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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 318

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 318

The louder Matthew laughed, the more desolate Elise felt deep down. She really never thought she would fall into Matthew’s hands. Having seen the extreme lengths Madeline had gone to, she couldn’t see a happy ending for her and Alexander. And now, Matthew’s sudden appearance cut off everything between her and Alexander right away. She might have been grateful to him if he had done this in another way, but now… She clenched her teeth while glaring at him with bloodshot eyes. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, Matthew! I’ll never compromise, even if it means that I’ll have to die with you!”

The stronger the hatred in her eyes was, the more determined she was to go against him. Matthew felt a sudden twinge in his chest when he saw Elise like this. He really didn’t want his relationship with Elise to come to such an extent, for he also wanted her to look at him with her heart full of joy and anticipation and her eyes full of tenderness like when she looked at Alexander.

“Elise, don’t forget that I’m now driven into a corner by Alexander. I am willing to do anything. You don’t care about it, but what about your grandparents? And what about the Sinclair Family’s reputation, huh?” He seized Elise by the throat, but he didn’t tighten his grip. However, Matthew’s words made Elise unable to breathe.

He’s right. Everything he said is true. How can I not care about Grandpa and Grandma? she thought. “Matthew, I’ll definitely send you to jail myself!” She clenched her fists. The next instant, however, Matthew threw her to the wall and laughed. “In that case, you’re really cruel. How could you want me to die? A day together as husband and wife means endless devotion for the rest of your life, no? Would you treat Alexander like this if he were the one you slept with?” Nobody would’ve gotten hurt if there was no comparison made. Elise turned her head away since she didn’t want to waste her breath arguing with Matthew.

It’s not worth wasting my breath on another word when we can’t see eye to eye! Then, Matthew said, “Just stay here for the next few days, Elise. Before you do anything, think about whether you can do it or not and what the consequences will be if you do it.” With that, he let go of Elise. He did what he said, leaving Elise alone in the room. Elise wanted to make a bolt for the door, but Matthew shoved her back into the room. Elise was inwardly furious when she saw the door being closed. Instead of pounding the door or yelling, she went to check the window and the balcony.

Good Lord, she thought. The window had security grilles installed, and there was no balcony. Moreover, she was on one of the higher floors, so it was quite impossible for her to call for help. She couldn’t get through to anyone using the fixed-line telephone, and her cell phone was missing.

Now that she was locked in this room by Matthew, she had nowhere to turn for help. However, she wasn’t discouraged. Instead, she began thinking about a countermeasure. Meanwhile, Matthew discovered Heather as soon as he came out. Seeing that she was unable to hide in time, he immediately understood everything.

“You’d better go back to your parents, Heather. Otherwise, it’ll really be too late for everything.” Heather looked up at him, her eyes full of anxiety. “Then what are you gonna do?” Matthew pursed his lips and thought about it for a long time. “I’m going to the Sinclairs to ask for Elise’s hand in marriage.” Matthew’s serious about it. Once he goes to the Sinclair Family and embarks on this path, there’ll be no turning back. If I leave him, he’ll really be all alone, thought Heather. “No, I’m not leaving!” She hugged Matthew while shaking her head desperately. “If I leave you, Matthew, you’ll be alone. Who’s gonna help you then? I’ve been yours from the moment I gave myself to you. Even if I die, I’ll die beside you!”

Heather was firm in her stand, but her words made Matthew’s heart ache. He knew about Heather’s feelings for him, but he couldn’t reciprocate her feelings since he had lost his heart to Elise. “I’m sorry, Heather…” Feeling a lump in his throat, he prised Heather’s hands away from him. I shouldn’t have made that move that night! “It had nothing to do with you since I did it of my own accord. Matthew, no matter what you’re gonna do, please let me stay beside you. If you’re going to the Sinclairs, I’ll help keep an eye on Elise!” suggested Heather. Matthew pressed his lips together, but he nodded in the end.

As Heather had said, he had no one else at his beck and call other than her at present. … Robin and Laura were surprised by Matthew’s visit. They knew how Matthew had hurt Elise last time, but they didn’t expect him to come to their home directly. Robin angrily accused him for being ungrateful, saying, “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t have come here if you knew to be grateful!” However, Matthew took out his cell phone right away and showed the pictures of Elise being together with him. Robin flew into a rage upon seeing the pictures.

He immediately tried to snatch Matthew’s cell phone, but how could he, an old man, be a match for Matthew? Moreover, Matthew came well prepared, so he wouldn’t let Robin have his way, of course. Putting away his cell phone, he said right away, “As you can see, Elise is now mine. I’m here this time to fix the date of our wedding with you directly.” Trembling with rage, Robin took the walking stick in his hand to hit Matthew. Matthew took the hit without dodging it. Then, he pursed his lips and uttered, “It’s useless for you two to be angry now that what’s done is done.

She’s now the only person I can count on to turn things around. Marry her to me and help me finish off Alexander and Madeline. Otherwise, I’ll make these pictures public.” Well, I’m a despicable rat in Elise’s eyes, but who cares? I don’t mind being despicable as long as I can get my hands on her and be together with her. It’s fine as long as we’ll be happy together in the future. “That’s bullshit! How can I possibly marry Elise to a despicable rat like you?” Laura got emotional as well, and she lunged at Matthew. “Where did you take my Elise? Give her back to me!” She slapped him twice across the face.

Matthew didn’t dodge her slaps either. “What’s done can’t be undone no matter how you two hit or scold me. You know me and my current situation; I can stop at nothing to get what I want. Let me ask you one last time: are you two gonna help me?” He held up his cell phone as he uttered the words coldly through thin lips. He only meant his words as a notice and a threat. Elise wouldn’t have allowed it if she had seen the scene. But what else could Robin and Laura do?

After all, they couldn’t let Matthew destroy her by publishing these pictures. In the end, they gave in. “Alright. As long as you bring Elise back, we’ll let Elise marry you and help you get everything you want.” Matthew knew it was a sin to do so, but what else could he do? He could never forget his mother’s death, as well as how Madeline had ostracized and ridiculed him over the years. He was also a member of the Griffith Family, so why should he be disrespected?

“I’ll bring Elise back to you three days later, but you two must have our marriage certificate prepared by then. I know it’s not difficult for you two to do so.” Laura didn’t expect Matthew to make so many demands, so she disagreed, of course. “You… Don’t push your luck, Matthew!” However, Matthew then showed the video on his cell phone with a laugh…

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