of that misunderstanding again.”

Jeanie’s face was dark, and she didn’t answer.

After a long time, she remembered Bertha, who was imprisoned, and with a sudden flash of inspiration, she grabbed Austin’s hand and said, “If you don’t believe me, call your mother and ask her! Then the truth will come out!”

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