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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 356

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 356

Jeremy had always been the target of paparazzi because of his status and his behavior. This time around, the news of him and Johan being imprisoned was instantly on the trending page.

Everyone had been guessing the identity of the mastermind who dared to challenge the Olson Family’s dignity.

Meanwhile, all hell broke loose in the Olson Family as well.


“Elise is the one who caused my son to go to jail? Which family is she from?”

“I have no idea,” the policeman replied truthfully in a timid voice.

“I only know that her fiance is Alexander Griffith and he is indeed not an ordinary man.”

As soon as Amelia heard Alexander’s name, she instantly knew who he was.

After all, the circles of the upper-class society were tightly knitted, so everyone knew each other fairly well. Whenever they gathered, they would complain and gossip apart from carrying out some entertainment activities.

From what I have heard from Madeline, I bet Elise is the girl from the countryside who clings onto Alexander and wants to use the Griffith

Family to increase her status. Madeline is usually quite courteous, so she would not easily offend others. I bet it’s Elise who is behind all this. I heard from Madeline that Alexander has been smitten by this countryside vixen. He doesn’t even listen to his mother anymore, as if he is under a spell. Alright. In that case, I will help Madeline to weed the trouble from her family to vent my anger!

“Where is she now?” Amelia asked with a darkened face.

“She is a student of Tissot University, so I think she might be on campus now,” the policeman replied grudgingly.

“Very well.

I want to have a good look at what this vixen looks like.”

With that, she left in her high heels.

At this moment, Elise and Addison were attending their lectures. Just as the lecturer was about to play his powerpoint slides, they heard a shrill woman’s voice.

“Elise Sinclair of the Mathematics Faculty, don’t let me look for you in every classroom and get your *ss out of there!”

Even though Amelia was quite far away, Elise’s name had clearly rang throughout the entire lecture hall.

Elise had always been famous in the university to begin with. Now that someone insulted her with her full name, everyone in her class shifted their attention to look at her.

The lecturer was a well-tempered man who decided to ignore this and he merely tapped on the blackboard to remind the students to pay attention to him.

However, Amelia did not throw in the towel. She had found a loudspeaker somewhere and recorded her voice into it. Then, she repeatedly played the recording throughout the entire campus.

“Elise Sinclair, you b*tch! If you dare to do whatever you like, you should dare to man up to your actions. I dare you to come out to meet me now! Stop hiding there like a coward!”

“Elise Sinclair, you—”

Although Amelia’s insults did not annoy Elise, the lecturer was infuriated. He removed his glasses and threw his notes on the desk as he said in a low voice, “What a menace to our education!”

An annoyed Elise sighed as she took the initiative to stand up. “Sir, I’ll handle this.”

“You don’t have to do that. I will contact the university’s security immediately. We will not allow such progress to be impeded by such behavior!”

However, as he was rather elderly, he forgot to wear his glasses again due to his impatience. Hence, he fumbled around and did not make the call even after a long time.

As Elise could not stand hearing Amelia continuously repeating the word ‘b*tch, she left her seat and walked out of the hall.

By the time she had arrived on the ground floor, she noticed Amelia holding a loudspeaker, along with her bodyguards, as they directed the loudspeakers at the lecture halls.

“Uncultured b*tch.” With that, Elise clucked her tongue.

Although Elise’s voice was quite soft, Amelia seemed to have sensed Elise’s presence and immediately turned around; it was just in time to meet Elise’s careless gaze.

When they locked eyes, they sharply stared down at each other, each refusing to give in to the other.

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