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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 301

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 301

Inside the private room, Elise was going to go to the restroom. “I’ll go with you!” As soon as she told Alexander that, he got up. Seeing his furrowed brows, Elise was between tears and laughter. “I’m just going to the restroom.” “What if my mom finds trouble with you?” This was what Alexander was worried about. Elise chuckled. “Hadn’t she already caused me trouble? She’s out in public, so she wouldn’t possibly not take care of her image. Don’t worry about me. I won’t be so easily affected.” She didn’t bump into Madeline or Maya in the restroom, but she heard other people’s discussion about her.

“Wow, I really didn’t expect Young Master Alex’s fiancée to have such a history. She willingly became her godfather’s pawn, and she even got an abortion before!” “Otherwise, why would she conceal her real appearance? She’s just afraid of other people finding out about her, isn’t she?” “But she didn’t reveal it when she got engaged! Oh, my God! Is there something wrong with Young Master Alex? He actually likes someone as ugly as her!” “Maybe she hypnotized Young Master Alex!” “Then, let’s hurry up and expose her…” When Elise heard their chatter, she immediately realized that someone had deliberately slandered her and Quentin on the Internet, causing netizens to cyberbully her.

Elise then called Jamie and ordered, “Find out the ID number of the user who published false statements about me and Quentin. Find out who that person is!” Jamie froze upon hearing this. What false statement is she talking about? Why don’t I know about it? “Boss, was it posted on the Internet? Or…” Although his question was nonsensical, he truly didn’t understand what was going on. “What do you think?” Elise retorted coldly before hanging up the phone. Her expression was gloomy as she exited the restroom stall. The girls who were discussing her looked as if they had just seen a ghost, and they were shocked to the point of silence. Elise walked domineeringly toward them, then sneered, “Unfortunately for you, I heard everything you just said.

I just want to remind you all not to blindly follow the crowd if you don’t know the truth. Otherwise, you might get into trouble with the law!” She wasn’t a pushover who could be easily controlled. She was clear about the matter between her and Quentin, and she would never allow someone to create rumors and slander her. When one of the girls slowly recovered, she stood firm with her resentment toward Elise. “If it’s not true, why would someone expose you on the Internet? Besides, we just made a few remarks. What do you mean get into trouble with the law?

Do you think we know nothing about the law?” Hah! This girl was caught red-handed by the topic of their discussion, yet she was still so bold and even justified her actions. Elise was amazed by her boldness. She sneered, “You guys just made some remarks, but you’re harming my reputation. Those who exposed me on the Internet just made some off-handed comments. Have you guys ever seen anything unusual between me and my godfather? Also, have you ever seen me hypnotize Alexander? Let me remind you that there was never anything wrong with Alexander. What you said just now was slander, and you were even framing me. At first, I didn’t want to hold a grudge against you guys; I just wanted to give a kind reminder.

But now, it seems like…”As she spoke, Elise raised her voice and let out a cold laugh. “W-What are you going to do?” Her smile and tone frightened the few girls, taking away their ability to speak properly. Elise didn’t back down, and her tone remained unchanged as she casually said, “What could I possibly do? All of you had better not leave the restroom. Otherwise, if the surveillance camera outside captures your faces, I’ll lodge a police report and have you girls arrested anytime!” With that, Elise left without turning back. That’s what they get for following the trend and being keyboard warriors!

What Elise didn’t know was that after she left, the few girls were truly afraid and dared not leave the restroom. However, the restroom stank. How could they keep on waiting inside? Covering their faces, they ran out of the restroom. Meanwhile, Elise returned to the private room. Upon seeing the smile on her face, Alexander was puzzled and asked, “What are you so happy about?” “I just dealt with a few people…” “What?”

“Just some Internet trolls. Someone supposingly exposed me and my godfather on the Internet and created rumors about us. I caught a few girls talking about it in the restroom, so I gave them a warning,” Elise explained. When Alexander heard this, his expression grew even nastier. “Who on earth dared to expose you on the Internet? They’re really asking for it!” “I’ve already asked Jamie to handle this matter…” “It would be fine if he could handle it, but I’d better ask Cameron to investigate it too.

Otherwise, I won’t be at ease.” Alexander’s face was tense, and he already had a suspect in mind, so he subconsciously asked, “Elise, if my mom was the one behind this, what would you do?” “Alexander, this is the same as me asking who you would save first if your mother and I fell into the water at the same time. Nevertheless, I would always seek truth from facts!”

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