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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 335

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 335

Johan‘s eyes darkened slightly as he sank into deep thoughts.

Matthew was now a fugitive, so the only reason he initiated to come to Johan was that he wanted to use the latter to go after Alexander.

However, this encounter did not really mean much to Johan as even without Matthew, he would sooner or later make Alexander suffer too. However, the point was what advantage would he garner from Matthew?

On the other hand, Matthew actually came prepared. Seeing Johan‘s hesitation, he continued to rub Johan‘s nose in the dirt. “As far as I know, you just lost to Alexander in the auction recently. It has just not been long since then, yet you‘re getting screwed over by him again. One would rather die than be humiliated. Don‘t you want to seek revenge on him a hundredfold like a real man?”

Johan sneered coldly as he understood what was going on. “You‘re trying to provoke


Matthew curled his lips and put on an innocent smile. “I‘m just unhappy with his actions.”

Johan shrugged and had no intention to do Matthew this favor. “I‘m not interested in the dispute between you guys. However, let me remind you that there are quite a number of policemen around this area, so watch out.”

After saying that in a surly voice, Johan left directly without waiting for Matthew to respond

He was not that stupid. Although Alexander and Matthew were on bad terms, they were a family after all and this relationship could not be denied. If he agreed to join Matthew to teach Alexander a lesson today, he would be the only one suffering if the two men reconciled in the future. As such, he had no intention to be involved in this losing proposition.

Meanwhile, hatred flashed through Matthew‘s eyes as he stood at the spot and watched Johan leave.

One who lost his position and influence would easily be bullied by the others. He‘s just an ape who indulges in debauchery. How dare he too look down on me?Fine. I should teach you a lesson then.

Elise received a call from Janice the moment she came out of the restaurant.

Just as she was hesitating whether to answer the call, Alexander directly snatched her phone from the side and switched off its power. “Being indecisive will only put you at a disadvantage. Since when did you become this soft–hearted?”

Elise knew she was in an indefensible position, so she did not retort Alexander‘s words but merely stuck out her tongue mischievously and admitted his allegation.

Moments like this would show the difference between the personalities of a man and a woman. Although Elise was strong and independent, she was a girl after all, so she would become indecisive when faced with the vulnerable ones.

Nevertheless, the situation now was rather good–since Alexander shielded her from all these, she did not have to get involved with Janice anymore in the future.

Moreover, she had sought revenge on behalf of Janice today, so if Janice still had some integrity, she should know how to resolve the current plight.

Sometimes, having strong support would actually make one weak. In contrast, when she realized that she was completely on her own, she would learn to fix her problems herself.

“Do you want to go home or to school?” Alexander asked.

“School. There should be a lot of outstanding matters to be solved by me after such a long leave.”

In fact, this was her original plan for the morning, but it was postponed due to Janice‘s emergency situation. Elise disliked the feeling of accumulating pending tasks, so she wanted to settle all of them today.

“Head to Tissote University,” Alexander ordered.

“Yes, sir.” Cameron quickly started the car engine to send both of them to the university

Half an hour later, the car stopped at the entrance of the university.

Alexander‘s eyes turned lazy and complicated as he sat in the car and watched Elise walk away. “How‘s the matter of hiring a private bodyguard going?”

“Everything is ready. The bodyguard will enter Tissote University as Miss Sinclair‘s classmate. I‘ve coordinated with the university to arrange for them to stay in the same hostel too.”

“Alright,” Alexander hummed indifferently as he kept his eyes glued to Elise.

It was only to this extent that he could be slightly relieved as he would never allow the situation to happen again––where Elise could not be contacted or located for several days.

When Elise walked into the hostel, it was extraordinarily quiet because Addison and the others were napping.

Şo, Elise softened her steps and walked toward her bed.

Walking toward her place, she realized there were several notebooks of different colors placed on her desk.

She opened them to see the pages fully packed with notes of different subjects. At one glance, Elise could tell from the messy handwriting that these notes were written by Addison.

Feeling touched, Elise smiled.

Addison rarely attended classes on normal days, but she actually took down all these notes for her.

A friend in need was a friend indeed.

While Elise was still feeling touched, Addison suddenly turned around on the bed behind.

“Hey. Elise. You‘re back. I‘m hungry; please order some delivery for me. I feel like having meat dishes…” Addison leaned half of her body against the bed frame and started acting in a coquettish manner before even opening her eyes.

“Sure. What do you want to have?” Elise agreed readily. “Since you were kind enough to help me take notes, I don‘t mind buying you some more expensive food—I‘m fine if you want to dine out too.”

Hearing that, Addison widened her eyes at once and became sober immediately. “Seriously? Are you going to buy me a feast?”

“Mm–hmm.” Elise nodded and explained with a smile, “But not now as I‘ve just had lunch not too long ago. Is dinner okay?”

“Of course!” Addison kicked away her blanket immediately and started putting on her shirt after getting out of bed.

Elise thought Addison did not hear her clearly, so she reminded her, “We‘re only going at night. Don‘t you want to sleep in a little while more?”

“You don‘t get it. Health is the greatest wealth, and nothing is more important than eating. I need to get out of the bed now to wash up, take a shower, and put on some makeup. Even so, I‘m afraid that I won‘t have enough time and you might still need to wait for me toward the end!” While saying that, Addison quickly jumped down the bed and darted toward the washroom to start washing up.

On the other hand, Elise observed Addison quietly from the side. She always felt that the innocence in Addison was rare among those of their age, and that made Elise feel comfortable getting along with her for some reason.

In short, there was a world of difference between Addison and Janice.

At the thought of Janice, Elise rubbed her brows again as she started pondering how she should deal with her after she was discharged.

Just then, the clattering sound of high–heels emerged from outside the door, and the source of the sound approached closer.

In no time, a tall woman, who had a long ponytail and donned a leather suit strutted into Elise‘s room.

The woman had a compelling aura, and she started sizing up every corner of the room with her eyes which had heavy eyeliner applied to them the moment she entered the room.

Puzzled, Elise asked, “Excuse me. May I know who you are looking for?”

“Are you Elise Sinclair?” the woman turned around to look at Elise and asked.

“That‘s me.” Elise stood up slowly. While answering to the woman, she racked her brain to recall if she had ever provoked a lady of this style, but to no avail.

“Great. I‘m your new roommate cum private bodyguard, Miller Mikey.” While saying that, Miller hurled the luggage she was carrying over her shoulder onto the only vacant bed in the room and called dibs on the space.

“Who sent you here?” Elise was still confused–she was here to study, not preparing for a battle, so how weird would it be to have a bodyguard following her around?

“I can‘t tell you that at the moment. All you have to know is that I‘m here to protect you.”

Saying that, Miller pulled out the closest chair to her and sat down. Thereafter, she lit up a cigarette and started smoking while staring at the floor in a daze.

Elise frowned as she wanted to continue asking her something.

Just then, Addison came out of the washroom to see the room‘s door wide open and an overdressed woman smoking swaggeringly in the room, so her immediate hunch was that someone wanted to mess with Elise again.

Without hesitating, Addison pointed at Miller and darted over fiercely. “Who are you?! How can you simply barge into our dorm, and you‘re even smoking! Mind you. I‘m going to report you to the discipline master now. Stop smoking already!”

After saying that, Addison reached out her hand to snuff out the cigarette. However, before she could reach the cigarette butt, Miller sprang up all of a sudden, pressed Addison‘s face on the table, and seized both her hands from the back.

“It‘s dangerous here! Leave quickly!” Miller ordered Elise, who was behind her, in a serious manner.

While saying that, she exerted more force on Addison, which made the latter whine in pain, “Ouch… Ouch… Help me! Help me, Elise!”

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