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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 339

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 339

Many things had happened at school in the past few days. Perhaps it was not the right time to return. Hence, she decided against going back to school for the time being.

Not to mention, she had to deal with Johan. There were some things she had to prepare for.

As Alexander steered the vehicle, he couldn‘t help but peek at her expression from the side of his eyes through the rearview mirror.

She seemed to be in a trance. She even looked colder than she sounded on the phone earlier.

Seeing that, Alexander felt upset inside. He had made the effort to find Cedric to let her know that true love existed. After witnessing that kind of scene, she should have recollected faith in relationships. So, she wasn‘t supposed to be as nonchalant as she was now.

What went wrong?

Alexander couldn‘t figure it out. As he was deep in thought, a car that was going in the forward direction bumped into the rear of his vehicle. At once, he stepped on the brakes and stopped his car steadily.

“Are you okay?” Not concerned about his own safety, Alexander quickly unfastened his safety belt before turning over to check if Elise was hurt.

As the two vehicles simply brushed each other, she only felt a minor jerk in the car. Shaking her head, she reassured him. “I‘m fine. We should get out to apologize and compensate them.”

Right turns were not allowed here. However, Alexander turned right when he was in his train of thoughts. Therefore, he was responsible for the accident.

“No, there‘s no need. Just get down the car and wait a little while for me. I‘ll stop the car by the roadside and let Cameron take over.” It wasn‘t every day that he could spend some time alone with her. Thus, he didn‘t want to waste it on trivial matters as such.

Earlier, he should‘ve been more careful. Fortunately, Elise was fine. Otherwise, he wouldn‘t know how to face her.

A man who couldn‘t even drive properly didn‘t have the qualifications to take up the responsibility of their future.

Meanwhile, she was still figuring out ways to defeat the Olson Family. Without thinking much, she unbuckled the seat belt before opening the door of the car. Then, she made a beeline to the roadside to wait.

When she got down, the driver of the car behind was already knocking on Alexander‘s window. After some discussion between the two, Alexander rolled down the window to ask her to get back into the car. “Let‘s go. They don‘t wish to ask for compensation. Let‘s clear the road for them quickly.

It made her feel that something was fishy. When she got out of the car, she noticed that the car that bumped into theirs wasn‘t cheap. The repairing fees would easily go up to ten thousand. Moreover, Alexander was clearly in the wrong. Hence, it was a closed case.

Not to mention, Alexander was in a rush. If they asked for more than necessary, he might even agree. Why would the opponent give up such a huge amount of money?

At that thought, she turned over to look at the car behind.

The two cars were still in the position where they collided. Hence, the car wasn‘t very far away from her. From where she stood, she could somehow see how many people were seated in the car.

There was only the driver sitting in the front, while the back seat was filled with a bunch of silhouettes. It looked like there were three or four people. Obviously, they were squeezing there.

That doesn‘t look right, Elise thought. With the ability to get a driver, the owner must wish for a comfortable ride. Why would they squeeze together when there was an empty seat in the front?

Just as she felt that something was off, she suddenly heard a muffled noise from the back of the car. It sounded as if someone was kicking around from the inside.

Lately, there had been a lot of news on kidnapping incidents of young girls. When Elise was looking through Johan‘s entertainment circle gossip, she saw two postings on missing persons.

With Alexander‘s car blocking the way, the car behind couldn‘t leave. Since they were in public, nothing too bad could happen if she checked it out.

After contemplation, she ignored Alexander‘s calling before making her way toward the trunk of the gray BMW.

Just as she tried to open the door, the driver suddenly pointed at her before calling out in a fierce tone, “Hey! What are you doing?!”

If he has nothing to hide, why would he be so anxious? That was Elise‘s thoughts exactly.

The next moment, she pressed on the button to open the door.

At the same time, the man in the car locked the car doors.

Therefore, no matter how much force she used, the car door was not budging.

Seeing that she was trying so hard for nothing, the man inside rolled the window down slightly before showing her a middle finger—it was his way of telling her to mind her own business.

Immediately, that ticked her off. At once, she threw her bag away before exclaiming in the streets, “Help! These people kidnap girls! Come catch the human traffickers!”

Due to the initial accident, there had been some traffic build–up behind. The drivers were all waiting outside their cars, hoping that they could leave soon. Once they heard ‘human traffickers, it was easy to relate it to the recent news reports. In no time, they courageously came forward to the car.

Seeing that things were getting out of control, the driver of the BMW quickly walked up to try and take Elise away. “I‘m warning you. Don‘t you spew nonsense! Your car was the one that hit my car! I was kind enough to not ask you to pay me back, so what more do you want?!”

However, she was having none of that as she persisted, “Really? Why do I feel like you‘re hiding something? Since we‘re responsible, and your car is so expensive, why are you in such a rush to leave without getting compensation? You must be hiding something illegal in your car. Don‘t you guys think so?!”

“Indeed!” The people hated human traffickers the most. Hence, she was getting a lot of backups. Some of the people even had their fists clenched as they were ready to fight.

Seeing that the driver couldn‘t even deal with a woman, a macho man in the car pushed the door open and was about to hit Elise. But before his hand touched her, Alexander appeared in the nick of time and kicked him, sending him flying off.

At this moment, an old lady came out of the car trunk of the BMW in a haste. Before she could even stabilize her footing, she wailed, “Help! Call the cops! Will anyone save this old lady here?!”

After getting a closer look, Elise found out that it was none other than Bertha Jenkins.

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