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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 357

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 357

At this moment, Amelia took measure of the woman before her.

The woman was dressed in a plain and simple manner. Her clothing was decent and tasteful, and even her face was ordinary with nothing remarkable about it. It was only that her gaze seemed deep and unruly-Amelia could tell at first glance that the woman was not one to be easily messed with.

However, Amelia wasn’t an easy target to pick on either. Thus, she took control of her emotions and rocked up to Elise in her pair of stilettos.

Since the world wasn’t lacking in gossip, the academic building was packed to the brim with curious onlookers within seconds.

“Elise Sinclair?”

As Amelia was already a tall woman, her heels had allowed her to tower half a head over Elise; currently, she had her chin lifted loftily and was imperiously looking down at Elise.

The Olson Family had been doing well in Tissote all these years. Amelia hadn’t needed to display her arrogant manner to others in a while; in her imagination, her stature was enough to weaken the knees of these country bumpkins.

However, the truth was that Elise had folded her arms across her chest and sneered at Amelia, looking so scornful that she might as well be watching a clown perform at the circus.

The treatment that Amelia had never experienced before irritated her so much that she raised her voice as she repeated, “I asked you whether you were Elise Sinclair.”

With her expression still the same, Elise remained quiet and stared at Amelia for a moment before calmly replying, “Sorry, I don’t speak with strangers. Personal habit.”

The answer made Amelia gasp angrily. Stranger Personal habit? How dare she!

Amelia was the apple of the Olson Family’s eye! How dare this yokel behave like she is above my level!

Elise was as what Madeline had said-truly ignorant to etiquette and ungrateful to her superiors to the point where she spoke rudely to an elder.

Thus, after a moment of thought, Amelia raised a hand before she dropped it to slap Elise’s cheek so hard that Elise’s head turned to one side.

“This is for your disrespect,” she told Elise, narrowing her eyes haughtily, before raising another hand. “And this is for your lack of sense!”

Yet, before the second blow could land on her, Elise had caught hold of Amelia’s wrist.

A surprised Amelia met Elise’s gaze once more only to notice that the previously clear eyes were now filled with a murderous rage. More importantly, Elise’s slender fingers were so powerful that they felt like they were going to snap Amelia’s wrist in half at any second.

“I was careless to let you hit me the first time, but you don’t actually think you could be so lucky, do you?” Elise growled in a bloodthirsty manner.

By now, Amelia was in so much pain that she had scrunched her face. As she gritted her teeth and hissed, she involuntarily leaned into Elise, trying in vain to alleviate the pain in her wrist, while snapping at the bodyguards behind her, “Are you all dead? Hurry up and help me!”

Only then did the bodyguards come to their senses and rush toward Elise.

However, as soon as they arrived closer toward her, she displayed her martial prowess by kicking them both to the ground in succession.

Meanwhile, Addison was rushing downstairs and couldn’t help patting her chest in relief when she saw the two bodyguards on the ground before shouting at the top of her lungs, “Are you okay, Elise?”

After having seen Amelia slap Elise without warning from the upper floors, Addison had hurried downstairs without thinking, only to realize that Elise had single handedly dealt with all three of them.

“I’m fine,” Elise answered slowly as she glanced behind her. “Take a step back, Addy. I don’t want you to get hurt by accident.”

“Okay.” A helpless Addison nodded before retreating into the doorway of the academic building to watch from afar,

Seeing that Elise had dealt with the bodyguards, Amelia surrendered and tossed her shoulder bag onto the floor so that she would have a free hand to grab Elise’s hair.

However, Elise inevitably caught the free hand as well.

She wasn’t in a good mood as of late, so she didn’t feel that she should be blamed for her ruthlessness at this woman’s insistence on staring down the barrel of a gun. After all, if Elise had endured being slapped, what else could the woman get away with?

Thus, she exerted force without mercy, which caused Amelia’s knees to give out beneath her. As she kneeled before Elise, she cried out in pain, “Ow, ow, ow… Help!”

The two previously defeated bodyguards then rose to their feet and wanted to tackle Elise again, only to have her glare menacingly at them as she strengthened her grip on Amelia’s wrists.

Amelia’s wrists had dislocated with a click and it caused her so much pain that she began to cry. “Help me, please! She’s going to kill me! Help me!”

Upon seeing that, the bodyguards no longer had the courage to approach the two women.

By now, even the school security guards had rushed over and were shocked to witness this scene.

They had been told that there were outsiders causing trouble.



Why did it now look like it was a female student who had the upper hand?


Moreover, judging by the student’s demeanor, she was trained in martial arts.

“M-Miss… Please calm down and release the other party. It’s against the rules to pick fights in school! If there’s any quarrel between you both, we can see the dean for mediation. Please don’t make any extreme moves!” a slightly older security guard

advised Elise after summoning the courage.

As she raised her left eyebrow, Elise turned her head to look at him. What on earth is he talking about?

That was when she saw that the spectating students had begun to cheer for her.

“Wow, amazing!”

“F*cking awesome, dude!”

“You go, girl! Hang them out to dry! Give them another left hook!”

She sighed in exasperation and thought, What busybodies. She noticed from the corner of her eyes that on the floor where her classroom was,

her teacher was spectating as well. However, he looked much graver than he had before.

As Elise knew very well, this wasn’t a scene he wanted to witness.

To prevent the situation from deteriorating any further, she finally released Amelia’s wrists.

The moment Elise did so, Amelia lost her balance and toppled heavily onto her dislocated wrists as she had no time to react. The pain made her scream and as large beads of tears rolled down her cheeks in two thick tracks, washing away most of her makeup, her image as a gentlewoman was utterly destroyed.

Biting her lip, she tried her best not to sob in public to preserve the last of her dignity.

Finally, under the accompaniment of the security guards, both of them were taken to the office of Olive Goodman, the university dean.

Because Amelia was in so much pain, a house doctor had to be summoned to reduce the swelling in her wrists before the office could finally regain its peace.

The moment Amelia was finally able to lower her wrists, she began to attack Olive. “So, you’re the dean. Is this what Tissote University students are like? How could they assail such a weak, vulnerable woman like me so brutally and savagely? Is this how your students are taught?

This is assault. I’m going to take both her and your school to court!”

While, at first, she hadn’t thought of how to deal with Elise taking her son to court, she now had a solution. Assault was even worse than slander and harassment, and with this upper hand on Elise, she could make life a living hell for the woman,

After what she experienced, getting Elise to drop the lawsuit wouldn’t be enough.

No-Elise was about to find out the consequences of offending the Olson Family!

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