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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 360

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 360

At this moment, Elise shook her head. “I thought you said you had a conference that had been put off for so long that you had to get it done today. Why are you here


With a sigh, Alexander parted his lips to say with some resignation, “Company affairs are a small matter in comparison to your affairs.”

The answer nearly made goosebumps rise on Danny’s arms. Since when did my brother turn so sappy?

And so, he coughed with his fist raised to his lips.

“Uh… you’re in public. Please watch your image-”

Immediately, Alexander shot him an icy glare, prompting him to mime a zipping movement over his mouth.

Following that, Alexander scooped up Elise’s hand before standing shoulder-to shoulder with her and staring emotionlessly at Amelia.

“You said my mother instigated you to attack Elise. Do you have any proof?”

Cowed by his imposing demeanor, Amelia choked on her own words for a moment before stammering, “I-It’s just idle chatter during our normal get-togethers. Who would make a recording of it? I’m helping you discipline your future wife, Alexander.

Don’t be so ungrateful!”

Ignoring the latter half of her statement, Alexander glared murderously at her before pressing through his teeth, “That means you have no proof. I’m only going to say this once-apologize to her!”

Contemptuously, Amelia sneered, “What grounds does a country bumpkin have to get an apology from me?”

Narrowing his eyes, Alexander told her even more ominously, “On the grounds that she is my fiancée and the future co-owner of the Griffith Group. Assaulting her is an assault on me.

But if you feel that it doesn’t matter whether you offend Griffith Family, then by all means, leave.”

Though Amelia was terrified by Alexander’s demeanor, she still took the chance to say tentatively, “I am your mother’s best friend. How are you going to answer to her if you harm me?”

With an unchanging expression, he peered down at her and answered lightly, “Only one member of Griffith Family will have the final say in the future, and that’s me. Unfortunately for you, I’m not a particularly magnanimous person.”

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