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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 337

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 337

Standing by the entrance of the washroom, Miller stopped and turned back. Staring at Elise who was leaving the restaurant, she silently made a phone call to Alexander.

Seeing that the call concerned Elise, he picked up the call almost immediately. “What is it?”

“Miss Sinclair is a little busybody,” Miller said in a sarcastic manner.

Recalling the incident where Janice left the hospital on her own accord, he quickly picked up what was going on. “If that’s not the case, how would you have a job to do?”

Hearing that, Miller was speechless. “My job is to protect Miss Sinclair from external harm. If she heads in the direction of trouble, accidents can happen. You can‘t blame me if that happens.”

At this moment, Alexander started tapping on his phone screen before typing out a few words calmly. ‘You‘ll get a commission.‘

“Deal.” Just like that, Miller hung up the phone and went after Elise. Before she left, she even paid the bill for Addison.

After crossing a street, Elise finally saw Johan leading Janice to a shady alley that no one would notice.

Slowing down her footsteps, she took a glance to check out what was going on, but the sound of a person struggling beat her to it.

Taking a close look, Elise noticed the presence of a few men in suits. They had Janice‘s hands and legs tied up and even had her mouth sealed. They were slowly dragging her to the other exit of the alley.

“What are you guys doing?! Let her go!” As it was a matter concerning life and death, Elise didn‘t hesitate to stand forward, hoping that her presence would scare the people.

Nonetheless, the men continued to drag Janice. Only Johan slowly turned back and gave Elise a suggestive smile as he quickened his footsteps.

Knowing that she did not stand a chance against these men, she quickly fished out her phone to call the police. “Hello, is this the police department? I‘m calling from the alley next to Xedd Business Center. I‘ve just witnessed a kidnapping case, so

please send help over!”

Amidst the call, a black SUV came from the opposite alley. Then, the few men shoved Janice into the car before closing the door and leaving the scene.

Immediately, Elise chased after the car, hoping to catch the car plate number. However, the black SUV had gone far by the time she reached the end of the alley. Needless to say, she didn‘t manage to see the car plate number.

Just as she was feeling troubled, a sharp sound of a car stopping could be heard. The next moment, the car stopped right before her with Miller in the driver‘s seat.

“Get in.” Miller was wearing a pair of shades as she sat in the driver‘s seat. She tipped up her chin toward the passenger‘s seat, telling Elise to get into the car.

Stumped, Elise quickly snapped out of it before walking past the back of the car and getting into it.

Miller‘s driving skills were not lacking behind that of Elise. In no time, they were already chasing after Johan‘s car on a flyover. To avoid letting the opponent notice that they had a tail, they could only hide among the cars.

After an hour, the SUV finally drove into an area that had a messy pathway. Despite having followed them closely, they still lost the SUV at a crossroad.

Left with no choice, the two ended up getting out of the car to ask pedestrians on the street before they continued their way on foot.

Finally, they found Johan‘s car in front of an old house. Just as they were closing in, the SUV was suddenly revved up and driven off.

By the time Miller and Elise ran to the entrance of the house, the car was missing from their sights after a turn. Obviously, they were not going to successfully chase them on foot.

“Forget it.” Catching a breath, Elise glanced at the door that was left ajar before saying, “Let‘s go in and take a look.”

Miller was already on her way when she nodded in response. Standing in front of Elise, she pushed the door that was half rotten open.

Due to the age from the looks of the door, the connecting piece between the door and its frame made an odd creaking noise. Hence, Miller and Elise put their guards up.

As the door slowly opened, they were met with nothing spooky as they anticipated. Regardless, they saw Janice lying there in a pool of blood.

When Elise saw the scene, her mind was blown off. She had a hard time registering that Janice, who was living and kicking earlier, was now lying on the ground without budging. Between her legs, scarlet red fresh blood was trickling down all the way to her ankles. It almost seemed like it signified that her life was already at its end.

With that, Elise immediately walked over and squatted by Janice‘s side before picking her up from the cold ground. “Janice? Janice! Can you hear me?”

At this moment, Elise felt that her heart lunged up to her throat. Because of her, Janice was now lying in a house that nobody would pass by. If she died, it‘d take a long time before anyone would find out. She would have been simply arguing with Johan in public and leaving alone safely if Elise didn‘t intervene.

However, Janice regained consciousness the next moment. She was using all the strength she could muster to plead. “Elise, save my child. Save us…”

After saying that, she fell unconscious in Elise‘s embrace.

“Call for an ambulance,” Elise said.

It didn‘t take long before the ambulance reached the road outside. However, the ambulance couldn‘t enter through the alley, so Miller carried Janice out.

En route, they got a phone call from Addison who was left at the restaurant.

“Elise, did you two get lost in the washroom? Why are you still not back after so long?” As Addison said that, she burped before laughing cheekily. “If you don‘t come back any sooner, your share of desserts are going to be finished!”

“Go ahead and eat.” Elise lowered her head and took a glance at Janice, who had breathing support on, and said in a serious manner, “Miller and I are dealing with something, so we won‘t be coming back any time soon. The bill has already been paid. Go back to school after you‘re done eating.”

“Did something happen?” Addison asked in concern.

“Nothing. A friend got hospitalized. It‘s someone you don‘t know. I‘m going over to the hospital now,” Elise explained.

“Alright, that sounds serious. You guys go ahead. I‘ll be fine alone.”


After hanging up the phone call, a call from Alexander came through.

Just as she was about to pick up, the ambulance came to a stop. As they had to help the nurse get the patient out of the vehicle, Elise could only put her phone away.

When Janice was finally sent into the operation room, Elise sat on the long chair in the hallway as she returned Alexander‘s call.

Having witnessed what happened to Janice, Elise had lost hope in romantic relationships. Hence, her tone was inevitably monotonous. “What is it?”

A child was a product of love. Elise believed that Janice and Johan must have liked each other when they decided to get intimate.

However, how could a man be so cruel to a person he shared such an intimate connection with?

“Is Janice in bad shape? You sound unhappy.” Noticing her tone, Alexander made it a point to speak more gently.

“Still in operation.” Suddenly, Elise had a question. “Do all men give and take their feelings as they wish? As long as they don‘t love the person anymore, is the person who was once the dearest to them worth nothing more than an ant?”

Hearing that, Alexander was speechless. “Are you comparing me to Johan Olson?”

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