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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 314

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 314

Upon hearing Alexander’s words, Elise instantly felt wretched. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that she was heartbroken. However, after taking a deep breath, she replied as indifferently as she could, “Your mom… You’d better go back, Alexander. I can’t bear the responsibility if anything happens to her.” However, the more indifferent she looked on the outside, the more vulnerable she felt deep down.

The fact that Alexander had come to her at this critical moment was enough to speak for itself, but she couldn’t just sit by and watch his mother go to extremes. That was how cruel reality was. “Elise.” Alexander called out to her and grabbed her hand, clenching it so tightly that she couldn’t pull her hand out of his grasp at all.

“I’ve made myself clear to my mom. I’m the man who calls the shots in the Griffith Family. I manage both the company and the household, so everyone respects me, fears me, and flatters me. I’m at the top of the business world, but you aren’t there, Elise. If you’re not there, I don’t want any of those,” he said, tightening his grasp. Elise’s pupils reflected Alexander’s figure as the couple was only inches apart. She saw the man very clearly, especially the pain in his eyes. In an instant, her voice got stuck in her throat. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t know where to begin.

Just then, Laura came out with a look of displeasure. “Can’t we stay away from that difficult mother of yours?” Her words rendered Alexander at a loss for a reply. His mother’s extreme behavior was still fresh in his mind, let alone Elise’s and her grandparents’. He was reluctant to part with Elise, nor was he willing to give up, but all words paled into insignificance at this moment. In the more than 20 years of his life, this was the first time he felt so powerless and helpless. Laura then persuaded, “I know you’re a nice kid, so go back. A man has too many responsibilities on his shoulders, not to mention that you’re not an ordinary man.

Elise’s grandpa and I only wish her to live a happy and peaceful life.” She gave Alexander a wave of dismissal. The next instant, she took Elise’s hand and turned back. Elise merely threw a glance at him without saying a word. This was quite a heavy blow to Alexander. “Eli—” He called out to her, trying to stop her. However, the instant he spoke, he felt like his throat was being squeezed by a pair of invisible large hands. He could neither say a word nor breathe. No, I can’t let her leave just like that! I can’t let this be the end of us! he thought. He ran after them, but as soon as he took a step forward, everything went black before his eyes.

As his last bit of consciousness slipped away, he heard Elise anxiously calling out to him… … “Alexander! Alexander!” Elise called out to Alexander again and again. She tried to shake him awake, but he didn’t respond. Panicked, she could no longer care about anything else. She called the butler over and had Alexander rushed to the hospital, keeping close to the man along the way. Laura and Robin couldn’t bear to see such a situation either, so they could only let Elise do so. Elise waited until five in the afternoon. Seeing that Alexander was still unconscious, she hurriedly ran to a doctor.

“Doctor, didn’t you say that the patient in Bed 23 only fainted because he got too emotional and didn’t have enough rest? Why is he still unconscious?” She was scared to death while sending Alexander to the hospital at the time. She really feared that something might have happened to him and that his life might be in danger, and it wasn’t until the checkup was done that she felt like a weight had been lifted off her chest. However, Alexander was still unconscious after she had stayed with him all day, and she dared not move him around lest the worst-case scenario might happen.

The thought of such a situation alone made it difficult for her to breathe. The doctor was a woman. She was holding the medical record in her hand. “Bed 23? Who’s the… Elise?” Elise was anxiously waiting for the doctor’s reply, but who would’ve thought that the latter would look up at her with a look of astonishment? Upon seeing the woman before her, Elise was startled as well. “Are you working here?” She recognized the woman at a glance. She was Jessica Bennett, Elise’s childhood playmate, who had gone to the same primary school and junior high as Elise.

They had contacted each other less often since the Bennett Family moved away during Elise’s first year in high school, so it surprised Elise that they would meet again in the hospital this time. “I’m working here as an intern, you remember? My grandpa’s ill, and he insisted on coming back, so we moved back here,” Jessica explained roughly. Then, she asked, “Is anyone in your family hospitalized?” “It’s my… friend.” Elise pursed her lips while collecting herself. She had nearly blurted out that Alexander was her fiancé, but now, she could only be friends with him. “I’ll go with you to take a look, then. I’ve just taken my turn on duty.”

“Okay.” Elise nodded and led Jessica to Alexander’s ward. When Jessica saw how handsome the person lying in bed was, she immediately teased Elise with a smile, “Hey, he’s your boyfriend, isn’t he?” From the door, she noticed Alexander in bed at a glance, especially his prominent brow ridge, pronounced features, and deep-set eyes. Elise didn’t explain her relationship with Alexander since she was very worried about him at the moment. “Please check on him first, Jessica. If you can’t, then help me bring your supervisor over.” “Alright, alright.” Jessica nodded with a smile.

Then, she went to the head of the bed. Just as she was about to take out her stethoscope, Alexander suddenly opened his eyes, startling both her and Elise. “You don’t have to check on me. I’m fine.” He didn’t look very well, and his thin lips were pinched together. His voice sounded steady and resonant to Jessica. Compared to when he was unconscious just now, the man was even more attractive at this moment. Seeing that Alexander was perfectly fine at the moment, Elise said, “Since you’re alright, I’ll be going back.” With that, she turned around and was about to leave. Her words instantly snapped Jessica out of her thoughts.

She quickly backed away, suggesting, “Well, why don’t you two have a chat first? I’ve got something else to attend to, so I’m leaving.” She took a deep breath and turned around, but Alexander’s deep eyes flashed before her mind’s eye, and she couldn’t seem to get them out of her mind. … As soon as Jessica left, Alexander immediately threw back the covers and got out of bed. He closed in on Elise, asking, “Why are you doing this?

You love me and are worried about me, no?” Elise pursed her lips while clenching her fists. “Do I need to explain it to you over and over again, Alexander? You’re no longer a kid. And besides, some words are meaningless to say.” She was unbearably indignant. Was all of that an act he put on to sound me out on purpose? I was worried to death just now! she thought. “Don’t you think it’s childish of you to behave like this, Alexander?”

“I admit that I was pretending to some degree, but I wasn’t pretending back when we were in your apartment,” Alexander replied. Having seen through Elise’s feelings at this moment, he pursed his lips and explained, “I’m scared, Elise. I just want to be with you while we can.” He reached out his hand to Elise. However, Elise swiftly dodged him before his hand could touch her. “I really want to be with you, Alexander, but it’s too difficult for us to stay together! Could you stop making things difficult for me?”

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