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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 302

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 302

In fact, Elise didn’t want things to get to this point either. Nevertheless, Alexander’s guess was correct. Besides her… No, there’s also Faye! “It’s highly likely that it has nothing to do with your mother.” As soon as Elise said this, Alexander picked up on it. “Then, who else could it be related to? Who did you have a grudge against lately?”

“Miss Faye Anderson,” Elise answered with a sense of melancholy. Initially, she didn’t want to care about the Anderson Family, but when she thought of Bertha as well as Jeanie, who pretended to be crazy, she felt uneasy. “I’ll find out exactly who did it!” Alexander pursed his lips, and his expression was thunderous. Before they found out who did it, Quentin, Elise’s godfather, went to look for her. “Papa?

Why are you here?” When Elise saw Quentin walking over from the opposite side, she was stunned. “If I didn’t show up, I don’t know how else you would be bullied. I’m looking for that fiancé of yours. He really is useless. How can something like this happen under his watch? What does he do for a living?” Quentin sneered coldly, utterly dissatisfied. Elise kept giving him a look, feeling troubled, but Quentin didn’t relent. He already knew that Elise was having a meal with Alexander, so naturally, he noticed that Alexander was next to her. He had deliberately said those remarks for him to hear! “I didn’t protect Elise well, so—” “Indeed. You didn’t protect her well, and? You’re still trying to justify yourself?”

Quentin shot Alexander a glance and snorted. Lowering his head, Alexander agreed. “Yes, Papa. What you said is right—” “Who are you calling Papa? You and Elise aren’t married yet! Other people may hear it if you say it here, and if you don’t end up marrying Elise in the future, how is she supposed to find someone else?” Having been cut off by Quentin once again, Alexander stopped talking and simply stood humbly before Quentin. In terms of status, not only was Quentin a business tycoon, he was also a senior. More importantly, he was Elise’s godfather. Since he had decided to be with Elise for a long time, her relatives and friends were his relatives and friends too. So as a junior, he should act like one.

Elise hurriedly grabbed Quentin’s wrist, then said in a low voice, “Papa, this matter has nothing to do with him. Someone deliberately slandered me and wanted to ruin my reputation.” “Isn’t that related to him? Ellie, before you met him, did you have to endure such slander?” “Papa.” Elise shook Quentin’s arm, signaling for him to not continue. Although she didn’t have these troubles before she met Alexander, she was still in the countryside then. Moreover, none of these things were caused by him. “You’re still trying to protect him.” Shaking his head, Quentin could only sigh in response to Elise defending Alexander.

Sure enough, it was hard to keep a girl at home when she was of age. “You go out. I’d like to speak to him alone.” Quentin motioned to Elise, who knew that once her godfather decided to do something, it had to be done. She cast Alexander a pitiful look, and at the same, she was embarrassed. She had tried her best… “The person who handled the cyberbullying wasn’t you?” Before Quentin came, he had already gotten a clear understanding of the matter. “It wasn’t.” Alexander nodded. In the next second, Quentin immediately sneered, “You’re the president of the Griffith Group, and your family ranks first in Athesea.

Yet, you need your fiancée to find someone else to solve this trivial matter? Although she’s not related to me by blood, in my heart, she’s my biological daughter. If you’re not capable of protecting her, you should be more alert and back off. I can introduce her to a lot more people who look like you!” When Quentin spoke, contempt was clear in his tone and expression. He had no regard for Alexander whatsoever. As a business tycoon, he could have the confidence to say that. With his head bowed, Alexander promised, “It was indeed my negligence for not knowing about this matter as soon as it happened. But, no matter what happens, I’ll always be on her side. I know that there are many people who are better than me, but I truly love her, and I have the ability to protect her.

I’ll do whatever it takes, even if I lose my life!” The whole time Alexander was talking, Quentin was studying him. If he wasn’t sincere, Alexander would never treat a stranger with such a humble attitude. “Doesn’t your mother disagree? Have you figured out how to get through to her?” Quentin was satisfied with Alexander’s answer, but the most important question remained. “Papa, my mother and Elise are like both sides of my hand. No matter what, I can’t and won’t give up on either side. This will indeed make things difficult for me, but since I’m engaged to her, then I’ll naturally have to be responsible for her future.

This is by no means an empty promise.” Quentin could see that Alexander’s attitude was firm, but it was technically just an empty promise now. Anyone could express such an attitude. The important moment depended on the development of the matter and how Alexander handled it. But for now, he reckoned that Alexander was all right. “Call your mother and tell her that I’m inviting her to dinner tonight.” He would like to meet Madeline and ask her what was wrong with his goddaughter! “Okay.” Alexander did as Quentin said, but after Madeline received the call, she was immediately frightened and began to pace back and forth in the living room.

Her pale face exposed everything she was feeling. “Godmother, what’s the matter with you?” “Elise’s godfather, Quentin, asked to meet for a meal. He found out about it—” “Godmother, what are you talking about? What could he have found out?” Seeing how panicked Madeline was, Maya hurriedly interrupted her. How could Madeline not understand what Maya meant? However, Quentin was a huge figure in the business world. Could he be fooled? “Maya, I’m afraid this matter is… If it doesn’t work out, I can only be unfair to you.” Madeline hesitated, then finally let out a long sigh.

As soon as Maya heard this, her expression changed in an instant. “That won’t do. They’ll definitely hold me accountable. If they get my family involved… Godmother, you’re different from me. Isn’t Alex with Elise? If Elise takes action against you, then it can only prove that she’s not sincere about Alex!” Madeline figured that what she said was reasonable, but in the next second, she suddenly thought of an important point.

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