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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 376

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 376

The fact was, Elise had made a wrong judgment. These two, who didn’t look like they could possibly be related to the Sinclairs, were in fact Laura’s son and daughter-in-law. Elise and Alexander quickly released them, and Joshua rushed forward to the other side of the bed before sobbing loudly while he clutched at Laura’s leg. “Mom, do you know that I was frantic with worry upon hearing the news that you were hospitalized?! You gave me such a fright!” Meanwhile, Maureen followed suit and wailed, “That’s true, Mom! We made our way here in a rush and left everything else behind.

Now that we’re back in town, we won’t be leaving anytime soon. We’ve made up our minds to stay by your side and take care of you!” However, Laura shot them a disgusted look before she lifted her eyes to glance at Alexander standing by the doorway. “Griffith boy, we’ve got some personal family matters to settle. We’ll be fine without you.” There was a flash of surprise across Alexander’s face but he quickly recollected himself and maintained his composure. Turning to look at Elise, he said, “I’ll wait for you outside. Yell if you need anything.”

It was indeed quite inappropriate for an outsider like him to interfere in the Sinclair Family matters, but these two strangers had popped out all of a sudden so he didn’t want to leave Elise and Laura to face the duo themselves. However, Alexander had no choice but to retreat and wait outside. Elise nodded her head. Just as he was about to walk out, Laura voiced out once again, “Elise, you can wait outside too.” Upon hearing that, Elise was taken aback but she obediently murmured, “Sure.” However, she shot a warning look at Joshua and Maureen before turning around to walk out of the room. Subsequently, she left and shut the door gently behind her. She didn’t leave immediately but paused by the doorway for a short while.

From the glass window by the door, she saw quite clearly how Laura pushed the couple aside and made them go down to their knees. Subsequently, both parties seemed to be quite agitated but Elise couldn’t hear their conversation. Elise frowned as she had never seen Laura behave this way. Even when Madeline had been rude toward Laura, the latter didn’t lose her composure at all, unlike today. Meanwhile, Alexander approached Elise and held her shoulders before steering her to take a seat by the side. “You shouldn’t worry too much. Grandma knows what she’s doing and everything will be fine,” Alexander comforted her. “I hope so.” Elise was uncertain about that.

Suddenly, she thought of something and she grabbed Alexander’s wrist before staring at him intently. “Do you really think that they are Grandma’s family members?” Elise was aware that she was adopted but to her, she was her grandparents’ only next-of-kin so she considered herself to be their actual granddaughter. However, Joshua and his wife had appeared all of a sudden, causing Elise to feel uneasiness welling up within her. She was afraid of being kicked out from a fixed relationship and then she would be left on her own, without any sense of belonging. The truth was always quite odd that way. She wasn’t afraid of bloodshed nor sacrificing herself, but she was terrified of being without any family. Alexander wasn’t quite sure what was on Elise’s mind but he could tell that she didn’t quite like Joshua and his wife.

After some consideration, he commented, “They might not be. It doesn’t make sense that you haven’t met them at all if they are part of your family. Ultimately, there must have been fundamental issues in the existing family for the family to fall apart this way.” “Elise, you’ll always have me.” Alexander took her hands into his and tried to share some of his body warmth with her this way. “Besides, staying under one roof and having the same blood coursing through your veins doesn’t mean you’re a family. A home can only exist with love. You’ll always be Old Mrs. Sinclair and Old Master Sinclair’s granddaughter.

This is something that will never change.” Elise found that her troubled heart suddenly calmed down significantly and she stared at the person in front of her, who was utterly sincere as he tried his best to keep guard of her fragile heart. Suddenly, she realized that she no longer wanted to put on a tough front so she dropped her defenses and gently leaned on his shoulders. ”Alexander Griffith,” Elise called out his name. “Hey, I’m here,” Alexander responded. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing’s wrong.” She merely wanted to hear his response. They sat leaning against each other and after half an hour, the door to the room flung open from the inside. Subsequently, Joshua and Maureen walked out of the room.

After they had shut the door behind them, they sniffled and wiped off their snot before moving forward to face Elise. ”Elise, it must have been tough on you over the last few days. From now onwards, you can leave your grandma in our hands. You must be quite tired, too. Go home and take some rest.” Joshua put on an air due to his position as her elder and he gave out his instructions without bothering to ask for her opinion. “No, I’ll stay here and take care of Grandma.” However, Maureen interjected, “Joshua, why don’t you go back with Elise to get some supplies?” As she said that, she frantically signaled with her eyes to Joshua. At that point, he caught on to it and he changed his tune. “That’s true.

I should go back and visit Dad.” “Let’s go, Elise. Lead the way.” He then reached out to grab Elise’s hand as he spoke. Meanwhile, Elise immediately took a step backward and avoided him. Her distant expression was still full of wariness. “Why did you move away?” Joshua was slightly upset. “We’re family now. Are you worried that I’ll harm you?” As for Elise, she didn’t respond to his words and only allowed the tense situation to persist. As soon as Alexander saw that, he instantly went forward to talk to Joshua. “Mr. Sinclair, my car’s downstairs. I can give you guys a ride.” “Are you Elise’s fiancé?” Joshua glanced at Alexander with a profound look in his eyes, and he nodded approvingly as soon as Alexander confirmed it.

“That’s great. You’re quite polite and way more approachable than her. Since you’ve offered, how about I go down and wait for you guys? Hurry up and don’t make me wait for too long, though.” Upon hearing that, Alexander revealed his signature gentlemanly smile and took out a key from his pocket. “Here you go, Mr. Sinclair.” “Okay.” Joshua took the keys in his hands and left before them. After he left, Maureen couldn’t quite muster it to face Elise by herself, so she scurried over and opened the door to the room. Meanwhile, Elise was just about to walk into the room too but Alexander stopped her. “My men will watch over Grandma, but Grandpa’s home by himself. Are you sure that you’ll be at ease by that?”

As soon as he mentioned Robin, Elise calmed down significantly. She glanced into the room and saw that Maureen was serving Laura some water with a fawning look, so she became slightly at ease. Elise then took another look at Laura before turning around decisively. “Let’s head home.” After half an hour, the three of them finally arrived at the Sinclair Residence. Robin was taking a nap in the lounge when they walked into the house. Elise moved forward to greet him softly, “Grandpa, we’re back. Grandma’s doing quite well today.” However, Robin had his head down as he moved slowly to sit up from the chaise.

Right after he opened his eyes, Joshua suddenly rushed forward. “Dad, it’s me! I’m back!” Robin was startled by Joshua’s sudden outburst and the former retreated backward. As soon as the elderly man saw the person standing in front of him, he grabbed his cane by the side and flung it. “You b*stard! You’re a scoundrel! Why are you back here?! You should have just died out there! Get lost!” Enraged, Robin stood up from his chair abruptly and went after Joshua with the cane.

It was only after a while that the former finally stopped chasing Joshua out of the room. Taking deep breaths as he held onto his cane for support, Robin shouted, “I don’t want to see you! Get lost right now!” Meanwhile, Joshua maintained a flippant attitude. “No worries, Dad. I know that I’ve been quite unfilial and I deserve this beating.

We’re family and I’m sure that that’s your way of showing your concern so don’t worry, I won’t take offense. I’ll still take care of you until you get to your deathbed.” “Y-You scoundrel! I know your plans! You’re not back here to take care of us but you’re here to send us off to the afterlife!”

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