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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 381

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 381

Adam had been frowning since the moment Elise and Alexander walked in, but when he heard his son’s prompting, he let out a weary sigh. Then, he slowly looked up at Alexander and asked hesitantly, “I’ve always had faith in your capabilities, son, but now that things have come to this… I think it’s best if you explain yourself to your uncles.” “And why should I?”

Alexander countered coolly. “They never wanted me to explain myself when they were profiting off my management, but suddenly a little crisis comes along and I’m expected to face the gallows? I had no idea that the Griffiths are bottom-feeders who switch sides when it’s convenient to do so.”

“Who do you think you’re talking to, boy? Watch your mouth!” the man from earlier barked angrily. He obviously spoke on behalf of those who were restless and disapproving of Alexander’s recent business maneuvers.

As the man stood up, he exasperatedly slammed the table while furiously adding, “Even your grandfather did not disrespect us like this when he was alive, Alexander, but here you are, thinking you’re above us now that you’ve taken his place! Let me make one thing clear: we only came today because we want you to choose—are you going to keep our best interests at heart, or are you going to give up everything for that woman?

I suggest you carefully think about this!” Alexander chuckled darkly. “I see that my grandfather’s altruism has given you a false sense of achievement.” There might be underlying complexities to the Griffths’ corporate and family interests, but one thing was for sure: without Jonah at the heart of it all, the others would not be doing as well as they now did.

The distant relatives would never have attained their fortune without the Griffiths, but now, it seemed that they were intent on using their status to force the Griffith Family’s hand.

As it turned out, the Griffiths had been equipping the traitors with power all along. Presently, after having heard Alexander’s retort, the man faltered and turned to look at Madeline for help. The both of them exchanged a glance like they were telepathically communicating with each other. Naturally, Alexander and Elise caught the silent exchange. “Mom,” he called out flatly. “What is it?” Guilt colored Madeline’s features as she stiffened at her son’s voice.

When she turned to look at him, she inadvertently met Elise’s piercing gaze, although she quickly avoided it and willed herself not to look in Elise’s direction. “Did you call these folks over?” Alexander bluntly called her out.

Up until now, he still couldn’t understand why his own beloved mother was so obsessed with tearing him and Elise, the love of his life, apart. Madeline’s breath hitched, but she could not for the life of her come up with an answer. She knew her son was far too sharp-witted to fall for any of her lies; it would only take him seconds before he saw through her pretenses.

After what felt like a long moment, she inhaled deeply and blurted out, “Yes, I was the one who called them over. What was I supposed to do, Alexander?

I can’t just watch you throw your life away like that and drag the rest of the family down with you! Come back to your senses, son. You can still walk away before disaster strikes.” Scenes like this had happened so frequently that they started to look like fragments of the same, unending nightmare that he could not shake off.

He had finally grown tired of it and with an almost resigned tone, he bit out coldly, “In that case, all the Griffith Family matters will be yours to deal with from now on!”

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