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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 325

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 325

Reminded of that, Jamie could only suppress the anger within him.

“Where’s Matthew?” Alexander interrogated Jessica with a tone colder than the harshest winter as he glared at her with a gaze sharper than the tip of a spear.

“Who’s Matthew?” Jessica crossed her arms, calmly lying against the leather couch. She had yet to know how horrendous a man like Alexander could become.

“The man who sent you fifty million.” Alexander’s face was, as ever, unaffected, though the fists he was concealing in his pockets were flexing. Typically, he wouldn’t touch another woman, but given that Elise’s life was at risk, if Jessica still remained uncooperative, he might as well break the gentlemen’s code.

Hearing that, Jessica seemed to have recalled something, mindlessly replying, “Oh, him. Who knows. We only knew each other for a few days. We’re hardly acquaintances. Why would he tell me what his plans are?”

Jamie scornfully scoffed. “Hardly acquaintances? So you’re saying Matthew’s an idiot who would simply give money to any woman he meets on the streets?”

“Can’t recall saying that.” She lifted her glass of champagne on the table and elegantly took a sip. “Then again, nothing is impossible in this world. If a boring woman like Elise could be craved by a couple of men, what’s wrong with me having a few pursuers who would give me anything I want?”

Tilted, Jamie stomped forward and slammed the glass out of her hand as he stepped on the couch with one leg. He leaned his entire body onto the woman and pointed his finger at her nose, threatening, “Stop fooling around! There’s ‘hardly acquaintances’ and then there’s ‘pursuer.’ Seriously, which one is it?”

It would be a lie if she said she wasn’t afraid to be oppressed by such a big man. Nonetheless, she was still a doctor. With her emotions fully under control, she easily shook off her nervousness. “Come on, is it against the law to have some fun?”

“Don’t make me hit a woman!” Jamie’s patience had reached its limit

“Who’s stopping you?” Jessica shamelessly stuck her body against Jamie’s. “I’d take money from literally anyone. Why’d you think I’m scared of you?”

“You…” Jamie was rendered speechless by the woman’s irrationality. As he expected, the woman was harder to reason with than anyone else.

At that moment, Alexander came over and dragged Jamie behind him. He then took a deep breath to maintain his composure. “Elise has always treated you as a good classmate and a good friend. Why are you doing this?”

“A good friend?” Jessica snickered. “What kind of good friend always steals the spotlight of others? I was supposed to be the class representative back then. Ever since she transferred to our school, I was always hard stuck at second place, losing all my deserved honor to her, so what gives? Sure, she was slightly better than me in her studies, but that’s it! What gave her the right to remain above me all the time? I was pissed. I want her out of my life. I want her to have a taste of what it’s like living under someone else’s shadow!”

Alexander expressionlessly listened to her. When the room was silent again, he slowly blurted, “Is that it?” In order to tear someone apart, one should first understand what was going on in the opponent’s mind. As for Jessica, someone who couldn’t accept anyone else being better than her, she was prone to making hasty mistakes, and it would hardly break a sweat to goad her into regretting something she’d done.

“That’s it.” She revealed a look of utter defeat. “Murder, torture, do as you like. I’ve had my share of pleasure, and I’ll die without regrets.”

However, Alexander was unresponsive. He stared wordlessly at her for almost half a minute. It wasn’t until he sensed a trace of fright in her eyes that he showed her a knowing smirk. “There’s a chance of me forgoing what you did to Elise and not calling the cops on you. I might even turn a blind eye to the assets under your name, which you could continue to make good use of.”

Surprised by his announcement, Jessica frowned. “Are you joking?”

“I never joke.” Alexander gazed her right in the eyes. Suddenly, his eyes darkened and malice surged within. “But if you choose not to cooperate with me, not just you, but your parents as well as your little brothers will each have their fate turned into the biggest jokes you’ll ever know.”

“What do you want!” Immense terror gushed in her heart. “The blame is all on me! Don’t drag my family into this!”

“Why, of course.” Alexander shot her a terrifying grin and a glare that bore no delight. “The blame is all on you, but why’d you drag Elise into this? Since you’re not seeing reason, I guess I’ll play your game to see who’s more unreasonable.”

Jessica had never been met with a gaze as icy as his. Her entire body was trembling under his leer, as if she had absolutely lost control of her own nerves.

Subconsciously, she gulped and dared no longer to talk back to Alexander.

About time. Knowing he had triumphed in the psychological war, Alexander loosened his face and returned to his humble self. “Tell me everything you know about Matthew since your first encounter till your last rendezvous and everything you’ve spoken to each other. Every. Single. Thing.”

“Fine…” Jessica collapsed onto the couch and began telling stories between her and Matthew.

In the meantime, Elise was still under Matthew’s grasp.

After ending the call with Alexander, in order to leave no traces, Matthew no longer had any interaction with the outside world; he spent every day at home. Nevertheless, with three people living under the same roof, a restock of consumables was only inevitable. Although he had stocked up the portion of his and Heather’s, now that Elise was here, he had to go out alone in the afternoon to acquire some more edibles. Not in the slightest was he worried about Heather turning her back on him, but he still left a message to her, forbidding her to have any private interaction with Elise. Before leaving, he locked the doors from outside and carefreely departed.

All this time, Elise was leaning against the door to listen to the activities outside her room. After hearing the lock of the door and ensuring Matthew had left, she started pacing around her room, figuring out how to break out of it. Through her last attempt, she knew there was no way to escape if she continued staying in her room. Thus, the only measure was to get out of the room. However, Heather wouldn’t come over on her own accord; Elise had to come up with a way to lure her over. Sadly, all Heather cared about was Matthew, and nothing else in the house would be able to draw her attention.

Wait. Me! I’m “nothing else”! No matter how reluctant one was, they would still attempt to look after the person their loved ones desired to protect. Having thought of that, Elise resolutely clasped her hands and punched the glass window of the wardrobe beside her. As the glass shattered, blood stains were seen on the glass fragments. In that instant, her hand was covered in blood. Only under careful observation could one identify the fragments of glass stuck in her flesh. Unsure whether there were cameras around her, she proceeded to strike the walls with her bloody hand while smashing things that would cause blaring noises.

Meanwhile, Heather was watching her in the security room. Despite Elise’s actions, she showed no reaction at all. She even thought, Why is such a crazy b*tch receiving all the goodness–all of Matt’s love? All of a sudden, a horrifying idea popped up in her mind. If she no longer lives, then I’ll be Matt’s closest woman!

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