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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 280

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 280

Then, Jeanie spun around and looked at her, saying, “Mom, shouldn’t Yoyo be calling you Grandma?” Tears of joy rolled down Bertha’s face. “What did you call me earlier? You called me Mom! Jeanie, you finally remembered who I am!” Pulling Elise, Jeanie gazed at Bertha pleadingly as she said, “Mom, please don’t drive Yoyo away, okay?” Bertha gave her a nod. “Okay, she’s not going anywhere,” she uttered, turning to Elise. “Elise, stay and have a chat with her.” Having received approval, Elise answered, “Okay. I got it, Madam!” After glancing at the unlocked door, Bertha paced over and saw Faye standing outside.

“Didn’t you understand what I said, little fox? Get away from here.” Even though Faye wanted to say something more, Bertha slammed the door shut in her face with a loud bang. Snubbed and disgruntled, Faye stood outside until her expression gradually turned grim. Silently, her hands by her sides clenched tightly, and the servant in a corner paced to her cautiously before asking, “Are you okay, Miss Faye?” “I’m fine,” she answered in indifference. “Miss Faye, will our plans be ruined now that you got this outsider here?” the servant asked next. An icy glare from the corners of Faye’s eyes pierced through her.

“What sort of waves can a freshman who just entered university possibly cause? Since that lunatic likes her, I’ll take it as granting her final wish. She’s been my mother for years, after all. As for Elise Sinclair, she’s just a dumb b*tch who doesn’t want money; she even talked about the precious relationship between a mother and daughter—how ridiculous! There aren’t many idiots like her left in this world.” After saying that, she left the spot, but Bertha was standing by the door and had heard everything she just said. Only then did it hit her that she seemed to have the wrong idea about Elise.

Still, the expression on her face was normal, and there were no changes. “Yoyo, where have you been all these years? They all told me that you were dead. All of them said the same thing, but only I know that you’re not dead and you must be alive. And now, I finally see you again.” Filled with excitement, Jeanie wiped her tears as she spoke. However, Elise’s feelings toward her were very complicated because when they met for the first time, her eyes were brimming with maternal love for her. Not only did it touch her, it was also unforgettable. That was why she willingly accepted Faye’s request.

And now, Jeanie’s words had moved her. People say that the greatest emotion in the world was maternal love, and she fully experienced it from Jeanie. “Jeanie, are you alright?” Looking at Bertha, Jeanie rushed into her arms. “Mom!” Patting her back gently, Bertha cried, “Oh, my dear Jeanie! I waited far too long for you to call me Mom again.” Unexpectedly, Jeanie released her slowly, and the look on her face was entirely normal without a single trace of lunacy. Then, she turned to Elise with deep emotions hidden behind her eyes as she said to Bertha, “Mom, I’m fine! I’m well and I didn’t lose my mind!”

Bertha gawked at her in bewilderment. “But… you…” “Mom, calm down and listen to me,” Jeanie said, turning to look at Elise next to her before standing up. Looking at her carefully, she continued, “I’m sorry. I think the things I say may be a little presumptuous, but when I first saw you, I really thought that you looked so much like my mother when she was young. That’s why I mistook you for my daughter, Yoona.” Upon hearing that, the situation became clear to Elise.

Since she had no curiosity about the family affairs of others, she merely nodded slightly and said, “That’s okay. If you have something to say to each other, I’ll be going first, then.” “Hang on!” Jeanie stopped her. “Elise, may I call you by your name like this?” “Sure, of course,” Elise replied. “I know that you’re not the same kind of person as Faye,” Jeanie said. “You’re a good kid, and that’s why I didn’t hide anything from you earlier. I don’t know the reason Faye got you here, but I can tell you clearly that she’s not a good person, so please don’t have too many interactions with her.”

“I know exactly how much evil that little fox had done behind our backs, and even what she’s planning! It’s true that you can’t make somebody else’s child your own. After all these years, we’ve just raised an ingrate!” Bertha said furiously, whereupon Jeanie’s face turned serious. “If she was merely coveting material gains, I can turn a blind eye to the things she’s doing. However, according to my investigations while pretending to be a lunatic, she might be involved with Austin and Trevor’s accident…” The moment the words left her lips, the atmosphere in the air changed; Elise’s eyes turned solemn, and Bertha was so shocked that she was speechless.

“That btch… They’re her father and brother. How could she bring herself to do that! She’s heartless!” “She is heartless, as well as an ashole!” Jeanie added. “She’s only willing to give up when Austin and Trevor are lying in the hospital beds now, completely incapable of moving! And now, I’m worried that she’ll lay her hands on us, too. So, we have no other choice now but to ask you for help, Elise,” she said, then she went down on her knees with a loud thud. “Elise, I’m begging you. Please help us…” Hurriedly, Elise lunged forward to help her up. “Mrs. Anderson, what are you doing?

Please get up.” “I’m not getting up if you don’t agree,” Jeanie said instead. “We can talk about this properly! It’s very stressful for me if you’re acting like this!” Lifting her head, Jeanie looked at her. “Elise, I don’t have any other request. I would just like you to take care of my mother-in-law so that she won’t be harmed. There’s no one I can entrust her to now; I just hope that you can take care of her for me.” As Bertha listened to everything she said, tears flowed down her eyes as she sobbed. “Jeanie, what are you doing? I don’t have many years left in this life! Furthermore, she doesn’t have the guts to do anything to me now.”

Nevertheless, Jeanie still had her attention on Elise. “Can you please help us, Elise?” Despite the fact that Elise didn’t want to be involved in other people’s family affairs, she was now caught in the midst of it by a twist of fate. Glancing at the old lady next to her, she thought, She should be enjoying her old age peacefully, but such a big change in her family happened. Then, she turned to Jeanie in front of her. From her elegance and temperament, I can tell she’s a respected lady of a wealthy family, but she has now come to a point where she has to feign lunacy.

“Okay, I’ll take good care of Old Mrs. Anderson.” Upon receiving Elise’s promise, Jeanie was assured. “Thank you! If I can successfully expose Faye’s crimes and put her in jail, I’ll definitely repay you handsomely.” … On the other hand, Elise didn’t know why she promised Jeanie just like that. Perhaps it was because Jeanie carried a strong maternal affection for her when she looked at her, or maybe Jeanie’s affections for the deceased Yoyo touched her. Either way, she had decided to help the two miserable women in front of her. When Elise came out of the attic, there was already a servant waiting for her outside.

“Miss Sinclair, Miss Faye said that I should bring you to the dining room for a meal once you’re out.” “No, thanks.” Elise turned her down. “I would like to bring Old Madam Anderson outside for a walk.” However, the servant said, “I’m sorry, Miss Sinclair, but Miss Faye already told us that Old Madam isn’t fit to go out because of her physical condition.” Immediately, Bertha said fiercely, “How can anyone stop me from going out?” “Old Madam, Miss Faye is worried about your health. If you really want to go out, I don’t have the nerves to stop you at all.” Bertha snorted coldly and gave Elise a look.

Understanding what she meant, Elise took her arm. “Madam, I’ll help you downstairs.” And so, Bertha allowed her to help her down the stairs until they reached the living room. However, just then, Faye saw them from behind and muttered, “This old woman is like a changed person. Didn’t she accuse Elise of being in cahoots with me earlier and wanted to chase her out? Why is she acting like she’s her real granddaughter now?” Right after saying those words herself, she sensed something amiss. “Quick, stop them and don’t let them go out.” “Sure, Miss Faye.”

Meanwhile, Elise had helped Bertha out the door and had secretly sent her location to Alexander. They had only reached the yard when the servant from the house blocked their path. “Old Madam, Miss Sinclair, you can’t go out. For now, you can only take a walk in the garden.” “Who are you to tell me where I should take my walk?” Bertha lashed out at the servant. This time, the servant answered, “Madam, I don’t have the right to instruct you, but this is Miss Faye’s instructions, which we all have to carry out. If you’re unhappy about it, it would be better if you speak to her directly.”

In response, Elise said instead, “Why are you guys getting so uptight when we’re just taking a walk in the vicinity? In addition, Miss Faye didn’t say that I can’t leave this place.” “Of course you can leave this place, Miss Sinclair, but my grandma is old and should avoid the cold winds outside. It’s bad for her health.” Just then, Faye paced over elegantly, and the servants hurriedly opened up a path for her. Their attitude toward her was the complete opposite of the way they treated Bertha. “Miss Faye, Old Madam Anderson and I hit it off right away and would like to have a chat while we take a walk. Is that not allowed?”

Faye smiled and answered, “Miss Sinclair, I think you’ve confused the reason I invited you over. I asked you over to take care of my mother, not my grandma. Also, after considerations, I’ve realized that my decision earlier was a little rash, so let’s put a stop to it now. You don’t have to come over anymore after this!” At this point, Elise had already seen through Faye’s true colors clearly, and sure enough, everything from before was just her pretense. I really underestimated her acting skills! “Sure, Miss Anderson. I think we probably won’t have any more interactions in the future.”

“There will be, because you’re the designer of my wedding dress. I’ll still need your help if there’s anything that needs to be altered afterward.” With that, she cast a look at Rowena next to her, then Rowena quickly stepped forward and pulled Bertha away. “Old Madam, come back into the house with me. It is chilly outside.” At that, Bertha simply gave her a kick. “How dare you touch me! Get away from me!”

“Old Madam, please don’t make things difficult for me.” Despite what Rowena said, it didn’t seem as though the situation was difficult for her as she beckoned for a couple of servants to come forward and pull Bertha away violently. The scene made Elise’s eyes darken bit by bit. “What are you guys doing?”

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