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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 316

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 316

Laura let out a sigh with a doleful look. “Let’s send more people out and throw money at it. Otherwise, Elise will be left alone when we die.” Ever since she and Robin took Elise back from the orphanage and kept her around them, they had been treating her as their own granddaughter. If it weren’t for the present reality, they really wanted to keep it a secret and keep Elise by their side. However, their lives were finite. Robin replied, “I’ll have it arranged according to the situation. Sigh! Alexander’s a nice brat, but his mother’s lost her mind!” He subconsciously struck the ground with his stick.

When he recalled Madeline’s tone of voice when she had spoken to them the other day and the extreme lengths she had gone to, he was instantly filled with anger. Laura patted him on the back. “Alright, calm down now. Aren’t we going to teach her a lesson? We’ve got to let her know that the Sinclairs aren’t a presence that she can look down on as she pleases!” “Okay.” Robin nodded and immediately made a phone call. Meanwhile, Elise arrived at the party with Jessica. The party was a feast for the eyes as drinks flowed freely among the guests. However, Elise noticed that everyone at the party was dressed in either a suit or an evening dress.

All the guests, male or female, were not only good-looking but also well-proportioned in stature. Is this… She turned to look at Jessica in shock. Jessica let out a chuckle. She explained, “It’s a matchmaking party, but I was afraid that you wouldn’t come with me if I told you about it. Why don’t you just grab a handsome guy and take a picture with him to tell your boyfriend to give up?” Elise was rendered speechless. It was never necessary to end her relationship with Alexander in such a way, and besides, she didn’t like such occasions either. “Jessica, it’s not that I want to make you look bad, but I only came with you because you said it was a party.

Well, I’ll be waiting for you outside,” she said, before turning around. She had barely made a few steps when Jessica grabbed her and said anxiously, “Elise, I swear that I didn’t mean anything else. I just didn’t want you to forget that there are plenty of other fish in the sea. It’s okay if you don’t feel like seeing someone else. Just help me check out my date then!” I’ll be in trouble if Elise leaves. That guy has explicitly told me to bring Elise over. Otherwise, I’ll never get that fifty million! Elise hesitated for a while before relenting. “…Okay.” Well, Jessica means well, and she’s even brought me over.

And besides, we used to be such good friends, so it’d be rude for me to turn around and leave right now, she thought. However, after the two ladies stood for a while, some people came over and chatted them up, and some even directly asked for their WhatsApp contacts and phone numbers. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, someone even flaunted his educational background, his property deeds, the keys to his luxurious cars, and his credit cards, looking for a wife on the spot! To top things off, this guy was pretty handsome. Jessica couldn’t help but ridicule, “Does that guy even need to come looking for a wife when he’s so rich and good-looking? Is he out of his mind or something?”

Elise tacitly agreed with her words. After all, how could those rich and powerful men like him be short of women around them? “Maybe,” she echoed. Just then, Jessica suddenly exclaimed, “Wow! Look, Elise! Look at that masked man!” Elise felt Jessica shaking her arm vigorously, so she could only follow the latter’s gaze… She saw a man dressed in a black suit, who was about six feet tall and wearing a silver mask. Holding a glass of red wine in his hand, he stood alone in a corner, looking mysterious and charming in profile alone. However, Elise commented, “Perhaps he’s also an ugly man.”

If he isn’t, then why is he wearing a mask? What is he shy about now that he’s joining a matchmaking party? Jessica didn’t agree with her, though. “Ugly? Elise, how could such a man be so attractive if he isn’t handsome in the first place?” Elise turned to look at Jessica in surprise. Is she taking a shine to him? Jessica took Elise’s arm, confirming the latter’s suspicion. “Come on, Elise! Let’s go chat him up.” Jessica went up to the man without hesitation, and Elise had no choice but to follow her. She had to admit that Jessica really had some nerve.

She took Elise’s hand and went straight up to the man wearing a silver mask, saying, “Can we have your contact number, gentleman? Either your phone number or your WhatsApp number’s fine. Of course, it’ll be best if we can add you on WhatsApp.” For the first time in her life, Elise didn’t know whether to stand or leave as she stayed beside Jessica. The man nodded. “Sure. Add me then.” However, he signaled Elise to add his contact information instead. Elise was dumbfounded. It was Jessica who asked for the man’s contact information, and she never said a word from beginning to end. Why would the man think that it was her who wanted to have his contact information?

Just then, Jessica whispered in her ear, “Just add him first and forward his number to me later, Elise. It’s the same, anyway.” She even shook Elise’s arm while pleading with her. As a result, Elise had no choice but to add the man on WhatsApp. “I’ve got something to deal with, so I’ve got to go. Let’s chat later on WhatsApp,” the masked man said. Then, he turned around and left. Elise immediately forwarded the man’s WhatsApp number to Jessica, but the latter snatched her phone away. “Hey, don’t delete his WhatsApp number so quickly. Do you think he’ll add me?

You didn’t tell him the situation, after all.” “Well then, I’ll make it clear to him,” Elise replied. I wonder what’s wrong with that guy’s mind. Why would he get the wrong idea that it was me who wanted his contact information? “We can’t make it clear to him right now. Let’s have some fun for a while and wait for him to come to us.” Jessica giggled as she put Elise’s cell phone away. Not only that, but she even dragged Elise to the dance floor. The music was electrifying, plus Jessica was beside her, so it was difficult for Elise not to dance to the beat.

After dancing through a few songs, she got tired and found a place to sit down and rest. Jessica handed her a glass of fruit juice. “How does that feel, huh? Do you feel much better now?” Elise nodded. Admittedly, she danced with all her heart to the rhythm of the music without thinking about anything else just now. Jessica then advised her, “Please don’t mind me talking too much, Elise. It’s just that I’m more philosophical about things. Since there are so many obstacles between you two, then you should stop thinking about this. You just saw how many men asked for your WhatsApp number, no?

You’re also a goddess in the eyes of others, so why humble yourself in front of others?” Undeniably, her words made sense. I’ve never thought of humbling myself before anyone. It’s just that… Never mind, there’s no point in mentioning these anymore, thought Elise. “Let’s go.”

She stood up, wanting to go back since she was tired. However, before she could get to her feet, she slumped heavily back onto the stool. Furthermore, she felt weak all over! “Jessica…” Her first instinct was to call for Jessica, as she realized that something was wrong with the fruit juice she just drank. However, Jessica merely stood across from her while staring at her indifferently.

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