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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 352

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 352

Johan‘s eyes narrowed coldly as he calmly directed the topic at Alexander. “Alexander, your family is not the most powerful family in Athesea. Do you really think that there‘s no one else in the Olson Family to back me up and that I‘m such an easy target to be bullied?”

Alexander‘s expression remained indifferent. “You are wrong. It‘s my fiancee who wants to play by the law now. If I were to bully you, you won‘t even have the time to react,” he replied impatiently.

“You—” Johan was so furious that he was stumped. “We have already taken a step backwards. We would be perfectly fine to apologize, but since you guys are so unforgiving, our family will join the fight until the very end!”

When he saw both parties sizing each other up from the beginning, the policeman said timidly, “Miss Sinclair, since both young masters from the Olson Family have already realized their mistakes and are willing to apologize with some compensation for you, why don‘t you also take a step back and stop giving them a hard time?”

Elise turned around to look at the policeman without any expression in her eyes. “So, in your words, if they apologize, I must accept it?” she calmly asked.

“What I‘m saying is that it‘s a good thing to know one‘s mistakes and repent. Everyone should have the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and we should be more generous with others.”

Generous? You are clearly asking me to take the treatment silently.

Without even lifting her head, Elise retorted, “I‘m sorry. I was never taught to be generous with people who are rude to me. Haven‘t you heard that women are usually unforgiving and petty? Unfortunately for you, I‘m such a woman.”

“Fine! I have finally witnessed how well you are with words!” the policeman bellowed. He had never been spoken to in such a way, so he couldn‘t care less about his boss‘ reminder as he was now overwhelmed with anger. “Since that‘s the case, let‘s go by the law then. You said you were harassed, but where is your witness? The other girl? She is your friend, so she wouldn‘t be the witness. If there isn‘t any new evidence, you better be prepared to be sued for defamation and fraud!”

How dare an insignificant policeman determine the authenticity of a witness‘ words!

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