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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 340

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 340

Since Elise knew who she was, there was no reason for her to just stand by and watch.

Therefore, she quickly went up to Bertha and identified herself as she was afraid that the old lady was dizzy. “Old Mrs. Anderson, do you still remember me? We met before at the Anderson Residence.”

“I remember you! You are that lovely girl!” Bertha exclaimed while she tightly held onto Elise‘s arm.

She had already recognized Elise the moment the latter emerged from the car. If she didn‘t know about Elise‘s personality, why would a ragged old lady like her even dare to ask for help? Oh no! I forgot about Jeanie!

As soon as Bertha thought about Jeanie in the car, she immediately dragged Elise to take a look at the rear compartment of the vehicle. “Good girl, please save me and my daughter–in–law!”

Elise didn‘t resist and allowed herself to be dragged all the way to the rear end of the car as she craned her neck to see what was going on inside. Sure enough, she instantly saw Jeanie whom she met the last time, but Jeanie was now being trapped by a muscular man.

Judging from the situation, Elise had remained still as she thought there was no point for them to wrestle in such a small space. Meanwhile, as Alexander had already gained the upper hand and defeated the two other men, she suddenly had an idea. She squinted her eyes and shouted a warning, “Your partners have already left you and the police will be here soon. Do you really want to fight with them while being trapped here?”

Even though the man had received payment to kill these two women, he was instructed in advance to do so with secrecy, so he could never allow himself to be apprehended by the police. He had wanted the money badly, but he wasn‘t ignorant about his situation, so he quickly pushed Jeanie away and escaped from the car door.

Although the crowd was angered by what the man had just done, it wasn‘t to the point where they would sacrifice themselves for justice, so after halting him for a few seconds, they finally released him when they saw how vicious he looked.

After making sure that the man was gone, Elise released Bertha and went to ask Jeanie about her situation. “Mrs. Anderson, are you alright?”

Even though Jeanie was still in a state of shock, she nodded her head and answered, “I‘m fine. Don‘t worry about me.”

Elise brought the two women back to her home after much trouble.

Robin had always been enthusiastic toward visitors and after hearing what Jeanie and Bertha experienced, he made some hot tea to calm them down. “Please forgive me. It‘s not some fancy tea,” he said embarrassedly while Elise served them the tea.

“What are you talking about? We were only able to escape danger today thanks to the granddaughter that you both raised.” Bertha received her cup of tea and downed it instantly. Due to the critical situation that she experienced earlier, her heart was still racing

When Elise saw how outright Bertha was, she took the initiative to fill Bertha‘s cup with tea again and asked, “I think I saw that driver before. Isn‘t he a driver for the Anderson Family? Why would he–”

The moment Elise mentioned the driver, Bertha was instantly enraged as she waved her hand and said resignedly, “It‘s hard for me to know. All I can say is that it is a disgrace to our family!”

“I understand that every family has their problems. If you don‘t wish to talk about it, we won‘t force you to.” Robin was experienced enough to know the schemes and plots in most elite families, but he wasn‘t willing to inquire about another family‘s affairs. Sometimes, knowing too much might not be a good thing.

“I‘m fine with talking about it. I just hope that you won‘t laugh after hearing what happened.” A tired Bertha shook her head while glancing at Jeanie next to her. At the moment, the eyes of the two women were filled with helplessness and despair.

Without waiting for the Sinclairs to respond, Bertha began explaining the whole situation, “What happened in the Anderson Family is no secret to everyone in Tissote. My husband and son passed away at an early age, leaving us two women to support the family, but sadly, my daughter–in–law suffered a trauma back then, causing her to be mentally unstable. Since she was unable to take on any responsibilities, the company fell onto the only hope in our family, who is my granddaughter–Faye. It was something reasonable for us to do at that time, but we never expected her to harbor evil intentions. When I found out that she is dealing with others behind our backs and is about to destroy the hundred–year foundation our family built, I tried to stop her, but it only made her more desperate to get rid of the two of us..”

While quietly listening to her story, Elise nodded her head in agreement from time

to time. As expected, only a monster would fall in love with a man like Johan. I always thought that Johan is already the pinnacle of evil, but I never expected them to be in cahoots with each other.

She tightly clenched her fists as she couldn‘t wait to teach Faye and Johan a lesson.

“B*stard!” Robin was so enraged that he raised his cane and banged it on the floor multiple times. “How could one do such a cruel thing to the elders who raised them?”

While listening to them, Laura couldn‘t help but sigh constantly. It‘s terrible that their own child is doing this to them. Although Elise isn‘t related to us by blood at all, she always treats us well. Compared to Bertha and Jeanie, Robin and I should thank the gods for this blessing.

Once Bertha released all her emotions, it felt as though a dam had been broken down and she could no longer control herself. As her eyes became wet, she hastily lifted her sleeves to wipe away the teardrops from the corners of her eyes.

Elise felt really bad as she looked at Bertha, but there was nothing she could say. The only thing she could do was to remember all this and avenge the older folks by teaching those two terrible people a lesson.

After thinking about it, she suddenly couldn‘t wait to do something, so she said goodbye to the elders in a hurry. “Grandma, Grandpa, you all can continue talking. I need to head to my room to do something.”

“Alright,” Robin replied.

Then, Elise nodded her head at Bertha and Jeanie to say her goodbyes.

Just as Elise was about to return to her room, she immediately saw the uninvited Faye the moment she turned around.

“Miss Sinclair, long time no see. Do you still remember me?” Faye came into the house.

Without answering Faye, Elise thought whether it was time to hire two bodyguards for Robin and Laura; otherwise, other people would think that the Sinclair Residence was some place that anyone could simply wander in.

The moment Faye walked in the door, she initially ignored Bertha and Jeanie. Instead, she turned toward the two elders of the Sinclair Family and respectfully said, “You two must be Old Master Sinclair and Old Mrs. Sinclair. I can see that you two are remarkable people. No wonder Miss Sinclair has been properly raised and I really envy her.”

“Thank you for your praise.” Robin moved his head to one side and replied to her cynically, “It‘s all because Elise is a hard–working girl. It has nothing to do with us, but if you want to learn something from us, we‘ll gladly teach you a thing or two. At least we still remember what our ancestors have taught us.” He was indirectly accusing Faye of being ungrateful and disrespectful to her elders.

Of course Faye understood the meaning behind his words, but instead of being enraged, she smiled and pretended to act dumb. “I definitely want to get the chance to learn from you, but I‘m afraid that today is not the day. My mom and grandma had an accident today and suffered a lot of shock. I have to bring them back so that the doctors can check if they‘re alright.” After that, she stepped forward and forcefully grabbed Bertha‘s arms. Ignoring her resistance, Faye dragged Bertha outside with force while her face revealed a threatening smile. “Grandma, I think you should go back with me. Without you and Mom, the Anderson Family‘s huge enterprise will lose its backbone and I can‘t support it alone!”

As soon as Jeanie saw Faye, she was weirdly angered as she ran over to hit Faye. “Let her go, you good–for–nothing little fox. Let her go!”

Faye wasn‘t able to block her with one hand, so she released Bertha for the time being before pushing Jeanie away. “Are you crazy?”

When Jeanie fell on the floor, Faye glared at her and tidied her messy hair while gritting her teeth. At the moment, she had completely lost that image of a noble lady when she first entered the door.

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