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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 383

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 383

The spy followed Jeanie all the way to the DNA test facility and waited until Jeanie left before paying a small bribe to get insider information from the laboratory employees. As it turned out, Jeanie had wanted to confirm the biological relation between herself and someone of the name of Elise Sinclair, hence the trip to the facility. When Faye heard this, she was so agitated that she shoved everything off her desk and let them clatter to the ground. On the other end of the phone, the spy dared not breathe or interrupt when he heard the sound of breaking glass and tumbling objects that followed Faye’s fit of rage.

After what felt like a long pause, Faye finally replied in a sinister manner on the other line, “Go and get me those results; I want them as soon as they’re out, no matter the cost.” … The next day, in light of the steady regression that Griffith Group experienced on the stock exchange, the financial news added insult to injury by publicizing Alexander’s resignation. Given that he had been the leading figure of authority in the company, his departure plunged stakeholders into a panic they had never felt before and they hurried to sell off the shares they had in hopes of recouping some of their losses.

Incidentally, Amelia announced that plans for the Olson Family to acquire Griffith Group were underway, which launched the price of their shares to new heights on the stock exchange. Nearly everyone who kept up with the news in the city knew that the Olson Family would inevitably emerge victorious in this power struggle. For the sake of success, she decided that it was best to see Nathan and have their pending partnership formalized in writing. With Johan in tow, it wasn’t until after he and Amelia had arrived at the hotel that they were told of Nathan’s departure.

A huge bribe had been forked out before Nathan’s bodyguard caved into the temptation and told them of Nathan’s whereabouts. Upon obtaining the information, Amelia and Johan set off to look for Nathan. Little did they know that Nathan had left to badger someone as well and that someone happened to be none other than Elise. Over at the Silverton Clubhouse, he was lobbying Elise with no small amount of persistence. “I’ve thought about this, and I think you know A’s whereabouts. I can’t stand not knowing the truth; you need to tell me where A is right now!

Or you could tell me what the deal is between you and A.” Finally, desperation kicked in as he urged, “Fine, I’ll compromise! How about if you just tell me whether A is a man or a woman? That isn’t too much to ask, right?” Alas, all his wheedling was to no avail, for she merely stared ahead absentmindedly as she sat on the couch with her arms crossed. Across from Nathan, Alexander could no longer stand his relentless badgering. “President York, how do you think your investors might feel if they find out that their best pitcher lacks fortitude? I wonder if they would reconsider their investments.”

“Get off your high horse,” Nathan snapped, glaring at Alexander indignantly. “And you’re one to talk, Mr. I-Left-My-Family-Fortune-Behind! Haven’t you heard that the mighty who have fallen would still command more respect than the average person? Do you honestly believe that I’d have taken on all those investors and capital without a contingency plan? I would have made a joke out of myself!” Alexander nodded before he pointed out coolly, “I think you already have done so.”

Indeed, Nathan was behaving like an idiot right now; he was aimlessly pacing around as he glanced from left to right. He looked like he was a couple of cards short of a full deck. “Hmph! Don’t get all haughty with me! I bet you want to know who A is as much as I do,” he retorted wickedly. “Aside from me, A might be the only other person in this city who could help to restore the Griffith Family’s glory.” When she heard this, Elise quietly shot Nathan a look. Alexander, too, merely smiled and offered no retort as he allowed Nathan the pleasure of blowing his own trumpet.

Much to Nathan’s oblivion, the man who carried himself with such easy grace despite the recent controversies had been strategizing and planning since the beginning. As far as Alexander was concerned, Nathan was nothing but a pawn. It was during times like these when Elise would find herself doubting that Alexander was all that he seemed. He certainly had the makings of someone who exceeded the capacity of a mere successor to the Griffith Group. At this time, her phone vibrated and pulled her out of her thoughts. She flipped open her phone and read the message that had popped up on the screen.

After noticing this, Nathan sneaked up behind the couch and subtly peered at her screen from over her shoulder. When he saw that the symbol on the screen was the same one that marked his correspondences with A, he nearly choked and spat out his beer. The message on the screen read, ‘There’s someone looking into you. What’s your take on this?’ Nathan sputtered and began to cough violently as disbelief crashed over him like a tidal wave. In truth, he had paid SK Group a hefty price for them to look into A’s whereabouts as well as Elise’s background.

He was almost certain that the message was sent by a member of SK Group, which meant Elise was likely in the group, too. Elise, on the other hand, seemed unfazed as she looked up at him and asked in a steady voice, “You had someone look into me?” “Old habits are hard to change; I’ve been in the business industry long enough to know that it’s always better to be cautious. Trust me, I bear no ill intention,” Nathan explained with a grin. “Oh, I didn’t think the absence of ill intentions justifies the act of snooping,” she countered darkly, narrowing her eyes.

Again, the intimidating gleam that seemed so at odds with her image flashed in her eyes once more. A chill ran down his spine and he suddenly had a bad feeling about being here. He snapped out of his reverie when Elise said calmly without looking up, “I’m A.” Nathan fell silent, exasperated by how easily the lie rolled off her tongue. He made to leave and as he walked toward the door, he grumbled under his breath, “Do your research before you spew such nonsense, little girl. You were probably doing finger-painting in grade school when A was reigning over the stock market…”

He had only just reached the exit of the clubhouse when Amelia and Johan obstructed his way. “Mr. York!” Amelia greeted with a dazzling smile. “The Griffiths are going to hit rock bottom by the time the stock exchange opens tomorrow. I think it’s high time we discuss that collaboration and put it down in writing, don’t you?” While Nathan had never evaded them on purpose, photos of them being seen together had been captured from the media more often than not in recent times and rumors of an upcoming collaboration had circulated throughout the industry.

In actuality, Nathan had yet to agree to a collaboration, which made Johan see him as a wild card. For each day that the collaboration remained unconfirmed, the risk of Nathan joining Alexander’s forces only grew larger; at this rate, it would only be a matter of time before the Griffiths would return in social graces. While it meant the Griffths’ defeat tomorrow might be definite, it certainly would not be permanent.

However, with Nathan on his side, Johan could entirely wipe out Griffith Group. Presently, Nathan was still fuming and he had no patience to deal with Johan and Amelia. Without much thought, Nathan brusquely dismissed them, “I know. Go and get the contract drawn up.” An overjoyed Amelia asked, “Really?

Oh, it’s splendid to know you’ve made up your mind. Shall we go over the details tomorrow morning?” He hummed in response, then turned to burrow into his car with the same irritability as a grizzly bear. As Johan and Amelia watched Nathan’s car speed away, he said slowly, “Aunt Amelia, we’re so close to winning this.”

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