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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 372

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 372

“I thought you wanted to have a good time? I’ll grant your wish right now. I’m sure it would be awesome, right?” Elise’s eyes darkened and her lips curved into a smile, but there was an intriguing expression on her face. Jeremy could only feel a chill run down his spine and he was quite sure that he was about to face death. Elise had the looks of a weak damsel but then unexpectedly, she was ruthless when she made a move. Trying hard to suppress the pain in his body, he raised the baseball bat in his hand and pointed at Elise. “Give me the antidote.”

Although it sounded like something straight out of a film, right now, it seemed that the only logical explanation for the pain in his nether region was because he had been poisoned. “Sure,” Elise stared at him coldly. “Come over here, then. I’ll give you the antidote.” She paused for a moment and purposely shot him a deep look as she spoke. “Well, that’s if you dare to come over here.” If she hadn’t mentioned the last sentence, perhaps Jeremy would really have gone over to her. However, after hearing her words, he found himself quite uncertain of the situation. It was because he had gotten too close to her earlier, and that had given her the chance to take action.

He wasn’t sure how many weapons this woman had on her but if she had gone all out to attack him, perhaps he would not be standing here alive. As soon as Jeremy thought of that, he didn’t dare to take a single step forward. He even retreated by a couple of steps and maintained his distance from Elise. “What’s wrong? Are you scared?” Elise snorted. “You don’t have the guts despite being horny. Is that all you have to offer?” Jeremy’s expression turned immediately as he was triggered by her taunts, but he didn’t dare to take a step forward. Without hesitation, he gestured for his henchmen standing behind him to take action.

“Everyone, get her! Break the guy’s leg and capture the girl for me. I’ll deal with her personally once we’re back at our base.” Upon hearing that, the hooligans who were raring to make a move instantly rushed forward in unison. Just then, Elise clenched her fists and there was suddenly a vicious look that flashed across her eyes. “Hold on!” Suddenly, Alexander spoke up. He had a domineering air to him that was gained from all of his years in the corporate world, and it caused everyone present to be stunned in place. At that point, he swept a cold look across the room and immediately turned around to open the door to the backseat of the car. Shortly after that, he dragged Elise over.

“Elise, wait for me for a short while.” Meanwhile, Elise tugged at his arm as she looked at the huge number of hooligans in front of them and she hesitated slightly, “I want to help, too.” However, Alexander curved his lips slightly and placed both of his hands on her shoulders. Subsequently, he lightly massaged her shoulders and looked at her with a dark gaze that was filled with tenderness and love. “Do you lack confidence in your fiancé?” Instantly, the anxious feeling she had dissipated upon hearing his words and she smiled at him. “I didn’t mean it that way. I just wanted to help…”

“Behave yourself and stay in the car so that I won’t have to worry about you. That would be the biggest help you could offer.” Alexander was sincere in his words and Elise’s heart softened as soon as she heard him. In the end, she didn’t bear to go against his wishes so she obediently sat inside the car. At the same time, Alexander took off his jacket and handed it to her. “Hold on to this for me for the time being.” Elise nodded in response. “Okay.” Subsequently, he shut the car door and turned around to face the hooligans, his expression murderous. “I’m in a hurry, so just come all at once so I can end this as soon as possible.” Alexander had a relaxed posture and he spoke offhandedly, behaving as if he was a king gracing his subjects as he exuded a victorious aura.

Just then, the scar-faced man leading the hooligans took the bait and he angrily spat on the ground. “F*ck! You’re just acting tough! I’ll have you begging for mercy on the ground soon enough!” Soon after that, indeed, everyone started to raise the baseball bat in their hands. Meanwhile, Alexander remained still and those that got too close to him found themselves hurtling in the air and landing two meters away from his flying kick. Soon after that, he came to blows using both his hands and feet. Instantly, the opposing hooligans were groaning on the ground while Alexander maintained his protective stance by the car. Gradually, half of the men were found on the ground while the other half retreated out of fear.

They exchanged looks with each other, but neither of them dared to take a step forward. Just then, Alexander had lost his patience so he picked up a baseball bat that had dropped by his feet and immediately rushed toward the group of hooligans. He had a murderous intent and each blow that he inflicted was ruthless. Soon enough, there was only one man left standing—Jeremy. Alexander flung away the baseball bat he was holding and reached out to unbutton the top button of his shirt while walking toward Jeremy. At that moment, Jeremy was already in so much pain that he had to lean on a nearby car to stand.

As soon as he noticed Alexander walking toward him with a monstrous look, Jeremy tried hard to suppress his pain and raised the baseball bat next to him with gritted teeth. “Don’t come near me! If you dare to lay a hand on me, my mom will make sure that the Griffiths disappear from the corporate world by tomorrow! Every single member of the Griffith Family will die along with me.” “Ah!” However, as soon as Jeremy finished his words, he suddenly clutched his crotch and fell to the ground with a distorted expression on his face. He fell headfirst to the ground and moaned loudly. “Elise Sinclair, you btch! What have you done to me?! Come out and help me! You btch!”

Just then, Alexander walked forward and he stood condescendingly in front of Jeremy. The former had heard the latter yell out ‘b*tch’ multiple times, and he became quite frustrated. And so, Alexander went ahead and squatted down before sending a blow to the back of Jeremy’s neck. Instantly, Jeremy collapsed into a pile onto the ground. “Don’t let him lose consciousness. I want him to experience the excruciating pain and feel for himself how those poor girls he mistreated felt in the past.” Elise walked slowly toward them from the back. She didn’t know Jeremy that well but judging by how compatible he was with Johan, it was quite obvious that the two siblings were pretty much similar in their characteristics. Johan was pretty much a scum, so Jeremy’s personality wasn’t too far from that either.

Elise had purposely added something to her silver needles to deal with such despicable males that showed no respect for women. The effect of that ingredient was long-lasting and it would last for at least ten hours, which was sufficient to let Jeremy experience the extremely tormenting feeling. Right now, he was quite lucky that he had fainted. In the end, Alexander stood up and took his jacket from Elise. Putting it on, he jokingly mentioned, “He was getting too rowdy. I prefer the silence right now.” “That’s true.” Elise lowered her head and glanced at Jeremy, who was currently unconscious in a heap on the ground.

Suddenly, an interesting idea came to her, so she squatted down and placed a needle on his head with her silver needles. Evidently, Alexander knew that she wasn’t helping him recover and he smiled. “Have you come up with a new method to punish someone?” “Pretty much so.” Elise felt completely unsympathetic right now and she clumsily poked a thin silver needle right into Jeremy’s head before withdrawing it gradually. After completing that, she got up and flicked her hands without showing any mercy to him. “Let’s go.” Although Alexander had no idea what she had done, he didn’t ask any further questions.

He only caught up to her and they drove off toward the direction of the club in the car with the broken window. Meanwhile, Jeremy was splayed on the ground and he resembled a corpse. Despite the hooligans’ efforts to wake him up by shaking him hard, he remained completely unconscious. By the time Elise and Alexander arrived at the club, a couple of bankers coincidentally walked out of the front entrance together and the two groups bumped right into each other. “Excuse us for being late. We had an accident along the way.”

Alexander maintained a composed look and gestured an invitation with a wave of his hands. “Everyone, let’s head inside. Give me a chance to foot the bill.” The bankers exchanged looks with each other but neither of them said anything. Just then, there was a shrill voice that rang out and it sounded like it was getting louder and louder. “Are you trying to run off to seek help?! Forget about it!” As soon as the words hit, Amelia appeared in front of Alexander and Elise almost instantly.

Within moments, Alexander could tell the outcome of the situation—these bankers were very unlikely to be on the side of the Griffith Family. There was a much bigger possibility that they might even join forces with Amelia to deliver a lethal blow on the Griffiths. This could be quite aptly described as a capitalist never finding it in them to provide help, but would always play a part in twisting the knife on one.

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