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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 361

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 361

The statement was like a wake-up call to Amelia.

Based on Alexander’s capabilities, there was no doubt the power in the Griffith Family would eventually end up in his hands.

It meant that even if she could get away with what she did today, her precious son would suffer in the future.

After everything that happened recently, the Olson Family Clan was badly affected.

There was no saying whether they would be able to preserve their position in Tissote even after using up half of the resources that they had previously saved. Hence, it would be sheer folly to go up against the Griffith Family now.

However ambitious Amelia might be, she was still a mother. What wouldn’t she do for her children?

And so, after a long moment of consideration, she swallowed and turned away from the door that she had begun to walk toward. Going up to Elise, she lowered her head and said in a small voice, “I’m sorry. I’m to blame for what happened today.”

Her voice was only slightly louder than a mosquito’s hum.

Having too much fun to let things go just like that, Danny fanned the flames from the sidelines. “I never knew I would be going deaf at such a young age. Did someone say something?”

The Olson cousins’ reputation was known so far and wide that there weren’t many rich young people in Tissote who weren’t afraid of them. However, Danny wasn’t one of those people.

Not only was he unafraid of them, he even wished the two families would have a complete falling out so that he would have free rein to teach both the cousins and this woman a proper lesson.

Whoever touched his people would learn the meaning of death!

Already having put up with the humiliation, Amelia couldn’t help cursing him in her heart for saying such a thing before reluctantly repeating more loudly, “I’m sorry, Miss Sinclair. I shouldn’t have hit you. I hope you’ll be gracious and forgive me!”

That was the most she could do. If they continued to make things difficult for her, then she wouldn’t hesitate to have a fall out with them. At worst, the two families would just fight to the death.

Even though both Elise and Alexander could tell what Amelia was thinking, they didn’t expose her.

Some people did not know the meaning of fear until they had brought calamity upon themselves.

Abruptly, Elise found the enthusiasm to say good-humoredly, “You may leave now.”

The moment Amelia heard that, she turned and left without a second glance.

Unfortunately, what she failed to realize was that although Elise appeared to have spared her, the younger woman actually hadn’t offered a single sentence of forgiveness from start to finish.

No, Elise had planted a ticking time bomb instead.

Death wasn’t scary—the scary part was knowing that you were about to die but not knowing when.

It seemed like the Olson Family Clan had really brought trouble upon themselves now.

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