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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 338

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 338

Though Elise didn‘t mean it that way, she could not help but make a comparison upon hearing what Alexander said.

The love that she desired was a love that would last long. Those who chose to give up halfway were all fake love. To her, it was not being together at all or being together forever.

Humans changed too quickly nowadays. So, she just couldn‘t judge a person‘s changed character based on love––a feeling that could not be seen or touched.

Perhaps she would end up with a situation like Janice’s—closer than ever the first moment, yet could not wait to end her life in the next.

Suddenly, it reminded her of a saying that implied blood–related bond was always more solid than that of non–blood–related. When a couple got married, there would always be some distance between them as they weren‘t bonded by blood—even though they were already a family. Did she really want to get to that point with Alexander?

“Why are you not speaking?” Feeling that she was a little distracted, Alexander halted his steps.

He had a bad feeling that this incident with Johan was making her lose hope in love.

“Elise.” Alexander called out to her softly before continuing in a gentle tone, “I‘m not going to say anything to sugarcoat the situation, but please give me a chance. See how I‘ll do. You don‘t have to push me to a dead end so quickly. Can you do that?”

A little dazed, Elise nodded as she listened to the call on her phone. “Alright.”

After saying that, she hung up the phone call.

Alexander was hoping to listen to her voice longer, but the beeping sound signified that the call had already ended. As he exited the phone call information page to the home page of his phone, he felt a little upset.

Johan Olson was a shame to all men.

It seemed that Alexander had to free up some time aside from going up against Matthew to deal with that fella!

At that thought, Alexander lowered his head before swiping his phone screen again. With his eyes locked at the name ‘Cameron, he made a phone call.

“Tell the Andersons that I‘ll accept their invitation,” he said.

“Okay. Is there anything else?” Cameron asked politely.

“Nothing. Focus on Matthew for now. Other things are unimportant.”

At this moment, his head was filled with the desire to see Elise. All of a sudden, he recalled the day at the opening ceremony of her school. He bumped into Elise who was dealing with his driver—and that gave him an idea. At once, he picked up his phone before getting into his car to head to the Garcias.

After two hours, Janice was declared to be out of the dangerous state. She was then moved into a normal ward.

Not only was her fetus gone, but she‘d also even have to work harder if she wished to bear a child in the future.

All the while, Elise stayed in the ward. Janice had regained consciousness not long after the operation, but she didn‘t say anything. She simply stared at the ceiling as tears escaped from the side of her eyes. It was wetting the bedsheets, but she didn‘t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Though Elise didn‘t agree on many things that Janice did, she still felt heartbroken seeing how Janice seemed to be suffering.

“Stay strong. You will get another baby in the future. Fortunately, you‘re still alive. You will be able to get everything you want in the future as long as you don‘t do anything stupid anymore,” Elise consoled as she patiently wiped the tears off Janice‘s face. .

However, no matter what she said, Janice stayed lying there like a rag doll that was lifeless. She simply lay there without budging and reacuing.

The pressuring atmosphere was giving Elise a headache. Hence, she got up, wanting to go out and get some fresh air.

Just as she turned back, she saw a man with a large build and a face full of facial hair standing outside with a worried expression.

Upon realizing that Elise was looking at him, he quickly hid away.

Feeling odd, she walked over and opened the door. The man didn‘t leave; he was standing by the door where she couldn‘t see.

Though the man seemed to have a rough edge on the outside, he gave people a feeling that he was dependable. The positive energy he had on him couldn‘t be covered by his facial expression as he naturally gave off an earnest vibe.

“Who are you looking for?” Elise asked politely.

“I‘m Cedric Adams. I‘m the bodyguard of Janice‘s father,” Cedric introduced himself as he took a glance into the ward. Obviously, he was very worried. “How… is Janice now?”

“She‘s not in any danger, but she has to stay in the room and rest up for some time,” Elise replied. She then asked, “Did Janice‘s father send you? Why did he not come over himself?”

“N–No..He quickly denied before stuttering, “I’m just worried about Miss Garcia, so I came. Mr. Garcia doesn‘t know about this.”

“Oh?” Elise didn‘t understand. “Since you said that you‘re just the bodyguard, you must not be very close to Janice. Now, she needs people to take care of her. You‘re not the most suitable candidate for that. Do you happen to know if she has other friends? Preferably girls. It‘ll be easier that way.”

“I get your gist, Miss Sinclair. I will find two helpers later. I won‘t make more trouble for you. However, please watch over Miss Garcia before they come. I hope that she won‘t do anything silly,” he said with a serious expression.

“That‘s not a problem,” Elise promised. She couldn‘t suppress her curiosity, so she asked, “But why should I trust you? I don‘t even know if you‘re really a bodyguard. How can I leave Janice in your hands?”

“I have identification!” Immediately, he fished out a green police officer identification card. On the first page, there was an official stamp and a picture.

Taking a quick look, Elise deemed that it looked real enough.

“You don‘t have to worry now.” Cedric offered a smile.

“Well, I‘ll try.” Elise nodded.

“Alright, I‘ll go prepare then. Please hang in there for a while longer. I‘ll bring people to take over soon.”

After saying that, Cedric left the clinical ward.

The next time he came back was an hour later.

When he came back, he had brought over four ladies. One of them was in charge of cooking, another in cleaning, while the other two would help Janice in showering and going to the washroom.

Standing in the hallway, Elise watched as Cedric told the ladies about Janice‘s habits and preferences. Seeing the scene, Elise had her suspicions.

“Miss Garcia is a little germaphobic. When you change her sheets and help her with showering, please do it diligently. As for the cooking part, she doesn‘t like food that‘s sweet, but she likes flavorful dishes, especially western food. However, now that she‘s recuperating, it‘s better to not cook anything spicy…”

In no time, the ladies were given a quick brief and started to work. Quickly, they started to do their job in and outside of the ward.

However, the person who directed everything had not made an appearance in front of Janice. He simply stayed outside in the hallway as he monitored everything that was going on.

Once, Elise noticed how Cedric seemed to be upset and down at times as he looked at Janice who was lying in bed. It was shocking to see how a strong man immediately turned soft and hesitant when it came to Janice.

At that moment, a realization dawned upon Elise. Cedric knew about all of Janice‘s likings so clearly down to the details. What else would it be if it wasn‘t that she had his heart?

Someone was willing to self–destruct for Janice.

Suddenly, Cedric got out of the trance and shifted his gaze. At that moment, his eyes met that of Elise, who was watching him. Noticing that his secrets were probably out, he was caught off guard. He then looked away before lowering his gaze.

Without beating around the bush, Elise asked, “You like her. You like Janice, don‘t you?”

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