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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 343

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 343

‘What forum:‘ Elise was confused.

Moments after she replied to Addison, she immediately received a link from Addison.

In addition to the logo and symbol of Tissote University, there was an additional link to the website that was appended.

The moment she clicked on it, she could see the topic College Entrance Examination Scholar Plagiarized on Mathematics Competition‘ trending at number 1 on the main page.

The topic was not even up for a day, but there were already thousands of users joining the conversation, including students from Tissote University, the alumni and even parents.

The one who started the conservation was someone bearing the name ‘Vigilante‘as their username. In his post, he accused Elise of plagiarizing the work of a famous mathematician, which earned her the approval for the scholarship.

The person even tagged the mathematician and requested Tissote University to seriously handle the situation.

It was clear that the person was going after Elise.

A sense of coldness and ruthlessness swam in her eyes when staring at the big words Vigilante! Everything is coming after me all at once. Great. I was about to do something about it anyway. Now, I can settle everything in one go.

She wanted to see exactly who was behind the username=Vigilante.

Alexander had noticed a change in Elise‘s expressions and asked, “Do you need my help?”

She closed her phone and stared straight ahead. “No, I can handle this myself”

Her answer came with courage and certainty, as if the entire world was always against her.

Without saying much, Alexander drove Elise to the faculty‘s office building and went straight to the girl‘s dorm afterward.

At the moment, Miller was sleeping in the dorm. When she received his call, she quickly went down in her messy hair and a pair of flip–flops.

Since she had just woken up from sleep, she walked toward Alexander and spoke to him with a bad temper, “Boss, can you please notify me in advance if you want to surprise me? Bodyguards are humans too!”

Alexander‘s limousine and his charming appearance had already attracted a lot of attention. Now that Miller was standing in front of him in a thin sexy strap–top, the girls on the upper floor of the dorm couldn‘t help but crane their necks and create a series of gossips on their possible love story.

“You are now on overtime, so I‘ll double your pay.” He was never stingy when it came to his own subordinate. Then, he went straight to the point. “Elise is currently at the faculty‘s office building. Please change your clothes and check on her.”

Although she was reluctant to comply, Miller‘s life principle was to never decline any sort of opportunity to earn more money. She initially didn‘t wish to go through any fuss, but after knowing that she would be paid double, she quickly waved her hand and agreed. “Noted. I‘ll head there right now.”

On the other side, Elise knocked on Professor Merlin‘s door

Knock! Knock!

“Professor Merlin, it‘s me.”

“Come in,” he uttered in a deep voice.

As soon as she came in, she could see all the higher–ups of the school in the room, including the principal and Olive. However, she wasn‘t familiar with the other two whom she only recognized as professors in the Mathematics Faculty

Elise bowed to greet them before looking at Professor Merlin. “Professor Merlin, is there anything I can help you with?”

He nodded and sincerely answered, “Elise, you know I always think highly of you as a student.”

She wasn‘t surprised what he meant after browsing through the forum, so she gave a polite smile and replied, “You don‘t have to beat around the bush.”

As he was shocked by her uprightness, he slightly nodded and turned around to pick up two sheets of paper under his file before laying them flat on the desk.

A calm Professor Merlin then asked, “This is your calculation for the mathematics questions back then. Can you check whether it is yours?”

Elise glanced at the paper and maintained her composure. “Yes.”

“I remembered that you told me that you solved these questions alone without any guidance.”

“That‘s right.” She followed up with a faint smile.

“Then, that settles it. This question was from the scholar, Adrian Cole. He has personally admitted that there is only one person who has been able to solve this question ever since it was first formulated because it has a highly complicated solution. When comparing his solution to Miss Sinclair‘s, we can see that she has simplified the solution to a point where it is completely different!”

“Okay,” an indifferent Elise murmured.

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