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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 346

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 346

“Young lady, just give up on the thought of speaking to the store owner. To tell you the truth, my commands would equate to being from the owner himself. You can‘t afford to offend Mr. Olson, so if you are smart enough, you should immediately leave and stop making a scene here.” When he noticed that Elise didn‘t take his advice, the sales manager forwent his manners and immediately became anxious.

I have nothing to be afraid of. With Jeremy supporting me, it‘s impossible that I would be threatened by these two girls

As Elise remained silent, the sales manager shrugged. “You have already affected our business by making a scene here. Believe it or not, I can send you to the police station right away!”

He became even more arrogant as time went by, for he was sure that Elise and Miller were merely pretending to locate the store owner to look impressive.

Miller, who had been observing the situation all this while, waved the phone in her hand and said grimly, “I have already recorded everything and I can upload it online at any time. Let‘s show the netizens and let them decide who‘s right.”

The moment he heard that, the sales manager was momentarily stunned before a harsh expression took over his face. He immediately tried to catch Miller to snatch the phone from her.

Right at this moment was a sturdy woman‘s voice ringing at a normal volume. “If that‘s the case, let‘s call the police.”

The crowd looked over at the source of the sound and saw Elise holding her phone up high to indicate that she was currently on a call with 110.

At the same time, her lips were slightly twitched into a smile that did not reach her eyes. My grandmother told me that if I‘m not the reason for the trouble, don‘t be afraid to make a scene. I‘ll make sure that he suffers 100 times worse when it comes to bullying me!

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