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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 305

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 305

“I’ll ask Cameron to contact you,” Alexander replied, his voice hoarse. In the next second, he gave Cameron’s number to Jamie. After he hung up the phone, Jack, Danny, and Brendan all surrounded him, anxiously asking him about the situation. “Alexander, how did Elise get involved?” “Is what the Internet saying about Elise true—” Before Brenda could finish speaking, Danny interrupted sharply, “Of course not! Boss has already revealed her identity. Didn’t you have a cooperation with her? Your design and your song?

What are you two thinking?!” It wasn’t that Brendan wanted to draw that conclusion, but what had happened was too intense—so intense that all of this didn’t seem to be a coincidence at all, but rather a premeditated scheme! “I… But why is it that Quentin happened to invite Mom to dinner, and why was Elise by her side when this happened to her? Didn’t the police already investigate it? There’s no third person.” Alexander couldn’t bear to hear speculations about Elise anymore, so he suddenly yelled, “That’s enough! She’s been with us for so long. Do we still need to guess what kind of person she is?”

Danny immediately walked to Alexander’s side and agreed. “That’s right. If she weren’t a nice person, Grandpa wouldn’t have liked her so much, and I wouldn’t have acknowledged her as my boss!” Brendan lowered his head. The person who dared not speak up the most was him. Meanwhile, Jack was just curious as to why Elise was involved. “About this incident, Elise was framed. I’ll take care of it. During this period, you guys take care of Mom and be aware of Matthew.” As he spoke, Alexander shot his mother a subconscious glance. Madeline was now lying on a hospital bed, and she was using a heavy oxygen cylinder, next to which was a heart rate monitor. The doctor told them that she was in critical condition, and that she had suffered excessive blood loss.

This reminded Alexander of the day Jonah left. “Alexander, didn’t the police arrest Matthew? What happened? Did he escape again?” Danny shouted in horror. “He couldn’t have done this, could he?” Jack frowned, feeling extremely displeased. Brendan’s expression was the same. “That’s right. All of this happened so suddenly. Such things have never happened before. Alexander, say something. Does this have anything to do with Matthew?” “When Elise called me, I received a call from Matthew. He did this, but I have no evidence.” At the mention of Matthew, Alexander clenched his fists. He shouldn’t have let Matthew go just because of his grandfather’s last words! “Oh, did Matthew escape?”

Danny was at a loss. The other two were puzzled too. Alexander finally explained, “Not long after Matthew was arrested by the police, the officer who had been following Grandpa’s case sent me a recording. Grandpa left me a message, telling me not to make things difficult for Matthew. He said that he was still a part of the Griffith Family, and that all these years had been rough for him.” At that time, he still didn’t want to let Matthew go because he still reckoned that Matthew killed Jonah. If Matthew hadn’t done something to the brakes, his grandfather wouldn’t have died. However, Jonah’s recording kept echoing in his ears, and he was reminded about how cautious Matthew had been in the Griffith Family all these years.

This was Jonah’s last wish, and he was almost speaking in a pleading tone. In the end, Alexander let Matthew go, but he didn’t tell anyone, and he then issued an eviction order against Matthew. But instead of feeling gratitude and repentance, Matthew only felt a stronger hatred! Alexander reckoned that it was his fault. He brought harm to his mother and Elise! Seeing Alexander’s look of self-blame, Danny couldn’t help but comfort him, “Alexander, how can you blame yourself for this matter? It’s Matthew who brought them harm. Now, there’s no evidence, but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be! We’ll just have to let Boss endure for a few days, then we can rescue her.”

“Yes, Elise isn’t like those delicate girls. She can understand.” Jack echoed Danny’s words and comforted Alexander as well. Brendan, on the other hand, was extremely ashamed. “I misunderstood her just now. I know that now! When she comes out, I must apologize to her in person!” Danny clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes at him. “You don’t say! If Boss found out that you misunderstood her just like everyone else, she would certainly beat you up! Alexander, shall we go visit her?” Alexander nodded. However, at the police station, they found out that someone had already visited Elise today, so they couldn’t see her anymore. Danny could only assure his brother, “Alexander, it’s okay. We’ll come back tomorrow.”

But, an hour later, Alexander received a call from Cameron. “President Griffith, Young Master Jamie and I found out that Mrs. Griffith’s car was intercepted and driven to the back alley before it turned out of the alley and went to the restaurant where she was supposed to meet Miss Sinclair. Although there was no surveillance, there were witnesses who said that they saw a person dressed like a rich lady being propped up by someone, and another person was wearing the same clothes as her.” What Cameron just reported was the most important evidence.

Undoubtedly, this was the best news for Alexander. But soon, Jamie extinguished that joy. “President Griffith, the witness is unwilling to testify, saying that he’s afraid of retaliation. Moreover, the footage captured by the surveillance camera isn’t clear. The license plate number was blacked out, and the car was scrapped.” “Do you think this is what I wanted to hear? Cameron, you’ve been working for me for so many years, so you should know what kind of assistant I want!” Cameron didn’t dare to speak again. “Bring all the surveillance footage to the police station.

Have you found a lawyer for her?” Alexander pressed on. Cameron answered truthfully, “Miss Sinclair’s proof of properties has been brought out, and a lawyer has been appointed. We’ll still need to wait a while before she can go to court, and there are many reporters at the entrance of the police station—” The main method was to steer public opinion! Before he finished speaking, Danny shouted anxiously, “Alexander, Old Master Sinclair is here!”

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