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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 321

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 321

Alexander had no intention to prolong the conversation. He then ended the call before making another to Cameron. “Is there no way to amend the documents?”

“Mrs. Griffith must have thought of that beforehand. She’s now hoarding the document and even told the company’s shareholders that you’re passing your share and the company’s rights to inheritance on to Matthew. And they’re heavily against it.” Cameron didn’t know Alexander’s decision was for the sake of Elise until the phone call between Alexander and his mother earlier. Giving away his honor and benefits without any hesitation, he loves her that much, huh…

“Thanks,” Alexander replied flatly as he frowned.

Given how Matthew had gone this far unscrupulously, if Alexander refused to compromise with him, Elise would definitely be the first one to take the hit. He didn’t manage to protect her, so how could he allow her to be harmed the second time? At

once, he summoned his private jet. About two hours later, the jet landed on the grassy yard of Griffith Residence.

At his arrival, Danny was stunned. He ordered Cameron to handle the matter, but now he‘s coming back himself? “Alexander, what happened to Boss? Why did you hand everything over to Matthew? Is he threatening her?” Danny shot a volley of questions. Although he was once resentful toward Elise, ever since he was beaten by her fair and square, he wholeheartedly surrendered and started treating her as his real boss. It pained him to see the lengths his mother would go to hurt her, and he didn’t want things to escalate to the point where Alexander and their mother turned against each other.

“She’s currently in a bad spot. You know Matthew well. Give him a call. If he’s willing to change his mind, I might let him off easy.” Despite his aggressive words, Alexander’s face revealed only agony. After all he has done, killing him off is only merciful!

“What about you, then?” Danny chased after his brother.

Without even turning around, Alexander coldly blurted, “Company.” Naturally, he had to head to the company after knowing his mother had perturbed their shareholders.

Danny, still following after his brother, inquired, “It’s true that Mom’s overstepping her boundaries, but we’ve all known she’s always been like that. And she hasn’t recovered from her injury, so can you go easy on her?”

Those words, however, battered Alexander’s heart. After all, he wasn’t someone who would easily make an enemy out of his own mother. “Make the call, Danny.” He pursed his lips, attempting to collect his feelings before extending his arm to give his brother a pat on the back. Among the chaos, one thing he was pleased to find was that his little brother was much more mature than how he used to be.

Having reached the company, Alexander was welcomed by the stony glares of the shareholders. With that, the shareholders started reprimanding him. “You know you’re not the only owner of Griffith Group, and that Matthew is in no way capable of managing a company. How could you transfer your shares over to him?”

“You know damn well what kind of a person he is. Are you trying to destroy what we had built?”

“You must have spent too much time with that Elise woman! Can’t you see she’s tearing you and the company apart?”

Seeing how the shareholders were rebuking him, Madeline felt satisfied. More precisely, she had been ecstatic since the moment Alexander showed up, as that suggested the accomplishment of her plans. Whatever Matthew intends to do to Elise is solely up to him, and I couldn‘t care less. They could both die in a car crash and I won‘t even shed a tear!

At how the shareholders were each pressuring him by standing on the moral high ground, Alexander coldly scoffed. “Why, everyone of you… Do I no longer have the right to pass on the shares that’s legitimately under my name?” Those words, spoken to the shareholders, were also targeted at his mother. He frankly continued, “I didn’t come here to beg for anything, for I’ve come only to notify all of you this I have my rights and liberty on how I manage my own affairs. Anyone who wishes to challenge that can bring it to the court.” Alexander had always been an intimidating figure in Griffith Group, and no one dared to defy him. After all, he was already the president of the company at such an early age, and his achievements had surely astounded many. Moreover, with such an overbearing aura he was emitting, no one was bold

enough to raise their voice.

Nonetheless, his speech left a fatal blow in Madeline’s heart. With how he brought up “going to court” right in front of her, he was obviously provoking her with a lawsuit. From the start of her rantings to the moment where she stabbed her own chest with a knife, all of those memories flashed across Madeline’s mind, and she couldn’t repel them. Bearing the stinging ache on her chest, she was finally able to see clearly Alexander’s emotions and attitude-how he was willing to neglect her for Elise’s sake.

What‘s the point of persisting any more? Let alone filing a lawsuit, he wouldn‘t even care if I actually die. Regardless of how arrogant she was, a change of mind was only a matter of epiphany. Upon the realization, she handed the documents to Alexander. Drained, hollow, she couldn’t even speak a word.

Instead of grabbing the documents, Alexander was rather concerned about his mother. “Are you okay? Let me send you to the hospital.” At the end of the day, they were still family, so there was no way Alexander’s feelings wouldn’t falter.

Nevertheless, Madeline shoved his hand away. “Take the documents and go save Elise. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” In fact, debating about her condition was no longer relevant.

However, to Alexander, her behavior was totally out of character. Swiftly, he grabbed her arm and pleaded with a raspy voice, “I’m begging you. Stop causing me troubles at such a crucial time, okay?” All he wanted to do now was to rescue Elise from Matthew’s hands as quickly as possible. He was utterly exasperated by all these shenanigans.

Look at what I‘ve become in my own son‘s eyes! All of a sudden, Madeline laughed at herself. She had always taken things to the extreme, always threatening to kill herself when things didn’t go her way. “Don’t worry. I’m not that eager to die yet. I just need some time alone.” She attempted to push Alexander away, but the latter grasped her even tighter.

Given her atrocious condition, Alexander wouldn’t feel any less burdened to leave her alone. “You pushed me into Griffith Group when I was still in my teens. Now that I’m an adult, why can’t I choose whom I intend to spend the rest of my life with? You’re my dearest mother, and that’s an unchanging fact no matter what happens, no matter how you end up. All I ever wanted is to be happy following my own heart. If you haven’t been stopping me, she would’ve already become mine. Do you know that?” If it weren’t for his mother, Elise wouldn’t have returned to the Northwest prairie. Sadly, any further quarrel would only be a waste of time as things were already in the past now.

Upon those words, Madeline felt suffocated. She couldn’t bring herself to speak a word. Right. If it weren‘t for me, they would‘ve been bound to each other.

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