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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 269

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 269

Seeing this, Janice gritted her teeth in panic. In her mind, all she could think of was to not let Elise beat her. Because of that, she started to lose momentum and slipped twice in a row. “All the best, Elise! Come on, overtake her!” Addison shouted from below. As for Elise, she lifted her eyes to look at the upper left corner and reached out to grab the climbing hold before extending her left leg to step on the next foothold. She managed to find momentum and maintained her physical strength well. Soon, she overtook Janice and reached the top first. “Wow! You’re amazing!”

After Elise reached the top, Janice finally climbed up. At that moment, Janice had lost the haughty attitude that she had before. Though Janice was reluctant to admit it, she said while staring at Elise, “I lost!” In response, Elise briefly acknowledged Janice. Right after, she noted, “I guess we won’t have to compete in the last event, then.” “I give up. Though I underestimated you this time, I won’t give up. I’ll definitely beat you one day!” “We’ll see.” Then, Elise paused. “But shouldn’t you fulfill your promise now?” Janice felt a little embarrassed when Elise said so.However, it was she herself who suggested the challenge. Hence, she had to accept the fact that she humiliated herself and that she was not as good as Elise. “I’m sorry, Elise. I apologize for my behavior from before.” “It’s alright. I accept your apology.” Just then, Addison came over and glanced at Janice disdainfully before turning to face Elise. “You were amazing, Elise! Not only are you good, but you’re also discreet. You’re so much better than some people.” Upon hearing this, Janice couldn’t help but frown. Upset, she turned and left. Watching from behind, Addison couldn’t help but stick her tongue out, whereupon Elise quickly pulled her over.

“Alright, we’re done with today’s training. Let’s eat.” Just as they were about to leave, Harry stopped them. “Elise, do you have a minute?” Seeing this, Addison said, “I’ll get you something from the cafeteria.” With that, she left. After Elise followed Harry to one corner of the field, he looked at her seriously and uttered, “I’ve been observing you for the past two days, and I realized that you have a pretty good foundation. Besides, you even defeated Janice, so you’re obviously something. Are you interested in working at the Department of Homeland Security?

We need talents like you.” The Department of Homeland Security? The Secret Service is a secure job. “You mean I can work at the Department of Homeland Security?” “It’s completely possible if you pass their assessment. With your capability, I don’t think there should be a problem,” Harry explained hurriedly. I see. However, she was uninterested. “Sorry, I’m not interested, but thanks for the offer!” Hearing this, Harry was slightly disappointed.“No problem. Just contact me anytime if you change your mind.” “Sure. Thank you!” As soon as Elise returned to the dorm, Addison burst out, “What did Sergeant Miller want?” “Nothing much. He just wanted to chat,” Elise explained. Hearing that, Addison snorted and said, “Sergeant Miller and Janice seem to know each other from before. Don’t you think so?” “Oh? I wasn’t paying attention.” Elise stared at Addison curiously. Addison had a sharp eye indeed. “I think they knew each other, but that’s not important. Anyway, you defeated Janice today, so she won’t cause you any more trouble in the future. You’re truly my idol, Elise. Not only are you good at studying, but you’re also physically strong.I have a lot to learn from you.” Hearing this, Elise simply smiled and said nothing. Just then, her phone rang. It was Alexander. Half an hour later, she saw him standing at the side of the university’s back street. So, she ran over to him. “I hope I didn’t make you wait too long!” Gazing at her, he relaxed his brows and reached out to caressed her head. “How was training? Did something happen?” She eyed him suspiciously. “How did you know something happened? You didn’t plant a spy in here to pass you information, did you?” “What are you talking about?”

He neither admitted nor denied. Then, she told him, “Nothing much happened. I competed with a classmate and won.” “Hmm, not bad! Well done!” He nodded approvingly. “Actually, training wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. At least that’s what I think.” Just then, Elise saw Janice standing on the opposite side while checking Alexander out. Subconsciously, Elise stood in front of him to block her view. “I don’t think we should stay here. Let’s go somewhere else.” Following her gaze, he understood why she was acting this way. With that, he put his arms around her and replied, “Sure!”Then, he walked away with Elise. However, Janice had no intention of letting them go. In spite of her good grades, there are a lot of rumors saying that she’s ugly. I can’t believe she actually has a boyfriend who seems quite cute! Just as Janice was trying to take a good look at his face, Elise took him away. So, Janice caught up with them quickly and blocked Elise. “Don’t be petty, Elise. Why won’t you introduce your boyfriend to me?”

As Janice spoke, she lifted her eyes and glanced at Alexander. With just one look, she froze, and her mind went black for a few seconds before she regained her senses. At that moment, her heart couldn’t stop pounding against her chest. “I don’t think you and I are that close,” Elise answered unhappily, obviously sensing Janice’s strange attitude toward Alexander. “Who says we’re not close? We’re from the same class! Oh, right.Are you from our school as well, cutie? Which year and course are you from? Can I get your number?” Janice ignored Elise and bombarded him with a series of questions. Initially, he had wanted to ignore Janice. However, his heart melted as soon as he saw the jealous look on Elise’s puffed-up face, and the corner of his mouth tugged upward. Yet, Janice thought that he was smiling at her. “Hey, cutie.

Can you give me your number?” Alexander ignored Janice’s question and gazed at Elise. Slowly, he answered, “You’ll have to ask my girlfriend.” When he called Elise his girlfriend, Janice froze as her dreams were shattered. But then, Janice thought to herself, She’s so ugly that she doesn’t deserve to be his girlfriend. He’ll definitely be mine if I set my mind to it. After all, everyone knows that it’s easier for women to pursue men.

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