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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 355

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 355

The policeman stopped typing on the keyboard when he heard her request, but he only nodded after a moment of hesitation. “Okay, but give me a minute. I have to exit some applications first.”

He left the desktop homepage open for her along with some applications that required a username and password to login before getting up to give her the seat.

Soon, the sound of her typing on the keyboard was louder than all the other sounds in the lobby as many people’s attention shifted to her.

Although Alexander already knew that she was once a hacker, he was still taken aback by her typing speed.

He had interviewed the head of information security at his company himself, but the person was obviously not on the same level as Elise.

Not long after that, Elise built an external proxy to connect to the automobile’s network and hacked into their internal surveillance camera. Once she had gotten hold of the important scenes, she quietly logged out from the proxy.

After she had finished all that, she turned the monitor to face the crowd and played the video.

In the video, Jeremy had been staring her down as soon as he entered the store. After he sat opposite her, he behaved like a hooligan and looked at her even ruder than before.

In order to make her case, Elise even focused on Jeremy and zoomed in on him, making his lecherous expression clearer to others,

Hence, everyone no longer had their doubts as to who was the one at fault.

“Is it clear for you now, Mrs. Griffith?” Elise impassively looked at Madeline.

Madeline was completely stunned as she did not expect the situation to be completely overturned by Elise in such a short time. Thinking back on how she had forced Elise to take a step back for the Griffith Family only moments ago, she was at a loss for words.

Elise never expected much to begin with and she turned her intelligent yet icy gaze on the policeman. “Is this clear for you as well?”

Her calm tone had completely embarrassed the policeman.

With that, she turned around and prepared to leave.

When she passed by Madeline, she came to a halt and commented in disappointment, “I really don’t understand why as a mother, you refuse to believe in your son’s choice and would rather help the outsiders instead.”

We have to uphold our dignity and pride ourselves. If we keep asking others to protect us, everything will be taken away from us sooner or later.

All this while, Elise had been patient and forgiving toward Madeline only because Madeline was Alexander’s mother.

However, she could no longer force herself to be an obedient girl who would tolerate everything.

She was true to herself, unafraid of any powers or any attacks directed to her.

With that, she started walking out of the lobby at such a quick pace that Alexander had to slightly jog to keep up with her.

Before Elise could even push him away, his large paws had already grabbed her small hands as they walked outside.

Just as she raised her head, she could see his side profile with the perfect jawline from her angle, as if he was the product of an angel. It was enough for her to calm her anxious heart just by looking at him.

Hence, she did not shake him off and allowed him to hold her hand instead.

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