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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 317

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 317

“Why?” Elise frowned. Jessica’s indifference said it all—the party, the masked man who had added her on WhatsApp, and her lack of strength at the moment. Jessica pursed her lips before saying to Elise, “Because I can benefit from it, that’s why.” Money made the world go round, so even the best of friends would turn against each other in the face of interests. Elise replied calmly, “I can pay you double of what the person has promised you. Get me out of here!” She didn’t expect that Jessica would stab her in the back. If I don’t get out of here as soon as possible right now, I’m afraid I’ll… However, Jessica interrupted Elise’s thoughts with a cold sneer.

“Where are you supposed to find the money to pay me double, Elise? Won’t your grandparents get suspicious if you divert so much money? Stop deceiving me and wasting your energy here!” With that, she dragged Elise to her feet. Elise was too weak to struggle due to the drug’s influence. At this very moment, she felt like a fish on the chopping board. Soon, Jessica dragged her out of the party and through a long hallway. By the time they arrived at a suite, Elise had lost consciousness. Jessica dragged Elise into the room and threw her onto the bed with some effort.

Then, she took out her cell phone and made a phone call. A little while later, someone pushed the door open and came in—he was none other than the man wearing a silver mask just now. Jessica stood in front of Elise right away. “I’ve brought you the person you want, so what about the thing I want? Don’t give me an empty promise. I want fifty million transferred to my bank account right now!” The man snorted in a low voice. “Don’t worry. I won’t pay you less than what you’ve asked for.” They stood confronting each other for about half a minute as Jessica stared at the man before her.

A little while later, Jessica’s cell phone registered a text message telling her that the money had been transferred to her bank account. Only then did she put her cell phone away in satisfaction. Before she left, she even looked back and glanced at Elise. However, the man ridiculed her, saying, “For what are you pretending to be compassionate right now? You’ve sold her out, after all.” His words instantly crushed the only kindness left in Jessica. That’s right. I’ve betrayed Elise for fifty million. However reluctant and unwilling I am, I’ve already done it. There’s no turning back anymore, she thought.

After taking a deep breath, she left without looking back. … Elise felt her head swimming when she came around, but she immediately came to her senses upon recalling what she had gone through before passing out. After looking at her surroundings in horror, she found herself lying naked on the two-meter-wide Simmons bed. This is… Did I… “You don’t have to be surprised, nor do you have to doubt it. We’ve had sex.” Elise instantly recognized the deep, hoarse voice as it reached her ears from a distance. It’s Matthew! She turned sharply to look at where the voice had come from, and sure enough, the man who was leaning against the bathroom door in a white bathrobe was none other than Matthew, who had a wicked smirk on his face at this very moment.

At the sight of the scene, Elise instantly felt as though she had been plunged into iced water. Her body ached all over, and her head was throbbing. Not only that, but she had been set up by her friend, so she had no idea what had happened after she lost consciousness. Moreover, she recalled what Matthew had said to her before running off earlier. “You’re despicable, Matthew! Do you think you can turn the tables by doing this? I’m telling you, I’ll make sure that you die a horrible death!” She clenched her teeth hard while clutching the quilt. At this moment, she really wished she could pounce on Matthew and rip him to shreds.

Matthew sneered. “So what if I’m despicable? Who cares whether I’m brilliant or despicable as long as I can get what I want? I’ve sent our pictures to Alexander and your grandparents, Elise. If you want to protect your chastity, then marry me and have Alexander stop hunting me down. Otherwise…” He didn’t finish his sentence, but what he meant was very clear. If Elise didn’t do as he said, he would publish the pictures, making her lose all standing and reputation. Flying into a rage, Elise grabbed the bedside lamp and hurled it at Matthew, but he dodged it effortlessly.

Since she was naked, she couldn’t jump on him. Left with no choice, she pointed to the door and growled in an angry voice, “Get out of here—scram!” However, Matthew responded with a cheeky grin. “I’ve put your clothes on the head of the bed. Come out once you’ve gotten dressed. I’ll be waiting for you outside.” Elise’s chest heaved up and down in anger. At the moment, she didn’t feel any sorrow; all she had inside her was flames of anger. To think that I was set up by Matthew and betrayed by Jessica like this! I swear that I’ll definitely get even with them for the humiliation I suffered today!

However, her clothes were nowhere to be seen, so she had no choice but to pick up the clothes on the nightstand that Matthew had prepared for her. It was a red deep V-neck dress that did little to hide the red marks on her chest and neck, which hurt when she touched them. Matthew wants to destroy Alexander and get his hands on everything that belongs to the Griffiths. Moreover, he’s now driven into a tight corner, so he’ll really do anything! Well, I’ve got to face up to reality, but I’ll never do as he says! thought Elise. The first thing she did was to search for her cell phone, but she couldn’t find it.

Therefore, she called 911 using the room’s fixed-line telephone. However, the instant the call was put through, a slender hand reached over and ended the call for her. Elise looked up to see Matthew staring wickedly at her with a hint of smugness on his stony face. I was naked just now, so my movements were restricted. Now’s the opportunity! She swung her fist at Matthew, but he didn’t dodge it. The punch hit Matthew right in the jaw. Of course, Elise wasn’t the kind of weak woman who would only cry whenever something happened to her, so she kneed him while swinging her punch at him. In the end, though, Matthew dodged Elise’s knee.

Then, he grabbed her waist, trapping her in his arms. Resting his chin on her shoulder, he said with an unrestrained guffaw, “How can I satisfy you in the future if you hurt me? Elise, I’m by no means inferior to Alexander. I’ll be guiltless as long as you all do as I say. Besides, if he really loves you, then what’s wrong with giving me everything that belongs to the Griffith Family? And with your family’s help, I’ll definitely be able to establish my own career and build my own business empire in Athesea.”

Matthew was looking forward to his future, but Elise felt sick to her stomach upon hearing his words. “That’s your wishful thinking! Do you think I wouldn’t find those people after you cut off the phone? I’m telling you, Matthew—I, Elise Sinclair, will never be a pawn in your hands!” “But you’re already mine now. Who are you gonna help if you don’t help me? Elise, do you think Alexander will still want you now that you’re already in such a state?

Say, how can Madeline possibly accept you if she learns that you’ve slept with me? Haha…” Matthew looked up and guffawed. Heather heard his guffaw very clearly outside the door as it reverberated across the room. He hurts Elise with such words, but in reality, he’s reluctant to hurt her, she thought. Matthew had called her over at the critical moment, and she couldn’t forget how he looked at Elise as if the latter was a rare treasure. “I’ve destroyed you, Heather. I can’t destroy her as well.”

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