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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 312

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 312

After all, Robin and Laura couldn’t bear to make such an unreasonable move as Madeline. They could only point angrily in the direction of the door… “If you came as an elderly, Elise would naturally welcome you. But if you only came to judge and criticize, I’ll tell you this: Elise didn’t do anything wrong, so we won’t accept your criticism. Laura and I will never allow her to be bullied like this!” “Mom, haven’t you caused enough trouble?” Alexander roared in anger. What is she doing here with the Dahlens? Maya is obviously the one at fault and guilty here, so why put this all on Elise?

“Alex, cut that crap! I don’t need you to criticize me. Everyone is aiming for peace, but Elise wants to force people to death! I will put my words here: You have to let Maya go right now!” Madeline angrily and outrightly refuted Alexander’s words. Meanwhile, Maya’s parents did not have her toughness. In order to save their daughter, they could only kneel down before Elise. “Miss Sinclair, I beg you to let our daughter go. Maya was wrong. When she’s released, I will definitely bring her to apologize to you, and we promise you that we will make sure she won’t have anything to do with Alexander ever again! Please… I beg of you…” Aside from begging her, Maya’s parents even began to kowtow toward Elise.

Elise was very upset to see such a scene, and she was indeed swayed. However, Alexander remained tough and said coldly, “If she knew she was wrong, would she still have done such a thing? You can’t just apologize because she’s afraid of facing legal sanctions. If everyone did this and apologized for killing someone, should we then pretend that nothing happened?” Alexander wouldn’t want to allow Maya to escape like this, and he didn’t want Elise to spare her at all. If she didn’t learn her lesson properly, she would never know what she did wrong! “Alex, you grew up with Maya.

She was such a kind girl that she would help those poor children and homeless old people whenever she went out, so how could she possibly kill? She only did such a wrong thing because she didn’t think it through in the first place. Can’t you give her another chance? I promise you—when she is released, I will take her out of here and never let her disturb you again, okay?” The Dahlens were crying so pitifully, and their voices were choked with tears—every word they said stirred Elise’s heart.

That being so, Alexander was not moved. “Alexander, stay out of this matter!” Madeline narrowed her brows, shot him a glare, and warned him in a low voice. When he heard that, Alexander merely sneered, “Elise is my fiancée; how can I not get involved in this matter? Mom, it’s okay that you don’t like Elise, but you shouldn’t bring them here like this. If you still see me as your son, take them and leave immediately!” “Or what?

Are you going to denounce our mother-son relationship?” Madeline felt both pained and ridiculed after hearing Alexander’s words. He was her son that she had raised for more than 20 years. Her husband was already estranged from her, and now even her son? Madeline was reluctant to accept this fact. “Alexander Griffith, I’m your mother. Do you think the person I favor could be that bad? The person who loves you will not be bad; she can help you in every way, and she—” “Even if you praised Maya to the sky, Mom, I won’t fall for her,” Alexander interrupted Madeline coldly.

When Elise saw the fighting between Alexander and his mother because of her, she interrupted softly, “Stop fighting, both of you. As long as Maya holds a media conference to publicly admit what she had done to me and promises not to find trouble with me in the future, I will let her go.” Elise pursed her lips and spoke slowly. This was her greatest tolerance. Robin and Laura both knew what kind of person Elise was, and since she had already made a decision, they wouldn’t say anything anymore. However, Alexander was more than unwilling to do so.

Nevertheless, Elise gestured at him, not wanting him to say anything further. In the next second, Alexander announced directly in front of everyone, “Miss Madeline Bowen, I want nothing to do with you in the future. From now on, I will sever all relations with you.“ “You—” Madeline would never have thought that Alexander would cut off his relationship with her so brazenly in front of so many people. She pointed at Alexander’s nose and almost didn’t manage to catch her breath. “You don’t want me, your mother, because of this woman?” Madeline asked Alexander hoarsely with tears in her eyes.

Alexander didn’t want to see her like this and turned his back to her. “It’s not that I don’t want you; it’s that you pushed me away. Go, and don’t hinder us anymore. I have decided to leave this place with Elise.” Alexander pursed his lips, and he sounded in pain. He had made it very clear in the beginning that he didn’t want things to get to this point, but she was forcing him to do so every step of the way. Maya’s parents were relieved when they heard what Elise said, and of course they wanted to lecture their daughter immediately before she changed her mind.

Both Robin and Laura, who were observing this situation, also gave Elise a look before they left the room. Soon, only Alexander and Madeline were left in the living room. Madeline did not leave; she only stared at Alexander quietly. At this point, she asked him calmly and coldly, “Let me ask you: Are you really determined to be with Elise Sinclair?” “What’s the point of you asking this? Didn’t you and my dad get together because of love?

Why do you push everyone to such extremes?” Madeline laughed out loud after hearing this—her heart was hurt. In fact, she had heard similar words from Alexander’s father. At the time, he questioned her so coldly and hated her so cruelly as well. He told her that he hated her and said that she was too extreme. But was it all her fault? “Wow. You Griffiths are truly all useless. Well, fine. Since everything is my fault, then I’ll grant your wish!”

Madeline laughed, and her laughter grew more and more miserable. Alexander felt extremely uncomfortable hearing that. He then turned his head hastily, only to see his mother rushing over to him like a maniac. Alexander wanted to grab her, but she grabbed the dagger on the coffee table instead… Almost immediately, he heard the sound of a sharp dagger piercing into flesh and saw a crimson river flow…

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