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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 367

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 367

Elise did not give any response. Instead, two hot tears escaped her eyes and fell on Alexander’s hand. It felt so hot that his heart skipped a beat.

The person before him seemed to have lost her soul. I have to find her! he thought.

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ull yourself together, who will help you to search for the person who harmed Grand

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lose my sense now. Since it’s poison, there must be an antidote or a

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hese years, but he had never seen any symptoms like what Laura was showing a

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Institute of Traditional Medicine. I’ll invite him over and we will

ank you. I don’t feel comfortable leaving this to othe

se was not insulting him, he was still astonis

he tactfully reminded, “However, traditional medicine is a vast and profound subject. You have to be

posure during critical times. Perhaps she was passionate about acupunc

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ily members scrambled to have him treat them and their loved ones; even

cheated people out of their money, a nobody who no one could recognize w

ed his left brow, a depressed look on his fac

mother is one of the two family members tha

u hear what she said? She said that she wants to t

titute of Traditional Medicine dared to announce to the public that

her skills on a patient whose life was at stake. Although they were a family, a

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air was sent to the hospital, she passed out once

rmed about that, he had a complex look in h

de was the most critical one. She would h

d, whereby Elise had saved her life, it mea

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ench in the hallway. She looked to the front with

It was a notification about

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at it, a strong murderous i

ter counted, the amount of money could

uh? Great! I’ve given them an opportunity,

her from afar,

e like this; she was now so cold hearted th

ame to choosing between his mother and Elise

times when he had hesitated. This wa

d only face one consequence, which was to disap

rms around her and took her into his embrace, hopin

t handle my mother

arly knew what had taken place. “I’m not stup

ked, “You have one last chance-do you want to break

sing his face against hers, he whispered in her ear, “Coincidentally, I don

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