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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 341

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 341

For some reason, Elise‘s heart ached when she saw a helpless Jeanie on the ground.

With concern etched on her face, she walked over to help Jeanie to her feet. “Mrs. Anderson, are you hurt?”

However, Jeanie was in such a daze that she had almost mistaken Elise as the late Yoona, so she shook her head in disappointment and apologized, “Elise, I‘m sorry to cause you all this trouble.”

Elise felt bad after hearing those words. “This is no trouble at all. If you don’t mind, you and Old Mrs. Anderson can stay in the Sinclair Residence for a few more days.”

“Really?” Jeanie‘s face brightened as she hugged Elise‘s arm.

After patting Jeanie on the back of her hand as a sign of assurance, Elise looked at Bertha and asked, “Old Mrs. Anderson, what do you think?”

Since Jeanie had psychiatric issues, Bertha was the one who made all the decisions.

Even though Bertha would love to stay, she found herself in a difficult position. Although Faye is a b*tch, she is right about something. Since she has taken over the Anderson Family, the enterprise that our ancestors have built will all be destroyed if it‘s left aside to rot.

A mere glance was enough for Elise to comprehend that Bertha couldn‘t abandon the Anderson Family‘s enterprise. I hate scumbags like Faye and Johan anyway. Once I‘m done teaching them a lesson, I won‘t mind returning the Anderson Family‘s enterprise to Old Mrs. Anderson, but of course, it depends on whether she is willing to accept my help.

After listening to Elise‘s offer, Bertha was only more hesitant.

When Faye heard that Elise was willing to allow the two elders to stay, her beautiful eyes were instantly filled with murderous intent as she gritted her teeth in anger and warned, “Miss Elise, this is my family‘s matters, so I hope that you can stay away from it. What rights do you have to keep my mother and my grandmother at your own house?”

Robin refused to see Elise being bullied, so he slammed his crutches on the floor a few times to make a thumping sound and retorted, “Even if Elise has no rights to do so, what rights do you have after harming and disrespecting your own mother? The two of them are grown adults, so they have the right to decide where they want to stay. A young girl like you shouldn‘t have any say in this!”

The moment he said those words, the atmosphere in the Sinclair Residence instantly changed as Faye felt a huge pressure above her.

She quickly scanned the house and squinted her eyes before answering in a faint tone, “It seems like the Sinclairs have decided to go against me. Am I right?”

“Although we sometimes shy away from trouble, we are not scared to lend a helping hand whenever we see any injustice. Miss Anderson, before you take these two away with you, let‘s talk about how you‘ll explain to the police that the driver and bodyguards you hired had tried to take the women‘s lives!” Laura roared after being silent for such a long time.

Her words stabbed Faye deep in her heart, which left her startled. However, she was able to quickly regain her composure. “There is no need for me to explain anything to you. I only have one question to ask. Will you let them go?”

“Hmph.” Robin and Laura sounded their disapproval and simultaneously tilted their heads to the side—a sign that they were not willing to give up.

Meanwhile, Elise felt a warmth inside her heart after seeing how her grandparents stood up to the injustice. Even so, she didn‘t want them to be involved in the trouble that she had brought to herself. Therefore, she suggested, “Since Mrs. Anderson and Old Mrs. Anderson had suffered today, how about you allow them to stay at the Sinclair Residence for the night? I‘ll send them to you myself tomorrow. What do you think, Miss Anderson?” One night is enough for me to do all the things I want.

As Faye thought about it, she felt that there was nothing they could do in one night, and if worse comes to worst, she could just ask someone to constantly monitor the Sinclair Residence. However, right before she could respond, she was interrupted by Bertha‘s words.

“There‘s no need for that!” Bertha firmly shouted. “I‘ll go back with you, but Jeanie will stay here. Your mother isn‘t in a condition to do anything at the moment. All you need is me.”

After listening to her suggestion, Faye was delighted since she would be able to stay close to her grandmother without having to deal with Jeanie.

However, Jeanie immediately rejected the idea when she heard that Bertha was about to sacrifice herself. “Mom, you can‘t go with her!”

“Stay here and remember this. I won‘t allow you to lose your life in front of me!” Bertha had already made up her mind as she patted the back of Jeanie‘s hand before quickly releasing her grip. Then, she turned to leave.

Jeanie wanted to chase her, but she was stopped by Elise.

She could tell that Bertha was sacrificing herself to secure Jeanie‘s life by not allowing Jeanie to set foot into the now dangerous Anderson Residence.

Faye left right after Bertha.

Elise then personally arranged for Jeanie to stay in the guest room beside her bedroom. “Mrs. Anderson, you can stay here for the next few days. If there‘s anything you need, I‘ll go and buy them for you tomorrow.”

“Good girl, I don‘t need anything.” Jeanie was so casual and easy to get along with that she could suppress her displeasure whenever she faced any inconveniences, showing her inherent ladylike temperament.

Elise replied with a giggle. Even though she wanted to chat with Jeanie more, she felt pressed for time, so she simply used an excuse to leave. “I have some things to attend to and you should get some rest too. I‘ll be back to check on you.”

“Go ahead. Don‘t worry about me.” Jeanie didn‘t ask for more as she was grateful to be able to see Elise a few more times.

After that, Elise left her room and went to her bedroom before taking out her dusty computer.

She initially only wanted to fulfill her grandparents‘ dream of witnessing her building her own family and career as well as living a normal life, but by the looks of it now, she realized it wasn‘t an easy task to live a peaceful life. Looks like I can‘t escape from my former profession after all.

Being someone obsessed with cleanliness, she used a piece of wet tissue to wipe away the dust that had piled up on the laptop casing until she could see the logo. Then, she pressed the power button with satisfaction.

There was no password or icon on the desktop.

After Elise typed something on the keyboard, an autorun interface suddenly popped up on the computer screen a few minutes later with the word ‘login‘ at the center.

Meanwhile, in the office of an investment building far away, Nathan was casually holding a cup of latte when a login notification popped up on his computer screen as well.

It wasn‘t a big deal until he noticed the login icon–a capital A. He was so shocked

that he nearly spilled his latte on himself.

“A?!” Nathan‘s jaw dropped at the idea of the mysterious master in stocks–A resurfacing after 6 years.

He quickly entered the chat box and sent a message through a special code: ‘Is this you, My beloved A?”

On the other side, a resigned Elise sighed at the text that slowly appeared on her screen. It has been 6 years, but he‘s still so childish.

She wasn‘t in the mood to chat with him, so she went straight to the point. ‘Are you interested in having a go at Cittadel‘s market?‘

The Olson Family was a listed company and they had joined the stock market for earnings a long time ago. Ever since Faye had gained power in the Anderson Family, she quickly followed their footsteps and joined the world of stocks.

Elise rationalized, To completely defeat them, I must attack them from the stock market. If I must do this, I must do it cleanly and swiftly.

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