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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 366

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 366

“Who are you? What right do you have to stick your nose into other people’s business?” Madeline was powerless in front of Alexander, but she was never afraid of outsiders.

“I’m not qualified to say anything, but at least I know how to be nice to other people. If you want others to do something for you, you must first look at what you have done to others rather than controlling other people’s lives just because you think you are superior.” It was rare for Jeanie to have a clear mind and she didn’t plan to stop her mouth now.

“People usually see themselves in other people. If you’re saying that Elise is plotting something against the Griffith Family, does that mean your initial family was more powerful before you married into the Griffiths?”

“You—” After Madeline’s true intentions were exposed, she was left speechless, so she put on a disdainful look as if she was too noble to argue with her. “Barbarians! You are all barbarians! The truth is there for everyone to see, so I won’t waste my time arguing with you!”

“Enough!” Elise shouted while holding Laura in her arms.

“Alexander, you better take your mother away; otherwise, I can’t promise what will happen to her!” A dark aura seemed to have enveloped her entire body.

Robin and Laura were her absolute limit, so she would never allow someone else to hurt them no matter who they were.

At the moment, Elise looked like a cold and lonely demon that just crawled out of hell, and it was a side of her that Alexander had never seen before.

At that point, he began to feel anxious as he knew that if he didn’t do anything quickly, he would no longer be able to enter Elise’s heart.

Without any hesitation, he grabbed Madeline’s wrist and dragged her out forcefully.

The Griffith Family’s car was parked at the entrance, so he immediately shoved his mother inside and slammed the door shut.

“Send her back home.”

After giving the driver his order, Alexander turned around and ran back into the Sinclair Residence.

Madeline didn’t even have the chance to call out to him, only feeling a sense of loneliness inside her heart.

Sighing, she took out her phone and called Amelia.

*Mrs. Shoal, I’m afraid that I can’t help you.”

“What are you saying, Mrs. Griffith? Don’t tell me that you can’t even help me out on this? Or are you deliberately making excuses to stall me?” Amelia sneered.

“Mrs. Shoal, how could you say that?” Madeline didn’t expect Amelia to bite back at her, and she was rather infuriated. “Do you know that I had a big fight with my son because of you? How could you suspect that I’m stalling you? If I wanted to find an excuse, I wouldn’t have come here to be yelled at by everyone!”

“I’m not interested in you and your son. I only have one thing to say-if anyone dares to touch my son, I won’t hesitate to give my own life to protect him! Mrs. Griffith, I hope you know what you are doing!”

“Hey” Before Madeline could speak, the call ended. Upon seeing that, she angrily threw her phone aside.

I knew I shouldn’t have helped her. Now, I’ve been put in a difficult position!

When Alexander rushed back into the Sinclair Residence, Laura was in a very bad


When he left earlier, she could barely open her eyes but now, her breathing was weak and she looked like she was fading away.

Elise, on the other hand, was holding onto her grandmother tightly, as if she was a little kid who was afraid to let go of her precious toy.

Looking at the situation, Alexander felt an ache inside his heart, and he felt it hard to catch his breath

Then, his phone rang.

“Hello, did you call an ambulance to the Sinclair Residence? There’s a problem. We are blocked by a traffic accident at a nearby intersection and can’t get through for the time being. See if you can find a way to move the patient out!”

“I understand.”

Alexander quickly hung up and stepped forward to carry Laura out of the house.

“Don’t move.” Elise suddenly reached out to grab his wrist with a frightening force. “She can’t stand any bumps for now!”

Just as Alexander approached her, Elise seemed to come to her senses and her pretty eyes flashed with a sharp light. The very next second, she entrusted Laura to Jeanie and rushed into her bedroom.

When she came back, she had a set of needles in her hands.

Elise then laid out the silver needles on the coffee table and turned toward Alexander. “Help me move Grandma here. Be careful.”


He nodded his head, his expression dark.

With a few helping hands, they finally helped Laura to lie flat on the couch, unharmed

Then, Elise skillfully picked out some of the thinnest silver needles on the coffee table before sticking them into Laura’s head and hand.

As soon as she stuck in the last needle, Laura immediately took a deep breath before her eyes gradually opened.

Her cloudy eyes looked stunned for a moment as she turned her head aside to look at everyone. “What happened to me?”

Looking at her, Elise breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re fine, Grandma. We’ll go to the hospital later on to do a detailed check-up.”

I’ve always kept a close eye on Grandma’s lifestyle so logically, she should be strong enough to endure the anger that comes with Madeline’s words.

It was then that Elise suspected that something else was wrong with Laura, but the former couldn’t detect it with just the silver needles and her pulse.

Finally, the ambulance arrived at the scene 20 minutes later.

Robin was still worried, so he followed in the ambulance while Alexander drove Elise and Jeanie, following closely behind.

Originally, they wanted to send Laura to a nearby clinic but since she was now in a better condition, Alexander made the decision to send her to the best hospital in


The attending doctor was Thomas Davis, a long time friend of Alexander’s. After the inspection, Elise and Alexander were both called into his office.

“Old Mrs. Sinclair’s situation is a bit complicated.” Thomas sat at his desk while looking at the report in his hands repeatedly with a tense expression.

“Just tell us what’s wrong,” Elise uttered calmly.

For some reason, Alexander felt that she was acting very abnormally.

Therefore, he instinctively reached out to hold her hand.

The moment he touched her, he couldn’t help but suck in a breath. Her hand is so cold and it seems to be coming from her very blood.

At some point, Elise no longer had any temperature.

Seeing how calm she was, Thomas put down the report in his hands and looked at her seriously, his expression complicated. “We detected a chronic toxin in Old Mrs. Sinclair’s body.”

“She was poisoned?” Elise unconsciously clenched her fists tightly so Alexander did the same, engulfing her entire fist.


Thomas nodded. “The toxin is tasteless. At first, the patient will not have any adverse reaction when it enters the body but when it accumulates over time, the patient’s organs will fail rapidly once the attack occurs.” A moment later, he spoke in a somewhat apologetic tone. “Old Mrs. Sinclair only has six months left at most.”

Immediately, Elise took a big gulp while her eyes turned red.

As her body trembled uncontrollably, she clenched her fists so hard that her nails almost embedded in her flesh.

Alexander felt the unusual movement in his palm, so he quickly released his hand and saw her hurting herself.

“Elise.” He held both her hands in his palms and spoke in an almost pleading tone. “Please calm down. I beg you. Stop torturing yourself!”

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