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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 284

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 284

Despite being in a stupor, Janice was still asking for help meekly. “Send me back. I don’t want to stay here. I don’t want to play anymore…” The man who was calling for her to chug earlier pulled her up. “Stop pretending; we barely even started yet. All of us have brought out our best collection of liquor, and you think you can leave just like that before we’re satisfied?” he said and grabbed the nearest glass of whisky before pouring it into Janice’s mouth roughly. Struggling in misery, Janice pressed her lips together tightly, and all the alcohol which couldn’t get in were spilled out, soaking her clothes as she whimpered weakly.

“Ugh!” Pathetic and helpless like a puppy that had fallen into the waters, she looked like she might suffocate any minute. Damn, how I hate this unreasonable empathy of mine, Elise thought. This bunch of a*sholes who treat women as playthings don’t even have the least respect for life at all. Forget it. I’ll just pretend that she’s a stranger to me. That way, I feel better if I help her. After struggling within herself, she finally decided to take Janice away. Just as she was about to open her mouth, a hand next to her reached out and grabbed the man’s hand which was pouring the drink.

As Alexander had already read her mind, he had acted before she did. “That’s enough.” “Who are you to stick your nose into this?” Jerking Alexander’s hand away, the man raised his fist and swung it with full force. The second before his fist landed on Alexander, the latter blocked it with his palm, wrapped his hand around the man’s fist, and gave it a strong twist. The sounds of dislocated bones echoed, and the man kneeled down in pain. “Ah! Jonah, save me! Jonah!” Hearing his cries, a person inside the VIP room sprang up and marched toward them.

Quickly, Alexander released his hand and kicked down the man who was pouring the whisky. With lightning speed, he caught Jonah’s fist, which was flying in his direction, and threw Jonah over his shoulder, tossing him into the VIP room opposite. Before Jonah could scramble to his feet, Alexander dashed forward and grabbed him by his throat. After struggling a little, Jonah wanted to stand up by propping up on the couch, but Alexander placed a foot on his chest and pushed him down. With only limited air, he could no longer exert his strength and gave up all resistance. Alexander was no stranger to Jonah, and even though the latter was beaten to the floor by Alexander, his tone was stubborn.

“It’s you again, Griffith. This is the second time you’re spoiling my plans today.” Instead of answering, Alexander cast a glance backward, scaring away the others in the VIP room who were waiting to strike with his dark, solemn eyes. “I don’t mean to interfere with your personal affairs, but I’m taking away that woman.” “What makes you think you can do that? I’m the one who brought her here. What, now? Was she your plaything before?” Jonah sneered, as though it could diminish the awkwardness that he was under Alexander’s foot now. Sweeping his eyes over him coldly, Alexander said, “Elise, take her and go first.” She gave him a nod and went to help Janice up before retreating back to the staircase.

After making sure that they were in a safe situation, Alexander released Jonah. Step by step, he walked backward as Jonah got up from the couch. Gritting his teeth, Jonah patted the spot Alexander stepped on earlier and glared fiercely at him, but when he saw Elise behind him, his expression broke into delight. Well, I found her without any effort at all. The lighting earlier was too dim, and Elise was standing too far away for him to catch a good look at her. Upon a second look, he felt that this woman was uglier than the picture on her student ID.

From the fashion show until now, Elise Sinclair has been together with Alexander? I’ve heard for a long time that he’s already engaged, but I didn’t think that his fiancée would be such an ugly woman. At the thought of this, he didn’t feel so bad that he was repeatedly beaten by Alexander. Sensing the sinister in Jonah’s gaze, Alexander immediately moved a few steps to the side and placed himself completely between Elise and Jonah. His eyes burned like torches, asserting his dominance. Jonah narrowed his eyes. Looks like I was right; Sinclair is his woman. That makes this game even more exciting. If I can make his woman mine, that will pay for all the frustrations I suffered!

With a dirty smile still remaining on his face, Jonah was already beginning to imagine Elise kneeling in front of him, begging him for his love. In the distance, Elise saw his distasteful smile through the gap and was disgusted. Is Janice blind? She even threw herself at such a pretentious man. If we hadn’t run into her this time, she would probably end up in a ditch somewhere. A short moment of confrontation passed, and it was Alexander who spoke first to break the silence. “Sorry for spoiling everyone’s mood today. The bill is on me today, so just order what you would like to drink and I’ll get the boss to put it on my tab. I’ll excuse myself.” After all, he was the one in the wrong for snatching someone away.

Spending some money could save a lot of trouble, and it was all pros and no cons. After saying that, he turned and left while covering the two girls. After their figures had disappeared into the crowd downstairs, the atmosphere in the VIP room turned lively again. “What a damper the night has been. Where’s the waiter? Come here. Bring me a round of all the most expensive liquor you have. Damn it. Isn’t he really rich? I’ll rack up a huge bill for him, then!” “Exactly. Serve us everything that is expensive. No one is going home tonight without getting wasted!” “Hey, Jonah. Don’t be mad anymore. This drink is to you. It’s just a woman, and we can find any type downstairs…” Jonah was wearing a long face, and when someone next to him came over with a drink, he directly splashed the drink in the glass on his face.

These were rich and wealthy people who just wanted to have some fun when they gathered, so the man was immediately peeved when he was suddenly humiliated like this. “What the fck?!” The words had just left his lips when Faye barged into the room suddenly, grabbed a glass of drink, and splashed it on Jonah’s face. “Fck!” Swearing in anger, Jonah was so mad that he wanted to retaliate, but when he stood up and saw that the person was Faye, he clenched his jaw and swallowed his anger. After rolling her eyes at him in disappointment, she turned to the man who had the drink splashed in his face. “Doug, do you think this is enough as an apology? If not, I’ll splash another drink on him.”

Everyone was stunned by Faye’s actions. After a long while, someone finally reacted and hurriedly tried to pacify the situation. “That’s enough. We’re all friends, and it’s fine now after the frustrations have been vented. Be the bigger person and don’t take this to heart, Doug.” “He’s right. Doug, Jonah, we’re going to be friends for life, and we shouldn’t turn into enemies just because one did something stupid in a drunken stupor, right?” After hearing so many speeches, Doug figured it would be awkward if he acted up again, so he merely waved his hands in embarrassment, putting an end to the situation.

“Thanks for your understanding, Doug.” Faye cast him an apologetic smile and turned to Jonah. Immediately, her attitude was stone-cold again. “Come with me for a while,” she said, leading the way toward the emergency exit. When she pushed the door open to the stairwell, she happened to bump into a couple who were making out. She knitted her brows, and her strong, dominant air made the couple scurry away in fear.

Before leaving, they even muttered, “Crazy woman.” When they brushed past Jonah, he misheard them and thought that they were scolding him. Holding his fist, he was going to chase after them. “Who are you calling crazy, you asholes!” “Come back here!” Faye yelled at him to stop. Only then did he drag his feet back to the stairwell unwillingly. Before he had barely stood still, she gave him a tight slap across the face. The numbness in his face from the slap instantly made him alert, and he roared, “Are you fcking crazy?!”

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