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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 313

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 313

“Why?” Alexander asked in a hoarse voice, his throat stinging with emotion. He even had difficulty breathing. Of course, his first instinct was to pick his mother up. However, Madeline clutched his hand firmly and demanded with all her might, “I’ll go to the hospital only if you promise me that you’ll break up with Elise…” Alexander didn’t expect his mother to be so unrelenting and stubborn even at this critical moment. “Mom…” Madeline shoved Alexander away at once. “Well then, just watch me die!” Alexander’s heart twinged when he saw Madeline’s attitude. Mom even dared to stab herself in the heart with a knife. Is there anything else she wouldn’t do? he thought.

However, he couldn’t just sit by and watch his own mother bleed to death in front of him either. Thus, he forcibly picked her up, letting her struggle in his arms. When Alexander emerged with Madeline in his arms, Elise, Robin, and Laura were taken aback by the sight of blood. After a moment’s silence, Robin and Laura shook their heads. “You’d better go back with us, Elise. Just forget about saying goodbye to Alexander. Let’s go,” Robin said with a long sigh. Elise was stupefied. Laura then said, “You’ve seen the situation now, Elise. His mother’s so uncompromising in her stance.

Even if you end up marrying Alexander, you’ll only have a hard time getting along with his family. Let’s go.” She tugged at Elise. In the end, Elise nodded. Love wasn’t just a matter between two people, so she couldn’t just sit by and watch Alexander being caught in such a dilemma. … Madeline was in critical condition since the knife went right into her heart. Alexander stayed close to her without letting her out of his sight. When the surgery was done and she was sent to the intensive care unit for observation, it was already 9.00PM. At first, he wanted to give Elise a phone call, but he put his cell phone back into his pocket after taking it out.

He thought it would be better to meet her directly at home, but when he arrived, her spacious apartment was pitch-dark. Is she asleep? he thought, but a slight feeling of anxiety crept over him… Subsequently, he entered the passcode and went in, only to find the house empty. She’s gone… Alexander couldn’t believe his eyes. He quickly took out his cell phone, but it didn’t show any incoming text messages or phone calls. He never thought Elise would leave, nor did he expect her to not even leave him a message. Why would this happen when we’ve gotten everything straight between us?

No, I’m gonna ask her about this! However, before he could set off, a call came in from Danny. “Hurry up and come to the hospital, Alexander. Mom’s come around, and she’s now demanding to see you. She said she’ll refuse medical treatment if she doesn’t get to see you. We couldn’t stop her no matter what…” Alexander could only turn back in the face of Danny’s desperate urging and Madeline’s extreme behavior. He knew where Elise was, so he could go to her anytime, but he couldn’t overlook his mother’s extreme behavior at the moment.

If he was late, she would die. At the hospital, Alexander’s eyes were sore when he saw his mother. Madeline’s face was ghastly pale, but her eyes were stern and ferocious. Even before Alexander came up to her, she fiercely said, “It’s fine if you don’t want Maya. I can look for someone else for you, but you must break up with Elise!” Danny and the bunch didn’t expect this to be the reason Madeline had Alexander called over. On the other hand, Alexander set his jaw grimly. Pulling a long face, he looked as black as thunder; even his voice was oppressive. “Do you really loathe her that much?” “Don’t you already know the answer to that question? If you insist on choosing her…”

Madeline began darting her eyes around. Seeing how Madeline’s eyes searched for Elise, Alexander snapped at once, “Don’t give me that, and stop looking for her! She’s gone!” Madeline was delighted. “That’s perfect. I’ll set you up on a blind date tomorrow.” Danny and the others couldn’t wrap their heads around this. Elise came from a prominent family background and was very capable. The young lady was only 19 years old, but she was a skilled singer, gamer, and fashion designer. She was both pretty and rich, so why would Madeline dislike her? And besides, Elise was a warmhearted person, which made her and Maya as different as chalk and cheese. Is it only because Elise doesn’t know how to please her?

However, Alexander replied, “If you have the energy to set me up on a blind date, you might as well take good care of yourself. I’m here to tell you to knock it off. If you don’t, I’ll die too—unless you want me to die in front of you!” “You—” Upon hearing his words, Madeline stared blankly at him. She mumbled, “Are you threatening me?” Alexander let out a sneer. “Well, it’s not like you’ve threatened me less often. Don’t forget whose son I am. Since you can do it, why can’t I?” he replied. Then, he turned around and left without hesitation. Madeline’s chest ached with anger, but she dared not summon up a lot of strength.

After all, she had just stabbed herself ruthlessly in the chest. Alexander was gone, and the remaining Griffith boys were disappointed with Madeline, though they couldn’t say anything else at this moment. Alexander left the company’s matters in Cameron’s hands. “Please take care of the company while I’m away. If it’s too much for you to handle, just go to my mom or anyone else from the Griffith Family.” How can I take care of the company if I can’t even keep my loved one by my side? Meanwhile, Elise took out her cell phone again and again. She had entered Alexander’s phone number and composed text messages, but she neither called him nor sent him a text message.

Whenever she wanted to do so, she would always recall the pool of deep red blood, as well as how anxious Alexander looked while carrying his mother in his arms. Grandma said this will be a common occurrence in the future if I don’t cut my losses. If that happens, both Alexander and I will be suffering for a long time.

After getting off the plane, she and her grandparents were picked up by their butler. Elise didn’t say a word along the way, though. The next day, all her classmates and teachers asked her where she was, and so did Danny and Jamie—but not Alexander. Alexander should’ve realized by this time that I’m gone, yet he didn’t send me any text messages. Is he angry with me? thought Elise. However, she didn’t expect to see Alexander.

The man stood before her with bloodshot eyes and a haggard face; he even had dark green stubble on his chin. “You…” Elise wanted to say something, but she didn’t know where to begin. Alexander asked, “Elise, you left and stayed as you please. What am I to you, then? A piece of garbage that you throw away whenever you want?”

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