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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 299

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 299

When Elise heard Matthew’s words, she was instantly stunned. Didn’t the police arrest him? “If you still think of me as a friend, then come. I’ll send the address to your phone.” Shortly afterward, Matthew sent his location over. It was a famous Italian restaurant in the south of the city, where reservations were usually required, and the queue may even go up to a few days. Elise hesitated but still went over. To her surprise, Matthew had actually booked the entire restaurant. Why’s he making it such a big deal? “What urgent matter do you need my help with?” Elise was confused.

Although she didn’t know what happened after the police took him away, now that he was being so extravagant, she wondered whether Alexander had decided to let him go. “Can’t we talk while eating? Besides, I think there’s no hatred between us, so why are you so defensive?” A smile played on Matthew’s lips as he teased Elise and poured her a cup of tea. Matthew isn’t such a healthy person! Looking at him, Elise couldn’t help but say, “It’s not that I’m being defensive. We didn’t have the same interests in mind in the first place. Matthew, since Alexander has spared you, you should turn over a new leaf.”

Nevertheless, her advice was immediately rejected by him with a laugh. Matthew looked up at Elise and said with a low voice, “Turn over a new leaf? Elise, you won’t understand the pain if you weren’t hurt. Do you know how I managed to survive for the past few years? Do you know how I escaped after the police arrested me that day?” If it hadn’t been for Matthew’s sudden announcement to establish himself, she wouldn’t have known that he was an illegitimate child. Although she hadn’t experienced Matthew’s life, she could imagine what life was like as an illegitimate child.

She couldn’t persuade him back then, and seeing the hatred in his eyes now, she knew it wouldn’t work now either. “Then, why’d you call me out here today? Do you want me to have dinner with you, or do you want me to pass a message to Alexander?” Elise never picked up the cup of tea Matthew poured for her. Instead, every question she asked had a hidden meaning. “With my current attitude, is there anything else I need to convey to him? Elise, I heard about you and Alexander. His mother doesn’t like you, but I’m different. No one can tell me what to do.” “What are you talking about?”

Elise shot up in anger when she heard this. “Did I say anything wrong? I was the first one to discover your true colors, and didn’t you come here in the first place to pick a husband among the five of us?” “Yes, there’s nothing wrong with what you’re saying, but Matthew, I’m now your brother’s fiancée. I treat you as a friend, and I sincerely hope the best for you, so please stop being so obsessive.” “So what?” Having gotten such a bleak response, Elise suddenly found him incomprehensible. “Isn’t it enough that you killed Grandpa? If it wasn’t because you’re a descendant of the Griffith Family—” “Enough!”

Elise was cut off by Mathew’s furious roar. Elise froze. This was her first time seeing Matthew so angry. “I called you here to ask if you want to be with me or not.” “I don’t!” Elise replied and threw the facts of the matter to his face. “Even if I wasn’t engaged to your brother, I wouldn’t want to be with you!” With that, Elise got up to leave, but Matthew grabbed her. “What, now? You wanna do it the rough way?” Elise let out a mocking laugh. Without waiting for Matthew’s answer or for her to exert strength again, several tall men in black suits emerged and surrounded Matthew. Under their oppression, Matthew had no choice but to let go of Elise. Looking at the men, Elise remembered what Alexander had said.

All of a sudden, her heart felt warm. Elise hesitated, then said, “Matthew, I don’t want to see you brothers destroying each other.” After that, Elise left the restaurant. All the while, the men blocked Matthew. He was the weaker party because he was alone, so he couldn’t chase after her. After the men escorted Elise, Matthew couldn’t suppress his anger and smashed the glass in front of him. … After Elise came out of the restaurant, the people Alexander had arranged disappeared from sight. She then went to the Griffith Group. Everyone in Athesea knew that she was engaged to Alexander, so naturally, the staff at Griffith Group was no exception.

Navigating smoothly through Griffith Group, she arrived at his office, but he was nowhere to be seen. In the end, Cameron, who came back to fetch some documents, saw her. “Miss Sinclair, the president is in a meeting now. Would you like to have a drink?” Elise shook her head. “Then, I’ll notify—” “Let him finish his work first,” Elise interrupted Cameron. She didn’t come here to disturb Alexander anyway. But how could Cameron possibly have the guts to not inform his boss? Hence, he immediately went to the conference room to report Elise’s arrival to Alexander. Before he finished speaking, Alexander got up and left, leaving a room full of puzzled executives. Upon seeing Alexander’s behavior, Cameron smiled.

As expected, Miss Sinclair is different. In the president’s office, Elise was picking up a magazine to read when Alexander’s low voice sounded in her ear. “Why didn’t you tell me?” His sudden appearance frightened her and caused her to jump. The next second, she saw him standing in front of her. He was wearing a suit, and he was frowning deeply, seemingly unhappy. Needless to say, Cameron must have told him. “Weren’t you in a meeting? Your work is important, so I didn’t want to bother you.” “I’m not happy because you didn’t want to bother me.” Alexander slowly pursed his thin lips, and his voice was low. Knocks sounded at the door. With no intention of looking at the door, Alexander said plainly, “Come in.”

After entering, Cameron seemed to have something important to report, but he only spoke after hesitating for a long time. “Sir—and Miss Sinclair, since you’re here too—the bodyguard you’ve sent to protect Miss Sinclair just came and said that Young Master Matthew met with Miss Sinclair…” Before Cameron could finish, Elise saw Alexander’s face darken. He’s angry. Elise blinked at Cameron before taking hold of Alexander’s hand. “He didn’t create any trouble for me. He just wanted to meet.” Having received Elise’s blinking hints, Cameron got the message and left the office.

“Does he ever not cause you trouble when he meets you?” Alexander snorted coldly, his tone mocking and indifferent. Elise understood what he meant. “If Grandpa were still here, he definitely wouldn’t want to see you and Matthew in this state. If you didn’t care about brotherhood, would Matthew still be alive and well right now?” Elise pursed her lips and spoke the truth. “I’ve already let him go, yet he’s still testing my patience.

How can I allow him to continue stirring up trouble?” Alexander looked gloomy and indifferent, and his tone was resolute. Matthew isn’t backing down, and Alexander… Sigh. It’s really hard getting caught in the middle! “All these years, I’ve always held a grudge against Matthew. He has always wanted to defeat me.” “Still, I can’t just watch both of you destroy each other!”

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