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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 371

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 371

Ever since Laura had been hospitalized, Jeanie was left all alone at the Sinclair Residence. Two days later, Faye, who had been secretly watching over the situation, barged into the house and took Jeanie away by force. Meanwhile, Elise and Thomas were working hand in hand to remove the toxin in Laura’s body. He had heard from Alexander that Elise saved Laura’s life using a silver needle, but without seeing it with his own eyes, he still had reservations and refused to believe that a freshman student would have such profound knowledge and skills in traditional medicine.

However, the truth soon gave Thomas a slap in his face. The moment Elise opened the bag that contained her needle set, it was as if she changed into a different person. Her way of inserting the needles was gentle yet firm. Laura’s condition slowly improved as Elise inserted the needles, some color gradually returning to her face. After Elise had inserted the last needle, Thomas conducted a test on Laura and found that the amount of toxin in her body had dropped, and all the health indicators were closer to the norm. He was acquainted with many physicians of traditional medicine and most of them were gentle in nature. They tended to overcome hardship with gentleness, doing activities like Tai Chi.

However, the acupuncture technique that Elise had demonstrated that day was rather aggressive. To Thomas’ knowledge, only the top traditional medicine physician in the country, Mr. Monnay, had skills that were on par with hers. Nonetheless, Mr. Monnay had retired a few years ago and nobody knew his whereabouts. Rumor had it that his acupuncture technique which could bring back the dead was at the risk of being lost. Never in a million years would Thomas have thought that he would be so fortunate to see this skill set on another person. Presently, Thomas excitedly went up to Elise and stood right in front of her. “Miss Sinclair, may I know what’s your relationship with Mr. Monnay?”

“I’m not related to him.” Elise had no time for small talk, so she went straight to the point and asked, “Did my grandmother’s condition show any improvement?” “Of course!” Thomas dropped his previous cold and aloof bearing, and replaced it with a bright grin on his face. “Miss Sinclair, the acupuncture technique that you have just used is known to bring back the dead in the medicine world. Although it may sound a little exaggerated, you have indeed brought Old Mrs. Sinclair back from the brink of death!” Upon hearing that, Elise heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s great.” “Don’t worry,” Thomas replied, then continued to probe, “You are actually Mr. Monnay’s disciple, right? And he has passed down his ultimate technique to you, I believe?

Miss Sinclair, saving lives is a noble deed that should be practiced by many. I wonder if I have the honor to discuss Mr. Monnay’s supreme technique with you?” Elise, however, looked at him impassively. “You asked so many questions. Which one of them should I answer first?” “It’s up to you.” Thomas spread his hands, looking generous. Studying the treatment method of various complex illnesses was the ultimate pursuit of these devotees of the medicinal field, so being able to be exposed to any one of Mr. Monnay’s skill sets were enough to be considered a blessing from above.

Hence, as a junior of Mr. Monnay in the industry, Thomas was in no position to be picky, although he wouldn’t really do so in the first place. Nonetheless, Elise simply denied him. “No.” Thomas was stunned and the smile on his face became stiff. “Are you saying that you are not Mr. Monnay’s disciple, or you don’t wish to teach me acupuncture?” he asked resignedly. “Both.” After she said that, Alexander happened to be coming over in her direction, so Elise mercilessly turned away and left, leaving Thomas behind. A devastated Thomas then wailed, “Alexander, your fiancée is too heartless!” Alexander rolled his eyes at the doctor before holding onto Elise’s hand. As the duo waited for the lift, the former reminded, “Take good care of Old Mrs. Sinclair.

I won’t forgive you if anything happens to her!” With that, the two of them entered the lift, leaving a dispirited Thomas alone in the hallway. Oh, God! Not only did I fail to find Mr. Monnay, but I couldn’t get Elise to teach me even when she was right in front of me! Could it be that I will never have the chance to learn those secret acupuncture skills in this lifetime? I surely won’t be able to die in peace! After exiting from the hospital, Elise and Alexander got into the MPV that had been prepared for them. They had made appointments with the presidents of major banks in Tissote, hoping that they would be generous enough and provide loans to the Griffith Group. This would help to stabilize the shares of the Griffith Group after the share market opened the next day.

The high-end club was located in a rather remote area, where one had to pass by a man-made forest to reach the destination. Just as Alexander was driving past the forest, headlights of a few cars suddenly lit up the place. In the blink of an eye, a number of jeeps charged out from the forest and onto the road, sandwiching Alexander’s car in the middle. Fortunately, Alexander stomped on the brakes in time and avoided crashing into the car in front. The moment their car stopped, a group of people, who were dressed like hoodlums, alighted from the vehicles around with baseball bats in their hands and surrounded Alexander’s car.

Just as Elise was about to ask them about their identities, Jeremy showed up in the middle of the road, thereafter pushing his way through the crowd to the center. Still dressed in his spoiled-rich-kid attire, he walked up to the car headlights. After confirming that Elise and Alexander were able to see him clearly, he abruptly leapt onto the hood and started to smash at the car using a baseball bat. Alexander and Elise kept an impassive expression as they watched his actions. It was only when Jeremy’s last blow landed on the windshield that Alexander quickly leaned over Elise to protect her. “Let’s get out of the car.” Alexander was worried that the other people Jeremy had brought over would all step onto his car.

If that were to happen, they would be sitting ducks. Elise nodded before she opened the car door from the other side and alighted from the car. After Alexander got out of the car, he went around the vehicle to head to her side. The two of them then stood close to each other, not a hint of fear on their faces. “Jeremy Olson, it seems like you have a death wish.” Murderous intent filled Elise’s eyes. She had initially planned to let him live for a couple of days more, but since he had showed up to seek death, she didn’t mind sending him on a trip to Hell! Standing on the top of the car, Jeremy looked down at them. Her words made him guffaw until he slumped on the top of the car, as though he had heard the joke of the year.

As he cackled like a monkey while holding his tummy, he pointed at both Alexander and Elise and mocked, “You two are hilarious! You are about to die and yet, you are threatening me? This is the funniest joke that I have ever heard all my life! Ha!” Finally, he was tired from all the laughing, so he jumped off the car by holding onto the hood to support himself. Walking up to Alexander, Jeremy looked into the other man’s eyes and provoked, “President Griffith, don’t you call yourself the most outstanding man in Tissote? Why are you in someone else’s trap today?

Not only that, it seems like both you and your fiancée won’t be able to escape here unharmed!” “Is that so?” An unfathomable curvature appeared at the corner of Elise’s lips as she raised her left eyebrow and questioned, “What do you want, then?” Jeremy let out a scoff as he looked at Elise. Swaggering up to her, he brought his face close, so much so that it almost touched hers. “Don’t you understand what I want, hottie? The Griffith Family is now left in the dust. If you follow me, I will guarantee that you will be as happy as a king!” “Do you want to test out how it feels to be as happy as a king?”

Elise asked cryptically. Jeremy revealed a suggestive smile, and his gaze on Elise became even more passionate. “It’s no fun when I’m the only one who’s happy. You have to be with me, of course. That’s when we can have all the fun we want!” “Sure.” Elise agreed without hesitation. The next second, she drew out a silver needle from her sleeve and swiftly jabbed it into Jeremy’s neck.

Jeremy hissed in pain, subconsciously holding the spot where he was jabbed. The next second, he felt something happening to his body, especially in his nether region. It was swelling and it hurt like it was going to explode at any time. Looking at Elise in horror, he shouted, “What did you do to me?!”

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