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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 347

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 347

When the sales manager saw Elise calling the police, he steadied himself and calmed down as he walked toward Jeremy. “Mr. Olson, I‘m really sorry that this incident has ruined your mood today. I wonder whether you could give us a hand here and just let things slide.”

Jeremy pulled a long face and nodded. “Since you have made such a request, I‘ll stop pursuing this matter.”

“Thanks for your understanding, Mr. Olson.”

“It seems like you guys are still unclear about the current situation.” Elise‘s voice suddenly rang. “It‘s his decision to stop pursuing this matter, but I have already called the police. No one can leave before they arrive.” There are simply too many good–for nothings recently. Now that he has offended me. I have to teach him a lesson so that I can have peace of mind. Otherwise, my eyes would be polluted if I meet him again.

As soon as she finished speaking, two policemen walked into the store and looked at the crowd before asking in a sonorous voice, “Who called the police just now?”

“It‘s me,” Elise loudly replied.

The policeman walked to her and took out a notebook to make notes as he asked, “You called us to report sexual harrassment?”

“That‘s right,” she answered firmly.

“Sexual harrassment?” The sales manager immediately frowned after he heard that. If the news spread out, no one would come to our store again! “Good day, Officer. I‘m the manager of this store and I can prove that the young lady here is just making stuff up. She is trying to make a scandal of our current car exhibition and they are deliberately sabotaging our business. Please, bring her back to educate her!”

The policeman was annoyed to see them bickering and wanted to bring all the involved parties back to the police station. “Each of you have your own reasons to defend yourselves. Now, who should I listen to? All of you, follow me back to the police station now!”

Elise could tell that the sales manager‘s face immediately paled, so she gave a slight smile before casually asking the policeman, “Excuse me, may I know which precinct are you from?”

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