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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 309

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 309

Elise couldn’t help asking, “Did you do it? Or was it Alexander’s mother?” Matthew had already escaped, so how could there be anyone else who dared to oppose Alexander? “You will know when you’re here. What’s wrong? Are you scared?” Maya didn’t expect Elise to be so direct, but she wouldn’t give up if she didn’t meet with Elise today. “Scared? Never.” After saying such a bold sentence, Elise went to the address that Maya suggested. The location Maya chose was opposite the entrance of a cafe.

The moment their gazes met, Maya hooked her lips and smiled arrogantly and proudly. “Elise Sinclair, I really don’t know why you stay by Alex’s side. Today, my godmother has already said that she will match the two of us together. If you’re someone that knows your place, stay away.” She had heard many persuading her to leave Alexander. But her life was her own, so why should she listen to these people’s words—especially words from a prideful person like Maya?

“Then have you asked for Alexander’s opinion? Did he agree to it?” Elise couldn’t help but feel amused. He hadn’t even agreed yet, and she was already there imagining things on her own. “Alex is just temporarily infatuated by you, while I have known him since childhood, so of course he knows me more than he does you. So don’t make me do this the hard way!” Maya slammed the table. Honestly, Elise held no hostility toward Maya. After all, the persistent people in a relationship were very humble and extreme, but Maya shouldn’t be so arrogant in front of her.

She was not a servant of the Dahlen Family, so she didn’t have to take this from Maya at all! “Do you even have the ability to?” Elise sneered softly, not taking Maya’s words to heart at all. However, it wasn’t because Alexander had arranged for someone to protect her secretly, but because she genuinely wasn’t one bit afraid. But unexpectedly, Maya immediately kneeled down in front of her without saying a word. She begged very bitterly and humbly. “Elise, I beg you. I can’t live without Alex. Can you give me the chance to be with him? I know I’m wrong, so please forgive me…” As she said that, Maya also knocked her head on the ground.

Elise was immediately speechless. Is Maya actually acting in front of me? Elise watched on with a cold expression, but in the next second, many reporters appeared, and the flashlights from the camera were flickering constantly. That was when Elise instantly understood Maya’s true intention. “Elise, I really didn’t mean it. I know what I said was too much, but I also really love Alex. Even if you don’t agree, you didn’t have to do this to me, right?” As she spoke, Maya covered her left cheek and sobbed. It was such an epic performance that Elise couldn’t help but feel like giving her a thumbs up.

It was a shame she wasn’t an actress. “Maya, don’t you think you’re ridiculous, doing such a low-level thing? You covered your face and gave the media the illusion that I hit you, but have I actually hit you before? Also, you said that I was giving you a hard time. This restaurant has surveillance cameras, so shall we get the tapes to see who is the one lying and acting?” Elise folded her arms. She had faced her fair share of ridiculousness recently. At this point, she didn’t know whether to be angry or laugh at the ridiculousness. “Why is it that at this point, you still have to blame everything on me? I know I shouldn’t have asked you out today. If I could really give up on Alex, why would I beg you like this?

Huh?” Yuck! What a b*tchy thing to say. Elise didn’t want to talk nonsense with her, so she went directly to the clerk to get the surveillance tapes. But what was revealed in the tapes made Elise even more speechless. Although Maya chose the position facing the hall, there was a tree next to her, which blocked the camera the moment she kneeled down. Therefore, only the scene of Elise being domineering was seen in the surveillance. “Miss Sinclair, what else do you have to say for yourself now? If it were wrong to love someone, then why would anybody still bother to love?

We should all just be nuns and celibates!” “Miss Dahlen was just telling you the truth; you didn’t have to be so irritable, right? Everyone has the right to love. Besides, you and Mr. Griffith are already engaged. Don’t you trust Mr. Griffith in the least?” … When Elise heard these reporters’ pressing questions, she directly hit back. “The surveillance just happened to be covered, so she can say anything she wants. Didn’t you all see the surveillance? I didn’t do anything to her from the beginning to the end, so how am I the one giving her a hard time?”

Are these people blind? “Words cut deeper than knives.” “If you think my words would kill Maya, then let her die. If I am guilty, please let the law punish me. Don’t tell me all of this nonsense now!” As soon as these words left her mouth, reporters swarmed around Elise. Immediately, Elise pushed them away and quickly fled the scene. She didn’t want to explain to those people about what she didn’t do, but in their eyes, she was running away. They even described at length how she was bullying others and disrespectful. Hence, Elise was directly criticized by them.

All the while, Faye was just watching the whole thing unfolding online amusingly. She didn’t think it was enough of a big deal, so she exposed Elise’s involvement in her family affairs on the Internet as well. In a split second, netizens canceled and attacked Elise. ‘Who does she think she is? Does she think she is really rich? Does she really think of herself as a savior? How is it her place to butt in on other people’s family affairs?’

‘She’s on her high horse, but she’s actually just pretending and doesn’t know anything. I don’t like this kind of garbage the most—she doesn’t deserve to be in Athesea at all!’ … When Maya saw that everyone was speaking for her, she even made a special video. In the video, she looked pitiful with her crying eyes and running nose. She took the blame upon herself. “Don’t scold Elise like this because it’s my fault. In fact, it’s also my own incompetence.

If I were good enough, Alex wouldn’t be with her, and here I am, being delusional and begging her to give Alex back to me. All of this is impossible, so I shouldn’t be so delusional…” Following that, the netizens cyberbullied Elise even more fiercely. ‘Wow. So Elise Sinclair was the mistress that destroyed other people’s relationships? Ew, I really didn’t expect someone to be such a scumbag at such a young age. This is f*cked up!’

‘There are more f*cked up things to come! Did you know? When Elise was in the small county town, she was a prostitute, and the reason why she came to Athesea was just because she wanted to help her rich godfather to get to the Griffith Family—it was a combined work from inside and outside, you know?’ ‘How are you so certain?’ ‘Of course I am! I was the father of the child in Elise’s womb, and I am Elise’s first man!’

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