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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 271

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 271

Early the next morning was a class of Elise’s major, and it was located in the lecture hall. As soon as Elise entered, she saw Professor Merlin standing on the podium and was slightly startled. Then, she remembered that Professor Merlin was an experienced teacher of her major, so it was normal for him to be teaching this class. Elise found a seat and sat down. After a while, the bell rang, whereupon Professor Merlin looked at the students and said, “Today is my first time teaching your class.

It looks like almost everyone’s here, so it seems that everyone is in good condition after the military training…” After giving his standard speech, he started the class. A math problem appeared on the digital screen. “I’m presenting a math question to you today. You can now attempt to solve it.” As soon as he said this, the students in the hall quickly took out their pens and began to calculate. Elise looked at the question on the screen and found that it was a relatively simple advanced mathematics question. She had already learned it herself, so she solved it in no time.

At this moment, Professor Merlin walked up to her. “You’re done?” Elise nodded in response. Professor Merlin glanced at the answers and steps she had written, then said, “Not bad! You’ve already mastered the basics.” With that, Professor Merlin took out a piece of A4 paper from his book and handed it to her. “Here’s a question for you to solve during your spare time. After you’ve solved it, show it to me. It doesn’t matter if you can’t solve it…” Elise didn’t know what Professor Merlin’s intention was, but she simply replied, “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

Professor Merlin gave her a profound look, then turned and left without saying anything. After class, Elise studied the question given by Professor Merlin. It was difficult, but it wasn’t one she couldn’t solve. It would just take some time. Meanwhile, in the office, when Professor Walter from the mathematics department saw that Professor Merlin was out of class, he couldn’t help asking, “Did you really give her that question?” Professor Merlin answered, “I’m letting her try it out! For so many years, none of us old bones managed to solve it. If someone can solve it, it will be a good thing.”

Professor Walter, however, said pessimistically, “The few of us who have been dealing with mathematics all our lives can’t solve it. She’s just a young girl who’s just starting out, so what can she possibly do? I think your age is making you confused, and you’re just looking for spiritual sustenance.” Professor Merlin said, “I don’t know why, but I think Elise is very special! I’m quite confident in her. “ “There are so many senior professors here and abroad. Which one of us is not more experienced than her? It’s a question that brought so many mathematics experts to their wits’ end, so it’s a little unrealistic for you to place your hopes on a young girl, isn’t it?

But having confidence is good. Why don’t we make a bet? “ Professor Merlin was aware of what his true intentions were. “I don’t think it’s as simple as wanting to make a bet with me. You’re thinking about my good wine back home…” Professor Walter made no effort to conceal his thoughts. “Haha. You know me so well! But, in all honesty, your wine is really good.” Smiling helplessly, Professor Merlin said, “Oh, you!

That’s all you ever want. Do you think I don’t know that?” Professor Walter chuckled and pursued, “Then, do you dare to make this bet?” Professor Merlin pondered for a while. “There’s no harm in gambling once! All right! Let’s make this bet.” Professor Walter laughed delightedly. “So you agree. Then, let’s take one month from now as the deadline. If your student can solve this problem within a month, then you win, and I’ll buy you drinks. We’ll drink the best chardonnay!” “No, thanks. I don’t particularly favor that. You can just treat me to a pot of good tea.” “Haha, okay! If you lose…”

Professor Merlin had no choice but to say, “You can come to my house, and I’ll let you pick any wine from my wine cabinet.” “Okay. It’s settled, then!” “It’s a deal!” The two old men in their sixties had actually made a bet about this matter in all seriousness. Oblivious to this, Elise was currently alone in the library looking up references. She flipped through several foreign mathematics books and finally found a chapter devoted to this topic, so she began to read through it carefully. After reading it, she picked up a pen and started to calculate. Time passed minute by minute.

The day turned into night, and night turned into day. Close to dawn, Elise couldn’t stand it anymore and fell asleep on the table. When the librarian came in the next day and saw her, she quickly said, “Wake up. Don’t sleep here. Go back to the dormitory to sleep.” Elise opened her sleepy eyes, then looked at the time to see that it was already 8:00AM. Hence, she hurriedly packed her textbooks and rushed to the classroom. When she got to the classroom, Addison saw her and asked, “Elise, where did you go last night?”

Elise explained, “I accidentally fell asleep in the library.” Upon hearing this, Addison sighed silently. “I feel a little ashamed seeing you working so hard and being such an excellent student. I feel bad being your roommate if I don’t study hard.” With that, Addison wordlessly opened her textbook. Elise smiled, then took out the textbook to be used for this class. After class, Ricky hurriedly ran to the classroom and stopped Elise. “Elise, how’s it going? Is the translation done?” Elise took out the first document that had been translated and handed it to her. “Only the first one has been translated for now.

You can take it first. If there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to contact me through WhatsApp.” Ricky accepted it, then said with great excitement, “Thank you, Elise! I’ll treat you to a meal someday!” After she said that, she disappeared. Elise packed up her textbooks, preparing to leave, but Addison called out, “Elise, where are you going?” Elise answered, “I don’t have any more morning classes, so I’m going to the library.” In the past, Addison wouldn’t be interested at all, but today, she silently kept her textbooks, then got up and said, “I’ll go with you.”

“Let’s go, then.” After the two of them arrived at the library, Elise went to look for a few books containing the information she needed before sitting on a chair and carefully reading through it. Meanwhile, Addison felt sleepy as soon as she looked at her textbook, so she took out her phone and began to play a game. Beep. Upon getting a WhatsApp message, Elise picked up her phone and opened it, only to see that it was from Mikayla.

Mikayla: ‘The school’s organizing a welcome party. Do you want to sign up for it?’ Elise raised her eyebrows slightly, then her fingers flew across the screen as she replied, ‘No.’ Mikayla sent her a sparkly-eyed emoji. ‘It’s my first time being in charge of such a large event. Are you sure you really don’t want to participate?’ Elise was confused. ‘You’re in charge?’ Mikayla immediately answered, ‘Yes! I’m still worried about it.

How about you be my mystery guest and sing one of your hottest songs live?’ Elise simply sent: ‘…’ Mikayla was anxious. ‘Good old Elise, you’re my idol, so can you please help me? Just one song, and you can wear a mask the whole time. No one will know you’re H.’ Seeing how persistent she was, Elise had no choice but to say, ‘I’ll think about it!’

Mikayla sent several happy emojis, causing Elise to shake her head helplessly before putting her phone aside. She picked up her pen and looked at the question that Professor Merlin had given her, then began to write out the steps to solve the problem.

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