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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 324

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 324

In fact, Matthew hadn’t realized there was one less magazine. However, he wouldn’t allow Elise to make a fool out of him right under his nose. Therefore, after exiting the room, instead of relaying her request to her family, he went into the study room and turned on his computer and googled for Lay Magazine. To him, a wedding gown meant nothing more than a woman’s garment, but for her to make the choice so specifically, she must have had her underlying reasons. After all, the woman was too intelligent to not be cautious of. He looked into every detail of the magazine assiduously, from its founders to its current board of shareholders. After identifying nothing suspicious, he slowly pulled out his phone and dialed Alexander’s number.

Meanwhile, Alexander, who was on his way to meet Jessica, saw the call and instantly hit the brakes, pulling his car over by the road. After collecting his feelings and making sure he could draw all his concentration at the conversation, he hit the “accept” button on the car’s monitor. After all, he couldn’t afford to miss any detail in Matthew’s words. Right when the call was accepted, he was greeted with Matthew’s impatient tone. “Took you long enough. Perhaps you don’t cherish her life as much as I expected.”

“I’m busy preparing for your wedding, so I hope it’s not all crap that’s coming from you.” Alexander had no intention to blindly follow Matthew, or he would be walking right into his manipulation. Another minute wasted meant another minute Elise was in danger, and he couldn’t bear to risk that!

Hearing that, Matthew subconsciously gripped his phone. One thing he loathed extremely was Alexander’s pompous attitude, as if he was donning a crown and an ego that could shatter upon a light tap. In that instance, a suffocating silence surged.

Alexander was growing more anxious as he heard nothing but silence from the other side. As he was about to lose control, Matthew’s familiar voice sounded once again. “I’ve sent the wedding plan to the company email. As for the wedding gown, Elise wants Lay’s highlight of the year. Time’s kinda tight, but I believe you’ll handle it. After all, this is Elise’s wish.” After laying out the conditions emotionlessly like it was a business deal, Matthew suddenly sounded fascinated as he complacently quizzed, “The woman of your life is preparing for her marriage with me. How do you feel, Alexander?”

“Not good.” Alexander openly expressed his disconcertment. “If you’re the one who lost his woman to another man, would you still be able to laugh?”

“Of course not.” Matthew grinned as he lay back against his leather chair, casually replying, “That’s why I’m the one doing the snatching. I got what I want, and soon, I

will receive everyone’s blessing. Enough. I don’t wish to waste any more time with a loser. Just do as I ordered, and do not tarry. Or I can’t guarantee whether what you see next is an unharmed, living person, or an ice-cold body.” Before Alexander could respond, he hung up the call.

“Beep… Beep… “The static noises in the phone sounded rather irritating, and that distraught Alexander. Matthew was so meticulous that he allowed not the slightest loophole for Alexander to figure out Elise’s whereabouts. Despite the helpless sensation that was agonizing him, he had to remain calm in order to analyze the message within Matthew’s words. Wedding plan, gown… What are they hinting at?Elise’s

intelligence is out of this world, so there’s no way she would surrender so easily. In other words, there must be a hidden message behind these two things. Having thought of that, he sent Cameron a text to summon all of the key managers to an emergency meeting, where they were ordered to scrutinize the wedding plan in the company email, as well as Lay Magazine. After leaving his command, he started his vehicle and headed toward Jessica’s location.

Jamie, who had been waiting by the gates for almost half an hour, finally caught Alexander’s car in sight. Before Alexander was even out of the car, he hastily went to him. “Is there news about Boss?” Although he intended for them to exchange information while walking into the building, Alexander revealed nothing but his cold scowl as he was walking, as if he heard nothing from Jamie. Seeing that, Jamie didn’t care to persuade him and tacitly kept quiet and guided him to Jessica.

The clubhouse, apparently extravagant, was filled with waiters that were all attractive men, as well as consumers that were mostly single ladies. People would even refer to the place as “reverse brothel.” At the door of Room 101 stood a tall, muscular bodyguard. At Jamie and Alexander’s arrival, he opened the door for them to enter.

The scenery in the room was highly obscene, where numerous nude men were stripdancing on the stage, flaunting their figures. In the corner was a group of rather fresh-looking men, each in their space, glaring at each other. Yet, each of them had their own unique charm.

Among all that was happening was Jessica sitting alone in the center of the couch, enjoying what she had in her vision. At first glance, Alexander couldn’t recognize her, but it was no fault of his as no one in the world would ever assume the woman in front of him, who was covered in jewelry and heavy makeup, to be the innocent Jessica he knew.

At that moment, Jamie gave a signal to his underlings, who then barged into the room and cut the music. The music ended, and so did the crowd’s chanting. And so, everyone in the room looked toward the entrance. “Fck y’all lookin’at? Get the fck out!” Jamie yelled overbearingly. Even the men that were aggressively staring earlier lowered their heads and retreated along the walls. Very soon, Jessica became the only

person in the room.

“You know why I’ve come.” Alexander cut to the chase as he had done his research.

“I do.” Jessica was awfully calm, as if she wasn’t surprised at all by his presence.

Jamie, however, was as hasty as a bull, hurrying forward and kicking all the liquor bottles off the table. “Then be quick with it! Where’s my boss?”

“Beats me.” Jessica was, nonetheless, telling the truth as she was clueless about Elise’s whereabouts. After receiving the payment, she had never contacted Elise ever again.

“Don’t make me beat a woman up. Spit it out!” Jamie gave no special treatment to women. Anyone who dared to lay a finger on his boss had only death to face, regardless of their gender.

Alexander, on the other hand, was remarkably composed. Steadily, he stated, “Tell me how Matthew found you, how you contacted each other, how many times you’ve met, and where. Don’t miss out on a single detail.”

Unable to comprehend the motive of his interrogation, Jamie frowned and shrugged as he was filled with confusion. “Boss has already been kidnapped. What’s even the point of discussing the cause and effect now?” Then, he turned his attention back to Jessica, his gaze razor-sharp and penetrating. “You know what? We can only win a scum in her game by becoming another scum. Otherwise, she won’t crack.” He clenched his fists. If necessary, he wouldn’t even mind taking things into his own hands as long as he got the information regarding Elise. Moral obligations no longer mattered to him. After voicing his threat, he took a few steps backward as two of his brawny men that were standing by at the door charged into the room toward Jessica.

Before the men could lay their hands on the woman, Alexander sternly yelled, “She’s the last person who saw Elise. Will you be able to uphold her responsibilities once you kill her?”

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