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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 373

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 373

Amelia stood there and stared patronizingly at Alexander. With a contemptuous look on her face, she commented, “I gave you a chance but you refused it, so today’s outcome is all of your own doing.” ”Are you so sure that you’ll win by just currying favors with a couple of bankers?” Elise lifted her left eyebrow and shot Amelia a meaningful look. “A couple of bankers?” Amelia scoffed, “You’re quite full of yourself, aren’t you? Do you realize the amount of cash flow that can be approved by one single banker?

The loan approved for the Olson Family by any of them would be sufficient to bring the Griffiths down to their knees if I directed the money into the share market.” “Well, a loan has to be repaid eventually,” Elise retorted. Her gaze flickered and there seemed to be an unexplainable glimmer in her eyes as her whole body exuded coldness. “It would be repaid for sure!” Amelia had been targeting the Griffiths over the last couple of days in the stock exchange market, which was why the latter were in a losing position at the moment. As such, Amelia was full of arrogance and she paid no heed to anyone else. With a half-smile, she continued, “Well, it would not be using our family’s money but your future family—the Griffith’s—money.”

“Mrs. Shoal, your plan is quite well thought out indeed.” Even Alexander couldn’t help but voice out mockingly. “Thanks for the compliment.” Amelia accepted his words and was lost in thought. Suddenly, she muttered to herself, “Everyone seems to think that you’re god’s gift to the world and the whizz in the corporate world, but look at yourself right now. You’re not even a match for a mere woman like me.” As soon as she said that, she moved forward and patted Alexander on the shoulder. “Dear nephew, your worst mistake was to force us into the brink of desperation.

After all, one would definitely scramble to save themselves in a tight situation, so you should keep this lesson in mind. You might no longer be able to achieve such an exalted position and experience all of these competitive business dealings for the rest of your life!” Just then, Amelia purposely heaved a sympathetic sigh and turned to speak to the bankers behind her with an exasperated tone, “Aren’t you guys about to leave? Do you actually plan to stay on and discuss collaboration plans with Mr. Griffith and his fiancée?” “We’re leaving right now…” Amelia was currently Nathan’s favorite person and she could even interfere in their overseas dealings, so they were afraid of offending her.

They had no choice but to handle her very carefully. “Mrs. Shoal, aren’t you afraid that calamity will befall your future generations if you continue with your vicious actions?” Elise had a smile on her face but it did not reach her eyes. Meanwhile, Amelia found Elise’s words quite perplexing, so the former merely assumed that this was a final struggle and that the latter was merely trying to get back at her with such words. As such, Amelia rolled her eyes and dismissed those words before walking off without a backward glance. Meanwhile, Elise watched as the group walked off into the distance. Then, she took out a clunky black-colored flip phone from her bag with a stony expression.

She typed out a message in code in front of Alexander and hit the send button soon after that. ”Did you text someone?” Alexander glanced at the simple-looking cell phone and asked in surprise. “Yup.” Elise didn’t say much. Subsequently, Alexander took a deep breath and raised both of his eyebrows. Shortly after that, he muttered sulkily, “Your phone… It looks quite special.” “Do you like it? I’ll get one for you.” Elise didn’t even bother to glance at him. At that point, she was quite focused on waiting for a reply from the other party. Just then, Alexander shrugged but didn’t respond to her words. In fact, he preferred a sleeker and less clunky phone. I don’t even know how she can hold such a clunky phone in her dainty hands. On the other end, Nathan had a slightly exasperated smile on his face upon receiving the text from A.

‘Here’s a question for you. What’s my favorite thing to do?” This was a piece of cake, so Nathan responded instantly. ‘Stand someone up.’ A would contact him once or twice practically every year and would usually mention making a trip to the mountains, but each time the trip didn’t materialize. Furthermore, there was an instance whereby Nathan had already arrived at the designated meeting place but as it came to their meeting time, A didn’t turn up at all. Two days later, she sent him a text with the following words as her explanation, ‘I’m not in the mood to meet.’ It was fortunate that A was a whiz in stock operation. Otherwise, if anyone else had done the same thing, Nathan would definitely have slaughtered that person. Meanwhile, Elise saw the reply and she swiftly tapped out a reply.

‘I want the Olson Family to experience the torment you went through too.’ After replying to his text, she switched off her phone and placed it into her pocket before walking away holding onto Alexander’s arm. She behaved as if nothing had happened. As for Alexander, he didn’t ask her anything, but paced himself according to her footsteps and silently accompanied her. There were bound to be some secrets between them, but both of them had a mutual understanding of not delving too deep into it. Perhaps sometimes having some boundaries would bring about more benefit. Meanwhile, Nathan, who was seated in front of his computer, found himself seemingly at a loss for words.

Her words sound like a snub directed at me. Gosh! Who are you exactly, A?! I’m quite keen to know! On the other hand, Amelia was halfway to her destination when she received a phone call informing her that something had happened to Jeremy, so she rushed off to the hospital frantically. However, upon her arrival, she found a bunch of doctors who didn’t know what treatment to provide and a gang of hooligans who were beaten up badly. As for Jeremy, he remained unconscious in the ward and he resembled someone in a vegetative state as he lay there immobile. Amelia instantly rushed to his side and shook his body. “Jeremy? Jeremy! Say something to me! Mom’s here!” Jeremy’s consulting doctor was afraid of delaying the prognosis, so he quickly moved forward and mentioned with a concerned voice, “Mr. Olson’s condition seems quite strange.

There’s no obvious wound on his body and we haven’t detected any form of substance that could tranquilize him. However, for some reason, he seems to be in an unconscious state. Honestly, we have no idea how to proceed with the treatment.” “What do you mean that you don’t know how to proceed?! You’re a doctor! How can you say such things?” Amelia pointed a finger at the doctor and ranted, “It looks like you guys are not good enough and this is just an excuse to make you look good. I’m warning all of you right now—you’d better make sure that Jeremy remains fine until I find the best doctor to treat him!

Otherwise, the whole hospital will bear the consequences!” At that point, everyone in and outside of the room held their breaths anxiously. Two hours later, Amelia spent a fortune and managed to gather all of the top specialists in each specialty located in Tissote to come together and treat Jeremy. However, everyone shook their heads upon receiving the diagnostics and expressed their regret that they had never encountered such a condition, so there was nothing they could do about it. One of the oldest professors mentioned something to Amelia before he left, “You might need to get to the root of the problem, Mrs. Shoal.

I think you should find out whether Mr. Olson has offended anyone lately.” He heaved a sigh after saying that and turned to leave the room. Meanwhile, Amelia was stunned in place for quite some time before she finally came to her senses. After calming down, she turned to stare viciously at Jeremy’s underlings. “Tell me—who did this to him?” “It was… Alexander and his fiancée. Mr. Olson asked us to teach them a lesson, but he insisted on taking action personally and none of us could stop him from it. Then, once we arrived, he was ambushed by the girl.

Before they left, she used her needles to poke Mr. Olson in his head. By the time we got to him, he had already lost consciousness.” “Elise?” Amelia was quite surprised. “Are you pulling my leg?” She’s just a country bumpkin who relied on the Griffith Family to get to her current position! How could she even know how to turn an alive and kicking person into such a vegetative state?

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