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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 354

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 354

After the policeman heard the rest of the witnesses’ claims, he no longer had any hesitation. His expression darkened as he ordered, “Bring these two liars who committed slander and fraud into jail!”

However, Madeline had arrived in her high heels just as the policeman took out his handcuffs.

“Wait.” She immediately stopped the policeman walking toward Elise.

Then, her gaze swept around the room.

When she saw the two young men from the Olson Family, her expression immediately changed. If I’m not here on time, Alexander is really going to offend the people from the Olson Family for Elise’s sake. I blame it on Cameron! If he told me that Alexander was at the police station from the very beginning, instead of delaying the time and only telling me the truth after I had forced him to, the situation wouldn’t be this intense!

After a moment of silence, Madeline added, “We shouldn’t just rely on word of mouth.

It can’t prove the guilt of either party. I’ve been to the automobile store and I know that there are surveillance cameras where the customers are. Just check the footage and we will know for sure who is at fault here.”

With that, her gaze discreetly swept past Elise.

She was not here to speak up for Elise. However, since Elise was Alexander’s fiancee, her current actions had also concerned the Griffith Family’s reputation.

On top of that, the other party was the most adored young masters from the Olson Family Johan and Jeremy. If this matter was not properly settled, both families could bear a grudge against each other for the rest of eternity.

It was still unconfirmed whether Elise would marry Alexander, but if the relationship between the Olson Family and the Griffiths soured, it would be difficult to repair the damage done.

Once we get hold of the surveillance footage, it’s fine if Elise is really being harassed. If that is not the case, then I have to assert myself as an elder here and minimize the impact of the situation so that it would not reach a bad stage.

Sure enough, the store manager had already thought of this and shrugged nonchalantly. “Unfortunately, the cameras were broken two days ago and since it coincided with our system update, the cameras were not switched on for the past two days. I’m a good citizen, you know. If I had the footage, I would have taken it out long ago. Do I need you to come here to give me such advice?”

Madeline frowned upon hearing that. If there’s no surveillance footage, are we going to just listen to their one-sided story and determine Elise as the guilty party?

She sighed and blamed Alexander for his judgment. I have already told him that Elise is not ideal. She is just treating us as a stepping stone to achieve a higher status.

Now that she knows I don’t approve of her, she’s setting her eyes on the Olson Family. I’m also a woman myself, and I’m sure that I’m not wrong on this. This is not the time to think about this, though. As long as Elise is still Alexander’s fiancee, I have to clean up this mess for them.

With yet another sigh, her expression briefly changed into a smile as she walked to Jeremy and Johan.

“Both of you are the young kids from the Olson Family, aren’t you? I’m Alexander’s mother and I even held you when you were just babies. You can address me as Mrs. Griffith.”

When they both heard that, Jeremy and Johan exchanged gazes and understood what the other person was thinking. What the hell?

Judging from her tone, is she planning to suck up to us?

Madeline continued without any change in her stance, “There’s a good working relationship between the Griffiths and the Olson Family. Personally, I think we shouldn’t ruin the relationship because of a small misunderstanding. Both of you will also take over the family business one day, so you guys should understand that having a friend is better than a foe.”

“You are right, Mrs. Griffith, but I don’t understand what you are implying here,” Johan said blankly.

He deliberately feigned confusion to pretend that he did not understand that Madeline wanted them to make up.

She was not annoyed by them. After all, she was the one asking them to forget about this matter. Then, she humbly and kindly continued, “In that case, I’ll go straight to the point. Elise is my son’s girlfriend, so she’s considered a part of the Griffith Family. If both of you are willing to help us out and forget about this matter, the Griffith Family will definitely remember your efforts.”

Alexander’s expression changed when he heard this and reminded her, “Mom, what nonsense are you saying?”

“You shut your mouth,” Madeline retorted in disgust. “I’m here cleaning up your mess for you, so you and your girlfriend better keep quiet.”

Of course, by ‘girlfriend’, she was referring to Elise, who would never take such an attitude.

She walked to Madeline and coldly asked, “Mrs. Griffith, it has been less than five minutes since you arrived. Are you so sure that I’m the one at fault here?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Madeline lowered her voice to explain, “You are from the countryside, so you don’t know the rules here and I don’t blame you for that. I also don’t object to your relationship with Alexander, but you can’t do anything you like using the name of the Griffith Family. There are some things where you simply don’t insist that you are right.

I’m now teaching you how to interact in an upper-class society. Please remove your judgment where you think that I’m deliberately picking on you again.”

It was true that Madeline was being fair and square this time around. She was doing this for the benefit of the Griffith Family without having any intention to give Elise a hard time.

However, the only flaw in this was that she never stood in Elise’s shoes.

Madeline’s words were like a bucket of cold water that was thrown on Elise. She instantly understood that the greatest obstacle between her and Alexander wasn’t Madeline, but the many rules of society itself.

And she had always hated such rules.

Ever since the Griffith Family started, they had their own unique way of interacting with others.

If her interests were at a conflict with the Griffith Family one day, Elise could see herself being abandoned by Madeline without any hesitation.

That was not what she wanted either.

Elise wanted to live her life courageously.

Then, she took a deep breath and turned to walk to the policeman who had been taking notes on the situation. “Can I borrow your computers for a bit?” she asked calmly.

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