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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 278

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 278

“I’ll remember your kindness, Elise, but I have to go back now because I have something else going on. I’ll invite you over to my place one day and cook you a delicious meal.” Thinking that she was simply saying it casually, Elise didn’t take her words seriously. Still, she nodded. “Alright, Madam! Would you need me to send you back?” The old lady shook her head. “That’s alright. You should hurry back to your classes! I’ll take a seat here, and I can make it home myself after I rest a little.” “Are you really going to be alright?” Elise asked, concerned. “Yes, I’ll be fine!

Go back to your classes and don’t worry about me.” Hearing her reply, Elise stood up and waved at her. “I’m going to my class first, then. Bye, Madam.” The old lady watched Elise from the back as she left and sighed. “It’s so rare to find such a kind lass!” Then, she whisked out her cell phone and made a call. “Come and pick me up!” A few minutes after she hung up, a luxury MPV rolled over, and a servant greeted her politely, “Old Madam!” Standing up, she said to the servant next to her, “Help me up. I fell down accidentally earlier.” Worry struck the servant as she heard that.

“Old Madam, are you okay? Should I call the family doctor over to have a look?” “Don’t bother. My old bones can still take this fall. Furthermore, a kind-hearted lass already applied some pain-relief balm for me. It should be fine now.” Hearing that, the servant relaxed, but she didn’t see the lass she was talking about when she looked around. “Are we going home now, Old Madam?” Instantly, the old lady’s face turned unreadable, and after a short pause, she answered, “We’re going back. If I don’t, that little fox at home will flip the house over.”

“Okay, Old Madam.” After the old lady climbed into the car, the engine started and the car slowly rolled out. … Back at her dorm, Elise had just poured herself a glass of water when a knock came at her door. Startled, she asked, “Who is it?” Following that, she heard a familiar voice answering her. “Miss Sinclair, it’s me!” Upon opening the door, she saw Rowena standing outside respectfully. With knitted brows, she asked, “Ms. Johnson, how did you find out where I live?” “I asked the dorm manager,” she explained. Secretly, Elise was a little annoyed because she felt that Rowena was stalking her, and she couldn’t get rid of her.

“Sorry to interrupt, Miss Sinclair, but Miss Faye has been waiting for a long time, and she sent me over specially to invite you.” With a knot between Elise’s brows, an aloof look washed over her face. “Ms. Johnson, just tell me why you’re here.” In reply, she smiled and said, “Miss Faye wants to invite you over to catch up.” Just when Elise wanted to turn her down, she heard Faye’s voice calling her. “Miss Sinclair!” She reached her the same time as her voice did, then she turned to Rowena. “Please leave us for now. I would like to chat with Miss Sinclair in private.” Very politely, Rowena left the spot, leaving the both of them standing at the door.

Smiling softly, Faye asked, “Aren’t you going to invite me to take a seat in your dorm?” Opening the door, Elise invited her in. “Please take a seat, Miss Anderson.” Faye pulled out her chair and plopped herself onto it. “Miss Sinclair, I’m sorry to interrupt you.” On the other hand, Elise was very straightforward. “Is anything the matter, Miss Anderson? If it’s anything regarding the follow-up on the wedding dress, you can tell me your specific requirements should there be anything that needs alteration.” Faye interjected, “About the wedding dress, I don’t think there will be any problem with your exquisite skills.

The reason I’m here today is for my mother.” At the mention of that, she appeared very worried. “Miss Sinclair, I won’t be looking for you if I had any other way out, but the truth is, I can’t think of any other solution for this.” Elise pursed her lips and asked, “Miss Anderson, what do you need me to do?” A sigh escaped her lips, and she looked sad as she spoke. “As you know, my mother’s condition isn’t looking so good, but she keeps thinking about you. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t have kept looking for you. I would like to ask a favor of you, Miss Sinclair.”

Her eyes slowly moistened up. “The situation in my family is a little complicated; both my dad and brother are still hospitalized, so now, my mother is my only concern. I’m begging you, Miss Sinclair. Will you please help me?” As a person who would easily succumb to persuasion, Elise couldn’t help but feel a little sad when she saw Faye looking so distressed because of her mother. Brought up by her grandparents since she was young, she had no attachments toward her parents. Even though she was once envious of peers showered with love from their parents, she simply didn’t have any experience with this. “Miss Anderson, please tell me directly what you would like me to do.”

Grabbing her hand, Faye said, “My mother couldn’t get over my younger sister who had passed away. Her name is the only thing she kept repeating in her current state, and she has already assumed that you’re her daughter.” Now, it became clear to Elise. “So, you’re here to ask me to pose as your sister?” “Yes, but don’t worry because it won’t take up much of your time. Just coming to my house once a week will do. As for the payment, I can pay you a million upfront.” A million is an astronomical figure for a university student, Faye thought. This is an offer I can’t reject.

However, Elise simply answered, “Miss Anderson, I can do you this favor if it came from your devotion toward your mother, but if it’s a transaction, I’m sorry but I’ll have to turn you down.” Her answer puzzled Faye. “Miss Sinclair, I don’t really understand what you mean.” “Miss Anderson, I can help you out, but I don’t want to turn this pure relationship between a mother and her daughter into a transaction,” Elise answered.

After pausing for a second, Faye said, “I understand what you mean now. I’m sorry, Miss Sinclair. Did I do something wrong? Please don’t get it wrong because I don’t mean anything else. I merely want to compensate you within my capabilities.” Elise pressed her lips together before saying, “It’s alright. Forget the compensation.a

But I can only promise you that I’ll make time to visit during this semester…” “That’s fine! Thanks for your help!” Faye uttered, whereupon Elise gave her a nod. Then, Faye suddenly stood up and asked, “Miss Sinclair, are you free now?”

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